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Zyrtec drops: instructions for use, contraindications

An allergic reaction to food or some plants can be diagnosed in both children and adults. Signs of allergies bring tremendous discomfort and can be life-threatening, so antihistamine (antiallergic) drugs are simply indispensable - Zirtek drops belong to this category of drugs.

Zyrtec contains cetirizine. This component of the drug blocks histamine H1 receptors, while having an antipruritic effect, reduces vascular permeability and prevents the escudate from entering the tissues. Thanks to these properties, drops can get rid of the unpleasant symptoms of allergies.


Composition and pharmacological properties

Zyrtec drops

The main component of the drug is cytrizine hydrochloride. In 1 ml of the drug it is contained in a dosage of 10 mg. In addition, the composition contains auxiliary ingredients represented by acetic acid, glycerin, saccharinate and sodium acetate, water, propylene glycol, and methyl parahydroxybenzoate.

The mechanism of action of the antiallergic drug is aimed at reducing the susceptibility of histamine H1 receptors, thereby restricting the release of inflammatory mediators. Admission Zyrtek suspends the migration of inflammatory cells directly into the allergic zone.

When taken orally, cytirizine hydrochloride is absorbed by mucous membranes, the highest concentration in the blood is observed after 1 hour from the moment of use. Simultaneous ingestion of food can slow down the rate of absorption of the active substance, which is not reflected in any way on its concentration in the blood.

The connection of cetirizine with albumin is 93%. The components of the drug Zyrtec penetrate into breast milk.

During the application of drops, deactivation of eosinophils occurs, the permeability of small vessels decreases. The drug eliminates muscle spasm and prevents the occurrence of puffiness.

With a long-term administration of Zyrtek, drug allergens do not appear to be resistant to the drug, the main component is almost not transformed in the liver cells. The therapeutic efficacy of the drug is maintained for three days after the end of its reception.

What does Zyrtec help from?

An antihistamine drug helps eliminate allergy symptoms. It is recommended to take Zyrtek drops when:

  • allergic rhinitis (seasonal or year-round);
  • conjunctivitis of an allergic nature;
  • increased tearing, conjunctival edema;
  • rash type urticaria ;
  • angioedema;
  • dermatosis allergic nature, accompanied with itching, rash.

Drops Zyrtec: instructions for use for children

Drops for oral administration are recommended for the treatment of children from 6 months of age.

For babies from 6 months. up to 12 months the daily dosage is 2.5 mg, which corresponds to 5 drops of the drug, take an antihistamine once a day.

For children from 12 months. up to 24 months Reception 5 cap is shown. Zirtek twice during the day.

For children from 2 to 6 years is assigned to drink 5 cap. twice a day or take the daily dosage at a time.

Children from 6 years old Zirtek dosage is 10 mg, which corresponds to 20 cap. It is recommended to take the drug in one or two doses.

How to take zyrtek adults

Adults are advised to take a dosage of Zyrtek in a volume of 10 mg, taken one time.

Quite often, a dosage of 5 mg may be sufficient to achieve the expected therapeutic effect.

Features of use in renal failure

If necessary, taking medication by patients with impaired renal function, it is recommended to adjust the daily dose, taking into account creatine clearance (CK).

If QA is from 30 to 49 ml / min, it is recommended to use drops of 5 mg once a day for one day.

When the indicator of QC from 10 to 29 ml / min, you must take 5 mg of the drug every 48 hours.


Antiallergic drops are not prescribed:

  • during pregnancy and lactation;
  • children under 6 months;
  • with excessive susceptibility to the main component of the drug or to hydroxyzine.

With extreme caution, an antihistamine is prescribed to elderly patients, which is explained by the high probability of a decrease in the glomerular filtration rate.


When taking the drug in a dosage greater than 50 mg, the probability of the manifestation of a number of pathological signs:

  • difficulty urinating;
  • mydriasis;
  • excessive irritability and anxiety;
  • feeling of dryness in the mouth;
  • lethargy;
  • violation of the digestive tract (constipation);
  • tachycardia.

With signs of overdose, it is recommended to immediately stop taking the drug, carry out a gastric lavage procedure, followed by taking enterosorbents.

Adverse reactions

Zyrtec drops are well tolerated by both adults and children, many positive reviews show. But, like any drug, the occurrence of adverse reactions is not excluded. To avoid complications during treatment, you should pay attention to a number of possible violations.

While taking the drug, the following reactions may occur:

  1. CNS: lethargy, headaches; migraine or severe dizziness is very rarely diagnosed;
  2. Gastrointestinal: feeling of dry mouth, diarrhea;
  3. Allergy: rash on the skin, urticaria, severe itching, angioedema.

special instructions

During use of the drug in the recommended dosage, the effect of alcoholic beverages on the body does not increase (when the level of alcohol in the blood is less than 0.5 g / l). You should not abuse alcohol when taking antihistamines.

When complying with a therapeutic dose of the drug (10 mg), no effect on the psychomotor reaction was detected.


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