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Wen on the body: causes, photo, how to get rid of Wen

Sometimes a person appears rounded subcutaneous formations, which are very reminiscent of nodules or balls, which are located on different parts of the body.

These dense, but at the same time soft-elastic formations are called fatty tumors or lipomas. In the people they are called "wenders". What kind of education and how to get rid of the wen?

First of all, you need to know that a lipoma is a tumor that is benign. Its source is fatty tissue. Fats are lipids, so the formation consisting of fat cells is called a lipoma.

Formations most often appear singly, but in much more rare cases, they can also appear in groups. And not just under the skin, but everywhere where fatty tissue is found - for example, among the muscles.

Immediately you should reassure those who fear the word “tumor”: a wen is an education that grows slowly and has a very small risk of becoming a malignant tumor. However, this risk exists.


7 causes of wen on the body

Photo wen on the back

Photo wen on the back

Why do Wen appear? After all, probably, the person himself should have grown fat with an increase in adipose tissue. Why does a sharp increase in the number of fat cells appear in any one local place?

The most common causes of fatty include the following:

Травмы мягких тканей, различные удары и сдавливание. 1) Injuries of soft tissues, various impacts and squeezing.

The blows that occur without severe pain and large bruises or hematomas are soon forgotten and, when a lipoma is formed at the site of the injury, the person is sometimes unable to remember - the reason was such a forceful effect. Squeezing sometimes occurs while wearing plaster loungers and plastic immobilizing dressings.

Заболевания, протекающие с нарушением жирового обмена. 2) Diseases occurring in violation of fat metabolism. These include hereditary dyslipidemia, diabetes, especially insulin-dependent or type 1 diabetes .

Существенное снижение неспецифической резистентности организма или ослабление его иммунной защиты. 3) A significant decrease in the nonspecific resistance of the organism or the weakening of its immune defense. Signs of this may be frequent colds, tonsillitis, viral infections.

Пищевой дисбаланс: преобладание в рационе углеводов и жиров, и снижение поступления белка и витаминов. 4) Food imbalance: the predominance in the diet of carbohydrates and fats, and a decrease in the intake of protein and vitamins. This is often the case in early spring, when seasonal avitaminosis occurs.

Вредные привычки, прежде всего — курение. 5) Bad habits, first of all - smoking. Remember that a lipoma is still a tumor, and the use of tobacco stimulates tumor growth, even if initially benign.

Небольшие дозы ионизирующего излучения: бета – частиц и гамма – квантов. 6) Small doses of ionizing radiation: beta - particles and gamma - quanta. These doses are not so serious as to cause radiation sickness, but they are sufficient to cause local disorders, which is the lipoma.

Зрелый возраст. 7) Mature age. As a rule, these formations begin to appear in the middle of life, when the patient reaches 40 years of age and older.

In addition to these reasons for the development of Wen, there are risk factors. For example, hereditary predisposition. If the patient has direct relatives with such formations, along the vertical line, then the probability of the formation of Wen significantly increases.

What is the danger wen?

Are lipomas dangerous? Photo2

Are lipomas dangerous? Photo2

What could be the danger wen? Of course, the main problem is the possible malignancy of the tumor. But according to statistics, only a small number of lipomas undergo rebirth. Of course, this argument cannot calm down and it is necessary to carefully, together with the doctor, develop the tactics of treatment of education, whether it be a wen on his back or a wen under his arm.

In the event that a malignant transformation has nevertheless occurred - the tumor is already called liposarcoma, not a lipoma. The frequency of occurrence of liposarcomas of completely different origin is about 1 case per 300,000 population.

In addition to malignancy, or malignancy, a lipoma can be dangerous by the following factors:

  • Although tumor growth is slow, it does not destroy tissue as it increases (that is, it does not have infiltrative growth), but, nevertheless, it is able to move large vessels, nerve bundles away, to cause squeezing, stretching. In this regard, vascular permeability and capillary circulation with the development of edema may be disturbed, or compression of the nerve trunk with the development of tunnel syndrome or neuralgia may occur.
  • In addition to direct harm, a large lipoma is a factor of aesthetic inferiority, causing the patient moral distress, for example, if a wen on his head is formed in a young girl. Sometimes stress can be so intense that it brings a person to suicidal attempts.
  • Mechanical obstacle to movement - in some cases it is just difficult to walk with a large lipoma, it is difficult to sit and it is just inconvenient to live with it.

What does a wen on body look like (photo)?

This is what a lipoma looks like on the neck, photo 3

It looks like a wen on the neck, photo 3

Lipoma on hand

Lipoma on hand

Photo large education on hand

Photo large education on hand

It's just a soft-elastic, towering above the skin (sometimes significantly in the shape of a hemisphere) well-defined formation that is painless, moderately mobile and not connected tightly to the skin and subcutaneous tissue, as the doctors say - not brazed to the surrounding tissues.

Symptoms are masked and “soothed” by the fact that the skin above the surface of the lipoma is completely unchanged: color, temperature, consistency, no signs of inflammation, feeling of heat, no change in the vascular pattern.

Symptoms of lipomas occur when a wen under the skin has acquired large sizes and a large mass.

Large lipoma

It may, under the influence of physical activity and its own mass, begin to shift in different directions - there is a feeling of heaviness, foreign body sensation, irritability and discomfort.

How to determine the wen or not?

Correctly determined wen

As can be seen from the detailed description, the diagnosis of a lipoma is completely carried out "by eye", during a routine medical examination. For additional examination, an ultrasound is carried out to understand where the basis of the wen.

Under the conditions of the oncologic dispensary, a biopsy of the formation is taken in order to obtain the results of a histological examination of benignity before the removal operation.

How to get rid of Wen on the body?

In search of the answer "how to get rid of a wen on the body at home?" You should know a simple thing - there is no conservative treatment for large wen. Small lipomas can spontaneously "dissolve" in conditions of high temperature, for example, with frequent visits to the bath.

Indications for removal are the following situations:

  1. Large size (diffuse lipomas can reach large sizes).
  2. It prevents movement.
  3. The emergence of pain (due to bias under its own weight).
  4. Cosmetic defect.

Treatment of a small size wen can be successful with the introduction of special drugs into it, naturally in a medical institution. If treatment is missed in the early stages of the development of a lipoma, the wen should be removed promptly.

What can be done at home?

At home, nothing is possible except waiting until it resolves itself. All attempts to reveal education alone lead only to infection and suppuration.

Those who think that it is very simple to remove wenders at home - they have to understand that the lipoma is not filled with liquid contents and it will not be possible to "squeeze out" it through a puncture. This formation is surrounded by a capsule that is dense enough to poorly husked even through a small incision.

Wen on the body is not a reason to prick yourself with a pin and think about how to get rid of them at the same time - there is likely a recurrence of the lipoma.

Removal of wen on the body

The only radical, safe and painless way is to remove the wen.

Currently, there are three main methods of surgical correction:

  1. Removal of a wen by a laser. The radiation simply calmly separates the capsule from the surrounding tissues and coagulates the vessels along the way, preventing bleeding. In addition, healthy tissue is not damaged, and the risk of recurrence is very low.
  2. Radiofrequency operation to remove the wen. At cost, it is more affordable than the first option. Using a specially selected range, the lipoma is heated, and at high heating temperatures the capsule is also separated from the underlying tissues.
  3. Finally, it is possible to use a puncture-aspiration technique resembling liposuction. Since at the same time the capsule may partially remain in the body, the risk of recurrence with this variant is much higher.

Prevent the appearance of Wen

Preventive measures

Preventive measures

There is no specific prevention of the appearance of Wen. You just need to follow the regime, eat properly, exercise physical activity, play sports, quit drinking alcohol and stop smoking.

Monitor your health and consult a doctor in time if even minor problems occur.

Wen Code in ICD 10

In the international classification of diseases of the 10th revision (ICD 10) wen is:

Class II. Neoplasms (C00 — D48)

D10-D36 - Benign neoplasms

D17 - Benign adipose neoplasm

  • D17.0 - Skin and subcutaneous tissue of the head, face and neck;
  • D17.1 - Skin and subcutaneous tissue of the trunk;
  • D17.2 - Skin and subcutaneous tissue of the extremities;
  • D17.3 - Skin and subcutaneous tissue of other and unspecified sites;

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