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Wen on face: reasons, photo, how to get rid of wen

The white wenders on the face are benign neoplasms, which originate from adipose tissue. In medicine, these tumors are called lipomas.

Look like bright tubercles, towering above the surface of the skin, of different sizes and diameters - from a few mm to several cm in length and height.

Lipomas occur in individuals of any age and gender and most often do not pose a risk to human health. But in view of the non-aesthetic appearance of the neoplasm, patients are in a hurry to get rid of the wen as soon as possible.

Although the formations are located in different parts of the body, in most cases there are wen on the face and eyelids.


Causes of Wen

Causes of wen on the face

Photo wen near eyebrows

The most common causes of Wen are:

  1. Disruption of the digestive process in the human body, caused by a lack of enzymes;
  2. Violation of protein metabolism;
  3. Genetic predisposition (in individuals with a hereditary predisposition from an early age or during puberty, small wen can form on the face, which sometimes merge with each other);
  4. High content of fast carbohydrates in food;
  5. Vitamin E deficiency in the body;
  6. Incorrect skin care, non-compliance with the rules of cleansing and toning of the face;
  7. Alcohol abuse;
  8. Hormonal imbalance in the body , occurring against the background of puberty, pregnancy, lactation, menopause in women;
  9. Elevated blood sugar levels;
  10. Excessive secretion of sebum by the sebaceous glands, resulting in clogged excretory ducts and formed a wen.

The causes of large size wen (over 5 cm in diameter) are not precisely established.

Types of wen on the face

Milia on the skin, photo 2

Milia on the skin, photo 2

There are 2 types of limes that occur on the face:

Milia (popularly referred to as a prose) is a small white lipoma, which looks very similar to eels, but it is impossible to squeeze them out, since they do not have ducts.

Wen on the lower eyelid eyes, photo

Wen on the lower eyelid eyes, photo 3

If milium is formed independently, then they talk about the primary lipoma, if against the background of skin damage and violation of its integrity - about the secondary.

Xanthomas - Wen on the lower eyelid or above the eye are represented by this type. When merging formations with each other, they talk about xanthelasma.

Symptoms of Wen Pics

Big Wen, photo 3

Big Wen, photo 4

Lipomas on the face most often do not have any clinic: when pressing on it, the patient feels a moving rounded neoplasm under the skin, dense or soft to the touch.

With the growth of compaction and its pressure on the nerve endings or blood vessels, unpleasant, painful sensations can occur.

The milia have the appearance of white bumps that are hard to the touch. A favorite place for localization is the region of the cheekbones, the wings of the nose, forehead, and nasolabial triangle. With multiple milia, the surface of the skin becomes uneven, bumpy.

Xanthomas are represented by soft flat yellow plaques, most often localized to the lower or upper eyelids.

How to get rid of Wen on the face?

How to get rid of Wen on the face?

Surgical removal of the wen, photo 5

In case of small lipomas, which do not cause inconvenience and discomfort, do not cause a feeling of dissatisfaction with their appearance and do not increase, no special treatment is required. Some small Wen dissolve on their own.

If the lipoma increases in size, significantly rises above the surface of the skin or interferes with the full life of the patient, then resort to its removal. How to remove the wen on the face will decide the doctor, depending on the location of the tumor and its size.

Removal of wen on the face

Removal of single wen on the face is carried out by puncturing the apex of the neoplasm with sterile instruments under conditions of strict asepsis and antisepsis. After a puncture, the contents of the lipoma are squeezed out, and a special medicinal substance is injected into its cavity.

Large sized fats, which are rapidly progressing, are surgically removed in a small operating theater. The operation is performed as early as possible, since the larger the size of the wen, the larger the scar on the skin will remain in the patient.

After surgery, the patient can go home, but a few more days should be in the clinic for dressings.

The contents of a lipomas, surgically removed, must be sent to the histological laboratory for detailed research, since sometimes a wen turns into cancer.

Multiple small wen on the face are removed in the cosmetology office by laser exposure or special peels on the skin.

Treatment of wen at home

Home treatment

Experts strongly do not recommend trying to get rid of the wen on the face at home, because during the procedure the patient may wound an infection or not completely squeeze out the contents of the lipoma, which provokes the development of the inflammatory process and the accession of a secondary bacterial infection.

I will say straightforwardly in simple words - Lipoma is not filled with liquid, it’s impossible to pierce and squeeze it out! All attempts to do this can lead to infection and complications.

The only way to get rid of the wen on the face with 100% probability is removal. When it is necessary and how it goes, described in detail above.

Complications of Wen

A dangerous complication of a lipoma is its degeneration into cancer. Of course, this is unlikely for small wenders, but if they progress in growth and quantity, it is recommended to consult a doctor to determine the reason for such activity.

If the integrity of the lipoma is disturbed and the inflammatory process develops, the skin around the wen will be sharply painful, hyperemic, the local temperature will be elevated.

To avoid complications, do not try to squeeze out the lipoma yourself - this is done in a specialized doctor’s office.


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