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Yellow discharge in women: causes, types, treatment

The mucous membrane of the vagina of a woman provides protection against infection and regulation of the internal environment of the reproductive organs due to the constant education and removal of mucus. Vaginal discharge is an absolutely physiological process that occurs throughout all periods of life.

The change in the quantity, color and consistency of the mucous discharge of the vagina of a healthy woman is associated with the natural fluctuation of the hormonal background (menstrual cycle, pregnancy, menopause).

In addition, the nature of the discharge varies as a result of urogenital and gynecological diseases, so every woman should monitor her health and pay attention to suspicious symptoms.


Is yellow discharge a deviation or rate?

Yellow discharge from women

Vaginal secretions are called whites and have the following physiological characteristics:

  1. The normal color is the whole palette from a transparent white and cream to an unsaturated yellow shade. Such a vaginal secret will not leave bright spots on linen.
  2. The amount of whiter should not exceed 5 ml (approximately a teaspoon). A slight increase in the amount during ovulation and menstruation, before and after intercourse is acceptable.
  3. The consistency is liquid and homogeneous. During ovulation, mucus can be stingy and slightly thicker, but still no clots.
  4. A yellow mucous discharge from a healthy woman is usually odorless, but a slight sour smell is allowed, the appearance of which is associated with the activity of the normal fermented milk flora of the vagina.
  5. Detachable genitals do not cause unpleasant symptoms (itching, burning).

Causes of yellow discharge in women:

1. Physiological - during ovulation, before or after menstruation. Sometimes yellow discharge from women act as the first sign of pregnancy. Such vaginal mucus does not cause discomfort, does not stain the laundry, without clots, not abundant in quantity.

2. Inflammatory diseases:

  • inflammation of the ovaries, fallopian tubes (mucus bright yellow, abundant, accompanied by pain in the lower abdomen, increasing with urination and sexual intercourse);
  • cervical erosion (vaginal leucorrhoea is dirty yellow in color, after sexual intercourse, there is often an admixture of blood in the discharge, often lower back pain);
  • inflammation of the external genital organs (along with yellow mucus, itching and swelling of the vagina are characteristic);
  • urogenital infection (bright color, odor unpleasant).

3. Allergic reaction of mucous membranes and skin to synthetic underwear, cosmetic preparations for intimate hygiene, condoms and barrier contraceptives (vaginal suppositories, tablets).

Yellow discharge with a smell in women

The appearance of an unpleasant odor in vaginal whiter should be alerted in terms of the presence of a urogenital inflammatory process: with trichomoniasis, the discharge acquires a sharp putrid odor; cheesy white and yellow discharges in women with an unpleasant sour odor, aggravated by contact with air, are characteristic of thrush; the smell of rotting fish indicates bacterial vaginitis.

A pungent smell can also occur with chlamydia and gonorrhea.

Yellow-green mucous discharge from women

A change in the shade of mucus from light yellow to yellow-green indicates the appearance of pus in the discharge, indicating a urogenital infection:

  1. Chlamydia - abundant discharge, with clots, flowing from the cervical canal. Accompany these greenish and yellow discharge pain and itching in the vagina during intercourse.
  2. Gonorrhea - a moderate amount of mucus with impurities of pus or blood; discharge yellow color with a mild smell accompanied by pain in the lower back, lower abdomen and inner thighs, often combined with soreness when urinating.
  3. Trichomoniasis is whitish, frothy, abundant, with a greenish tint, with a characteristic putrid odor.
  4. Ureaplasmosis or mycoplasmosis is a yellow-green, not abundant, odorless discharge from women; cause a burning sensation, swelling and redness of the external genital organs.

With the appearance of yellow-green whiter and if any of the above infections are suspected, a special antibacterial treatment is required, otherwise the process may turn into a chronic form with the formation of complications (including infertility).

Yellow discharge during pregnancy

Yellow discharge during pregnancy During pregnancy, vaginal discharge may become more than usual. This is due to the hormonal alteration of the body and the need to strengthen the protection against the penetration of infection into the uterus.

In the absence of itching, soreness, unpleasant smell - there is no cause for concern. If whites in pregnancy deliver discomfort, have a fetid odor and purulent or bloody impurities , then you should visit the doctor watching the pregnancy for a checkup.

Treatment and prevention of yellow secretions

copious yellow discharge during menopause If there is an abnormal nature of the discharge in color, volume or smell, consult a gynecologist.

The doctor will take the discharge of the genital tract for smears , prescribe additional studies (ultrasound of the pelvic organs, hysteroscopy), after which the optimal treatment will be offered - a course of antibiotics, douching, preparations for normalizing the vaginal microflora.

Sometimes, abundant yellow discharge in menopause in women requires the appointment of replacement therapy (estrogen-gestagen hormones) to correct hormonal levels and restore normal functioning of the mucous membrane of the genital tract.

If the yellow vaginal secretions are not accompanied by unpleasant symptoms, then the woman should continue to follow the rules of elementary personal hygiene, avoid synthetic underwear, select high-quality toilet care products for the intimate area, as well as discriminate sex and use barrier methods of contraception to prevent infection in the vagina. .


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