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Green discharge in women: causes and treatment options

Every healthy woman has secretions from the genital tract. Normally, they are transparent or whitish, have no unpleasant odor, do not cause discomfort, and their number does not exceed 1 teaspoon per day on average.

Green vaginal discharge is a cause for concern and immediate consultation with a specialist.


Causes of odorless and odorless green secretions

Causes of odorless and odorless green secretions

First of all, you should know - green or yellow vaginal discharge indicate the presence of an inflammatory process inside.

In this situation, abundant green discharge or with a yellow tinge is dead white blood cells (leukocytes) that actively fought against the infectious pathogen.

The appearance of an unpleasant odor from the discharge most often indicates the course of the disease, transmitting during sexual contact with a sick partner or carrier. The most common causes of the appearance of light green discharge from the genital tract in women are:

из половых путей. 1) Inflammation of the mucous membrane of the vagina and cervix (vaginitis and colpitis) - in this case, the woman has a rich, yellow-green discharge without smell from the genital tract.

The skin of the external genitalia is hyperemic and somewhat edematous due to constant soak, microscopic cracks may appear on the surface of the genitalia, which itch strongly and represent the entrance gate for a secondary bacterial infection.

Pathogens with vaginal discharge can spread to the urethra, causing inflammation of the urinary system.

2) Vaginal dysbacteriosis (other names of the disease are cardrenellosis or bacterial vaginosis) - this disease develops against the background of reduced immunity as a result of viral or bacterial infections, antibiotic therapy, vaginal douching.

. With vaginosis, an abundant discharge of a greenish or grayish color with an unpleasant "fishy" smell appears from the vagina (photo1) . The secretions irritate the skin of the external genitalia, provoke perineal itching, scratching and the addition of a secondary infection when pathogenic pathogens penetrate into the micro cracks formed.

Green color selections, photo 1

photo 1

3) Trichomoniasis - the cunning of this venereal disease is the latency of the course and the absence of a pronounced clinical picture.

To guard a woman should white and green vaginal discharge foamy nature . In this case, you should consult a doctor as soon as possible for diagnosis and treatment, and both sex partners should receive treatment.

4) Gonorrhea is a venereal disease that can occur in women without an acute clinic. из влагалища. The main clinical symptom of this pathology is an abundant, green, odorless vaginal discharge.

Since the patient most often does not bother with anything else, she is not in a hurry to visit a specialist, continuing to transmit the infection to her partner. In addition, gonorrhea causes severe adhesive processes in the fallopian tubes , as a result of which infertility develops in women of reproductive age.

5) Inflammation of the fallopian tubes and ovaries - in addition to the yellow-green discharge from the genital tract, the patient has impaired menstrual cycle, pain in the lower abdomen, extending into the perineum and sacrum, a slight increase in body temperature, and general weakness.

Treatment of green secretions in women

Green vaginal discharge in any case is not the norm, so when they appear, you should contact your gynecologist for examination, which includes:

  1. Examination on the gynecological chair.
  2. Sampling of secretions for further bacteriological and bacterioscopic examination (sowing, examination under a microscope).
  3. Ultrasound examination of the pelvic organs.
  4. Salpingography if necessary.
  5. PCR diagnostics, if necessary, is a polymerase chain reaction method that allows detection of the infectious agent's DNA, even during latent infection.

Treatment of green secretions in women Tactics of treatment depends on the cause of the pathological vaginal discharge, the infectious pathogen and the characteristics of the female body.

In most cases, the patient is prescribed broad-spectrum antibiotics, to which the causative agent is sensitive, the only exception is bacterial vaginosis.

With Gardrenellosis, treatment with antibiotics can only aggravate the process, therefore, the treatment of the disease is carried out by immunomodulators and local preparations, which include lacto and bifidobacteria.

To relieve severe itching, which may accompany some urinary tract infections of the woman, the patient is prescribed symptomatic treatment - suppositories with a sedative effect, sessile trays with medicinal herbs, vaginal douching with antiseptic solutions.

Excessive discharge and itching often make a woman overly irritable, so as part of combination therapy, the doctor may recommend sedatives.

In case of revealing a sexually transmitted disease, both sexual partners must undergo treatment, sex should be completely excluded during the period of therapy. After completing the course of treatment, the couple must undergo a follow-up examination by a venereologist.

It is important: in any case, it is impossible to disregard the appearance of abnormal vaginal discharge, since any process that takes a long time turns into a chronic form over time, causing severe complications, and is not amenable to therapy.

Green discharge in women during pregnancy

Green discharge in women during pregnancy

With the onset of pregnancy in the body of the future mother is a powerful hormonal adjustment, which can cause the appearance of unusual secretions from the genital tract.

If the green or yellowish discharge from the pregnant woman is not accompanied by any other clinical symptoms and the smear results remain normal, then there is no cause for concern. By the end of the first trimester, hormonal balance will improve, and vaginal discharge will normalize.

It also happens that pregnancy itself is a provoking factor for the exacerbation of chronic diseases of the urinary tract, resulting in abundant green vaginal discharge.

In this case, a pregnant woman needs to undergo a full examination, on the basis of indicators of which the doctor will prescribe an adequate treatment that will not harm the new life.


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