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Has laid down an ear what to do or make in house conditions?

To the ear inside the skull is an Eustachian tube that equalizes the pressure on the tympanic membrane. If the external force of influence exceeds the internal one, then it is quite possible that a sensation of the laying of the hearing organ is possible.

For a person this means, at least, discomfort, but the problem is solved quite simply. It is necessary to worry only in one case - at the expressed painful syndrome.


Why lays an ear?

Has put an ear

Physicians identify several reasons that provoke ear latching:

  1. Pressure drop.
  2. Water contact.
  3. The gray cork.
  4. ENT disease.

Aircraft, high-speed lift, subway - all this causes a change in pressure in the environment. The body simply does not have time to adapt to the drop, so for some time the eardrum is drawn inward.

When the Eustachian tube equates pressure, the feeling of pawning will pass itself. However, children often negatively perceive such an event and parents should understand with understanding the crying of the child, try to explain the situation.

During bathing, of course, gets into the ear. The diameter of the external auditory meatus is small, but it is not immediately released from the water. The fact is that any liquid has a coefficient of surface tension, which causes the formation of a meniscus and prevents free current.

Sulfur plug is the most common cause of piling. The sebaceous and sulfuric glands of the ear secrete the connections that ensure normal functioning of the hearing organs. Nature has provided for self-cleaning of the external passage with movements of the temporomandibular joint, however, a violation of this process is possible, resulting in a cork.

If the ear is laid after a cold - doctors talk about the low patency of the Eustachian tube. Difficult flow of air to the tympanic membrane leads to its retraction inside, under the influence of atmospheric pressure. In the absence of treatment, eustachiitis may develop, which can lead to complete or partial loss of hearing. In this situation, you should definitely take a course of treatment.

Symptoms of stuffy ears in different situations

The pledged ear constantly reminds itself, because the very perception of sound changes. The sound waves coming from outside have to overcome more resistance in order to act on the eardrum. There is a feeling of some muffledness. Moreover, a person perceives his own voice as if from within, in medicine this is called autophony.

When water enters the external passage, there is often a sensation of transfusion and gurgling. But if the ear plug or sharp pressure change is put in the ear, noise usually does not bother.

With ENT diseases, pain syndrome and suppuration are quite possible, which is often accompanied by high fever and general weakness of the body.

What should I do if I have an ear?

What to do if the ear is laid

Many people, turning to the doctor, ask the question: "If the ear poured, what to do at home and without the help of medication?" Otolaryngologists focus on the cause that triggered the event. In most cases, no drugs will be required, since the problem does not lie in the field of medicine.

Water has got

Fans to buy in open water bodies know if they have poured water on their ear, just pull their heads, jump on one leg and twist their jaw. You can add one more way - pull the earlobe. This will destroy the meniscus and water will flow out.

But every person needs to be aware of a certain danger when swimming in rivers, lakes, etc. Such reservoirs are not always clean, so it is likely that the infection of the hearing organs with pathogenic microbes is fraught with otitis and other diseases.

After the aircraft

If lays the ears in the plane - do the movements of the jaws. And that from the outside it did not seem strange, you can put a lollipop or gum in your mouth. The temporomandibular joint is located near the auditory canal and such movements contribute to the alignment of the tympanic membrane due to the muscles.

Also a professional reception of ENT doctors is suitable: the person inhales with closed mouth and nostrils. The air has nowhere to go and he rushes from the Eustachian tube, leveling the eardrum.


With the cork formed in the ears, cotton buds will help. Use them with caution, otherwise the eardrum may be damaged.

If the congestion is accompanied by pain, it is better to consult a doctor for washing with special solutions (for example, hydrogen peroxide).

In general, the auditory canal should be cleaned regularly so that no substrate attractive for pathogenic microbes is formed in it. After all, it's a matter of personal hygiene.

When should you go to the doctor?

If the ear has pawned and does not hurt - most likely, the question will turn out independently. However, the absence of pain also occurs in the early stages of eustachitis , otitis and other ENT diseases.

Delayed treatment leads to an aggravation of the situation, in such cases, the most correct option will be to go to the hospital. The doctor will evaluate a person's condition, carry out the necessary tests and prescribe a course of treatment.

The obstruction of the ear due to illness develops as a symptom. To get rid of it, you first need to determine the root cause. Usually, vasoconstrictive and anti-inflammatory drugs are used for treatment, but the therapeutic course depends on the type of disease and is chosen purely by a doctor.


Everyone at least once encountered pawning an ear. Far from always having a problem is to immediately run to the hospital, since the deflection of the tympanic membrane is a physiological phenomenon.

To solve the problem, we need to adopt a few simple methods, the use of which will make flights more comfortable, and after swimming do not have to be nervous from autophony. But if the ear is pawned and it hurts , ask for medical help.

Yuliya Kornishenko
2017-10-17 06:00:05
It began to pawn ears ... I listen to music on headphones a lot, maybe this is the reason? Earlier I listened loudly, now it's quieter.
doctor Daria
2017-12-26 12:27:31
Hello Julia. The stuffiness of the ears can really be associated with an acoustic trauma (in your case, loud music), as well as the formation of a sulfur plug (there is already no connection with music). I recommend that you turn to Laura for examination (and, if necessary, wash the ear canal), as well as audiometry - it will help to diagnose the development of hearing loss in the background of trauma or to see at what level there is a problem with hearing.

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