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Exercises with dumbbells for women to lose weight at home

During the life of almost every woman in a certain period there is a problem of excess body fat on the body. In the fight against them, various methods and methods are used, but rational nutrition and physical activity remain the most effective.

The latter are different, but for women who do not have enough time to regularly visit fitness rooms, there is a great alternative in the form of doing exercises with dumbbells at home.


Severe restrictions in food are a great stress for the body, giving only a temporary slimming effect. And, as soon as the woman returns to her previous diet, those extra pounds are quickly returned, and even with the appendage. Therefore, it is recommended to simply change the attitude to food, eliminating from the diet harmful foods and thus eat all his life.

Plus, to take the path of a healthy lifestyle, starting to engage in fitness. If you can not attend health centers, you can buy dumbbells, performing a set of exercises designed for women. Such strength training will give grace, eliminating excess fat deposits in the body.

Recommendations for exercise and training

Exercises with dumbbells for women to lose weight at home

Girls approach to doing exercises with dumbbells, it is recommended with a positive attitude and specifically set goals. You need to prepare yourself morally for the process, forgetting all the problems and concerns for this period.

Training always begins with a warm-up, preferably consisting of aerobic exercise and stretching the main muscle groups. This will avoid possible injury.

2 hours before the scheduled classes eat, preparing a dish of quickly digestible products. During exercise, be sure to drink non-carbonated water.

At the end of the complex, as well as at the beginning of classes, perform stretching exercises to relax the muscles.

What dumbbells to choose?

Dumbbells are selected on the basis of their taste and financial capabilities - collapsible, rubber, neoprene and vinyl. Weight for beginners from 0.5 to 2 kg., Increasing it as fitness.

Dumbbell exercises for women to lose weight

In a week it is necessary to work out all the muscle groups, distributing them on different days - each workout should be done only with the press. For example, on Monday, work on your back, chest and abdomen, on Wednesday with your hands and press, and on Friday, load your legs, buttocks and abdomen.

Set of exercises

Dumbbell exercises for women to lose weight The following is a few exercises for different parts of the body, contributing to weight loss and body shaping. There is an opinion that training with weighting can make a female figure a man-like person is a myth.

With that weight and the peculiarities of the work, it is impossible to pump a big pile of muscles, as many people imagine - in the female body there is not enough male hormones for this.

We train hands

Women with the help of exercises with dumbbells can perfectly tighten the problem areas in the hands:

  • Standing on the floor with legs shoulder-width apart in a slightly bent position and arms with dumbbells lowered down with palms turned outward and elbows pressed against the body - bending the elbows of both arms at the same time and returning to I.P. The required number - 12-16 times in each of the 3 approaches;
  • From the same I.P. - hands with dumbbells along the body - raising arms to the side to shoulder level and return to I.P .;
  • Same stand, but arms with dumbbells behind the head, elbows pointing forward and pressed to the head - straightening the arms upward with a return to I.P.

These exercises work out the main muscles located on the arms - the front surface, the back and shoulder area.

Back and shoulders

The following movements can be applied to slimming the back and shoulders:

  • From a stand, legs are wider than shoulders (slightly bent), the body should be tilted forward until parallel with the floor, hands with dumbbells hang below (elbows are slightly bent) - simultaneously raise both hands to the sides and return to IP;
  • From the same stand hands pull up to the belt and return back;
  • Standing on the floor with legs shoulder-width apart and arms with dumbbells at the shoulders - raising the arms up and connecting them above the head (elbows to the sides) and returning to the shoulders.

It will help to lose weight doing these exercises at least 12 times, and preferably 16 in each of the 3 approaches.

Leg training

Strengthen and tighten the muscles of the legs and buttocks, you can use ordinary squats with dumbbells in their hands:

  • Legs wider than shoulders, arms down;
  • Squat up to the parallel with the floor and delay at the lowest point for 2-3 seconds and return to I.P.

Run 3 sets of 20 times.

Another exercise from the set - attacks:

  • The legs are shoulder-width apart; the arms with the dumbbells are lowered;
  • Lunge forward with one foot to a right angle in the knee area and return back with a push.

Same with the other leg. Lunges can still be performed and back in compliance with the same technique.

You must do up to 16 times 3 sets on each leg.

exercises with dumbbells at home

Work with the muscles of the chest

To correct the shape of the breast is quite realistic with the following exercise:

  • Lie on your back with arms raised above chest level and legs bent on the floor;
  • Dissolve the arms with the dumbbells to the sides, without laying them on the floor and return them to I.P. - elbows slightly bent.

For high-quality work, 3 sets of 12 repetitions are enough.

Press work

The following exercise will also use the arm muscles:

  • Lie on your back, legs stand on the floor in a bent position, both hands with dumbbells behind your head - lifting the upper part of the body with the separation of the shoulder blades from the surface with your hands and return to I.P. (loin pressed to the floor).

In each of the 3 approaches perform at least 16 times.

The examples of simple exercises will help not only lose weight, but also strengthen the entire body and the body as a whole.

And yet, if you have never been into anything like this before, it is better to work out for some time under the guidance of an instructor in a fitness club. And having mastered the technique of basic exercises and having understood their principle, it will be possible to continue training at home.

физическую нагрузку, не помешает сходить в поликлинику и проконсультироваться с терапевтом по поводу возможной нагрузки. Having made the decision to start a new life, adding to it a greater physical exertion, it does not hurt to go to the clinic and consult with a therapist about the possible load. This will help avoid negative consequences.

An active lifestyle will bring good mood, self-confidence and excellent physical shape.

PS For more detailed exercises for working out specific muscle groups, see the Sport section .


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