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Exercises for women’s hands at home

The smartness and beauty of female hands in youth is a gift of nature. Women who have stepped over a certain age line will have to make an effort to maintain the excellent appearance of their hands.

In modern life, hands work physically a little - basically they are pressing the buttons of a computer and cleaning the home. With this lifestyle, the muscles become flabby, making the appearance of the arms unattractive.


The ideas of men and women about the beauty of hands are different - if for the first it is a mountain of stone muscles, then for the second the main thing is smartness and femininity. At the same time, depending on the completeness of the woman, classes and diet are built.

The most effective in terms of working out the muscles of the upper extremities are exercises using weights - dumbbells, which can be replaced with water-filled bottles. But the static (isometric) exercises will give positive results with regular workouts, which even the office desk will become a simulator.

Exercises for women’s hands at home

The best option for beginners will be visiting the gym - an experienced trainer will pick up an adequate load and teach you how to do the exercises correctly. Having mastered them, you can do the same at home after a while. But do not forget that every two months you need to change the complex, so that there is no habituation of the body to stress.

In addition, there are sports that promote the development of the muscles of the hands - swimming, tennis, volleyball or climbing rocks. Exercising one of them in addition to the complex will help you to gain grace and smartness.


How to train your arm muscles?

A mandatory point in each workout is a warm-up, which includes aerobic exercise (running in place, jumping rope, exercise bike or treadmill) and warming up the arm muscles:

  • Rotation of the hands, elbows and the whole hand in-out and back and forth 10 times;
  • Standing on the floor, tilt the body forward parallel to the surface, arms raised forward and sideways;
  • From the same I.P. hands work cross-to the sides.

Next, perform the body tilts to the sides and turns. This is followed by a stretching that finally prepares the muscles for the main work.

Exercises for home without dumbbells

For women who prefer to do at home, there are exercises for hands without dumbbells:

  • 1. Classic - push-ups that contribute to the development of the whole body. Beginners are encouraged to carry them from the chair, gradually moving to the floor. You should carefully monitor the technique - the back is straight, the buttocks are strained, the stomach is retracted, the palms are placed strictly under the shoulder. For a start, it will be enough 8 times in each of the 3 approaches with a gradual increase in load up to 16-20 times.
  • 2. Sit in the "Turkish" position, lifting his elbows up to parallel with the floor and joining his palms with his fingers up. To make the movement of hands towards each other, delaying from 15 to 30 seconds. After that, get some rest and repeat the exercise up to 5 times.
  • 3. Standing on 4 points with the knees and hands standing shoulder-width apart - go down to the chest touching the floor, bending the arms and return to I.P. At the beginning, 8 times is enough, bringing the load to 16 by 3 approaches.
  • 4. To lie on the stomach with a basin and thighs pressed to the floor, and legs slightly apart. Hands with palms on the floor in support - straighten up and linger at the top point for 3-5 seconds, returning to I.P. Elbows look to the sides with a tight shoulder. Exercise to perform from 12 to 16 times 3 sets.

Such simple exercises should start training, gradually complicating and diversifying the complex.

We add dumbbells - we get the result!

The best option for women will still be exercises with dumbbells, contributing to a more careful working hands at home:

  • Hands with dumbbells are located along the body with palms turned forward - flexion of the arms in the elbows and extension. Weight at the beginning of a minimum of 1-1.5 kg, so that it was possible to perform 8-12 times in each of the 3 approaches;
  • Dumbbell arms behind the head with elbows pressed to the head - extension of the arms and flexion. Repeat 3 sets of 8-12 times;
  • I.P. - stand on the floor, legs slightly wider than shoulders, body tilted forward, arms with dumbbells along the body - bend and bend arms at elbows 8-12 times 3 sets;
  • From the same I.P. - dissolve the arms with the dumbbells to the sides until parallel with the floor and return them to I.P. the same number of repetitions and approaches as in the previous exercise.

At the conclusion of any complex, a hitch (stretching) is performed, which helps to relieve muscle pain, removing metabolic products from worked muscles. A great addition will be a massage or / and taking a bath.

Terms and results

Exercises for women’s hands with dumbbells at home

Giving your hands a beautiful relief is not a matter of one week, so you should prepare yourself for long work, and most importantly, regular and well thought out.

As a rule, the terms vary from a couple of months to six months, depending on the initial weight, age, genetic predisposition, lifestyle, and diet. This item is especially important for the effectiveness of the training process.

It is necessary to eat fractionally and gradually from 4 to 6 times a day in compliance with the drinking regime - 8 glasses. The basis of the diet should be healthy and high-quality products:

  • Fresh vegetables, greens and fruits.
  • Lean meat and fish (can be fat).
  • Eggs, milk and dairy products are low in fat.
  • Vegetable oils and cereals.
  • Clear water, green tea and honey.

It is best to eat boiled, stewed or baked dishes. And most importantly, taking the path of a healthy lifestyle and nutrition, follow it all my life and then there will be no problems with excess weight or health.

You need to train 2 hours after a meal, and sit at the table after class after the same period of time.

During exercise, be sure to drink plain non-carbonated water in small sips approximately every 10 minutes. This will help speed up metabolic processes and remove more harmful substances from the body, as well as contribute to the elimination of muscle pain.

Many women incorrectly think that starting to work out in the gym, they will pump themselves big muscles. This is certainly possible, but when working with large weights and the additional use of sports supplements and others - the female body does not contain the necessary amount of hormones for this.

But to give your hands a beautiful relief and smartness is quite realistic, both in the gym and at home.

Find time for yourself, exercise regularly, and you will always catch admiring men's glances!


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