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Exercises for slimming belly and sides at home

The bulging tummy with sagging sides does not necessarily belong to the full - this is a frequent occurrence in lean people. And getting rid of these problems is sometimes difficult, especially given food cravings and a sedentary lifestyle.

But, if the decision is made and the goal is scheduled, then exercises for slimming belly and sides of women will help in this. It remains only to gain patience and systematically move towards its implementation.

Introduction - why fat is deposited on the stomach and sides

Exercises for slimming belly and sides

In our time, extra pounds in the abdomen are not uncommon, and this affects both the female half of mankind and the male. In addition to the non-aesthetic appearance, a large belly can also lead to the appearance of certain diseases. And first you need to understand the causes of fat deposits in these places on the body:

  • Because of irrational nutrition and predominantly sedentary lifestyle, metabolic processes in the body are disrupted. As a result, the energy supplied from food is not completely consumed, regularly adding a few centimeters on the sides and abdomen;
  • Problems with the kidney or heart can cause fluid retention, which leads to excess weight;
  • Disrupted work of the digestive system, leading to permanent constipation, counteracting the qualitative withdrawal of harmful substances. The body to prevent interference in the operation of all systems, lays fat on the stomach and sides for protective purposes;
  • Constant stress condition - hormones, produced at this time by the body, increase appetite and desire to eat sweet food. In response, blood sugar levels increase, starting to release insulin. It, in turn, distributes the glucose to the tissues and muscles;
  • Regular use of trans fats contained in baking, margarine, fast foods and so on;
  • Elevated blood levels of bad cholesterol and sugar. It can be, as genetic predisposition, and consequence of an incorrect way of life.

Fat in certain quantities is necessary for our body to properly produce hormones and energy. It also protects internal organs from external influences.

But one should not allow fat to be excessively stored in this area - the presence of excess weight more than 10 kg indicates that it is time to solve the problem.

Otherwise, it will lead to diabetes mellitus, stroke, cancers and CCC diseases. Therefore, with fat on your stomach you need to fight competently and purposefully, having gained patience.

Correctly selected exercises and rational nutrition can dramatically change your appearance and life in general.

: это не временная акция — выбранного здорового образа жизни и измененного рационального питания необходимо будет придерживаться всю свою жизнь! Important : this is not a temporary action - the chosen healthy lifestyle and the changed rational nutrition will need to stick to your whole life!



For beginners in fitness it is recommended to walk for two months in the gym for mastering the correct technique of performing exercises, and also for the body to get involved in the process and in the future itself demanded a load.

Another plus of visiting the gym - an experienced instructor will make an individual set of exercises for slimming belly and sides of a woman and control the correctness of the performance.

Especially in specialized halls, as a rule, there is an exercise bike and / or a treadmill necessary for aerobic exercise. This is true for people who are shy to run on the street.

And one more motivational reason for visiting the gym - the purchased season ticket will help you not miss classes.

Exercises for the stomach and sides in the home

Exercises for the stomach and sides in the home

At home, exercises for slimming belly and sides can possibly remove a few millimeters per week. Their number depends on the initial weight, regularity of training and nutrition.

Tips and tricks before starting workouts

The beginning of the training should consist of aerobic exercise in the form of light running on the street or a treadmill, jumps with a skipping rope, fast walking or cycling. After that, perform body warming exercises and stretching, finally preparing the body for the main complex.

Two hours before the start of classes to eat - this should be a dish of quickly digestible products, including proteins and fiber (vegetable salad with boiled chicken breast).

During training, be sure to drink a small sip of plain non-carbonated water every 10 minutes. And during the day, drink up to 8 glasses of liquid, including the first dish, tea, coffee, juices and fruits.

How to work with the abdomen

Because of excessive body weight, it is difficult to perform some exercises that are available to the thin. Plus the presence of shortness of breath and high blood pressure makes it difficult to jog or even fast walking.

To be able to do all this, you must first reduce weight, and help such people static exercises. The difficulty lies in the need to hold the position for a given time, gradually increasing the load:

  • Sitting or standing close in the lock of the hands on the back of the head and put pressure on them, resisting. It is enough 12 times for 5 seconds 2-3 approaches.
  • Pull your back against the wall, picking up any objects weighing not more than 1 kg - spread your hands to the sides, holding for 1 to 3 minutes. Then a little rest and repeat - 3 approaches.
  • Sitting on the floor, legs straight - lift one leg, holding 30-60 seconds, then the other. Run on each leg 3 approaches.
  • Focus on elbows and toe socks, lifting the body above the surface, holding it from 30 seconds or more. Strain while the stomach, pulling in and buttocks.
  • Lie on your side - on the elbow, lift the body and keep for 30 seconds or more - 3 sets on each side.
  • Standing on the surface or some kind of elevation to climb the socks and stand there for 2 minutes. Rest no more than a minute and repeat again. And so 3 times.
  • Run the half-sailed, fixing the position for a minute - 3 approaches.
  • Sitting on the floor, legs bent - hands press on both sides of the hips, trying to close them. The legs thus resist - 3 sets of 15 seconds or more.
  • It's the same, but try to spread your legs from the inside.

At the end of the complex, as in the beginning, perform a hitch consisting of aerobics and stretching of the main muscle groups.

Exercises for the stomach and sides in the home

There are also exercises for slimming belly and sides, offered by fitness trainer Anita Lutsenko, allowing to improve the appearance of the waist for a couple of weeks of regular classes:

  1. I.P. - the gray on the floor with bent legs and rounded arms in front - to sink to the right, back and rise through the left side in the IP;
  2. Standing on one knee, put the other leg aside on the toe, hands to close behind the head - tilt the body to the supporting leg and return to the IP. The same in the other direction;
  3. Standing on both knees, hands on top - tilt the hull first in one direction, then in the other;
  4. Lie on the floor, raising your arms and legs - pull the same limbs to each other (right hand to the right knee and vice versa).

Each of these exercises is done 3 times 15 times.

Terms and results

Do not wait for drastic changes in a short time, but you will be able to feel and see the results in a couple of weeks, taking into account the implementation of all recommendations.

Additional methods for removing fat from problem areas

Additional methods for removing fat from the sides and abdomen at home Lose weight and remove excess fat from the stomach and sides can not only through exercise and proper nutrition. This is a whole change in lifestyle, which includes daily walks in the fresh air, outings with friends on nature and so on.

The TV can also be viewed with the benefit of the body by twisting the hoop. In the office, every hour should be lifted and do body slopes to the sides, down and forward, sit-ups, push-ups from the table. Even sitting in a chair in front of the computer, straining and relaxing the gluteal muscles, the problem areas are trained.

Performing a self-massage or an appeal to a professional will help you get rid of excess centimeters at the waist. Standing in the shower, massage with a stream of water directed at problem areas.

It turns out that in any lesson there are additional ways to work out muscles and burn calories.

Carrying out all the above recommendations, you can dramatically improve not only your appearance, but life in general.


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