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Exercises for girls in slimming at home

The modern rhythm of life does not always provide an opportunity to regularly visit the gym to improve and maintain physical fitness. And to do this all the same is necessary, and regularly. The way out for girls is to do weight loss exercises at home.


At the beginning of the article I want to talk about the benefits of training at home. The first is the opportunity to practice at a convenient time. This is especially true for girls who have a small child.

Do not be shy of the shortcomings of the figure or inexpensive sportswear, since there is nobody around. This also applies to the correctness of the implementation, in particular at the beginning of the path, when the technique is still only being mastered.

No one will be distracted from the process - by choosing a time when everyone will leave the house, which will allow them to concentrate completely on training.


Tips and tricks before starting workouts

Exercises for girls in slimming at home

Before and after classes, it is essential to warm up with the stretching of all the major muscle groups. In the beginning, it is better to give the body aerobic exercise in the form of dancing, easy running or fast walking.

Meals before classes should be easy and not less than 2 hours. For a girl who wants to lose weight, and not just tighten her muscles, after training, also withstand the time before sitting down at the table.

It is recommended to choose a 3-time training schedule every other day to allow the body to recover qualitatively.

  • The best hours for classes aimed at losing weight - the morning, and on an empty stomach. If this does not work, then in the evening - but, at least 2-3 hours before bedtime, you must stop exercising. Otherwise, there is a risk of insomnia.

From the inventory it is good to have in the arsenal of dumbbells, better collapsible to change the weight - from 1 to 3 kg. You can also buy a hoop, which you can use, both in the complex and at any free time, for example, watching your favorite TV show.

And do not forget about the rug for the ground part of the workout.

Exercises for girls in slimming at home

Exercises for slimming girls at home

As mentioned above, training begins with a warm-up, which includes an aerobic load for the general warm-up of the body, rotation of the arms, body, pelvis, knees and feet 10-16 times in one direction and the other. Also in the warm-up, the hoop is used for beginners, it is enough for 5 minutes, and for experienced players it is 15 minutes.

After doing all of the above, you can go to the main set of exercises for weight loss for girls:

  • Semi-squats perfectly work out the muscles of the legs and buttocks - these are the same squats, but not to the right angle in the knees, and slightly not bringing to this position. Hands are taken forward.
  • On the same muscle groups are directed squats on one leg with a support - the heel of the supporting leg is tightly pressed to the floor, a free leg is squeezed forward when squatting.
  • All muscle groups are involved in push-ups - beginners do not stand on their right legs, but on their knees for simplicity. Take care that the back does not sag, and the pelvis does not protrude. For this, strain the press and buttocks.
  • Lower press, where usually the most fat accumulates in girls, pump as follows - lie on your back, hands along the body, raise your legs to the right angle with the body and return to the IP. (the loin at the same time is pressed to the floor).
  • From the previous IP. you can work the upper part of the abdomen - hands behind the head, legs are bent on the floor, lift the upper part of the body, tearing off the surface of the scapula (the view is directed to the ceiling, the elbows are divorced to the sides).
  • To train the pectoral muscles, you will need dumbbells - lie down on the floor and raise your arms slightly bent in the elbows with dumbbells in front of you, spread your hands to the sides, not laying on the floor and return to the IP.

Read more about the development of each part of the body in other articles of the section " Sport and Health ".

All the above exercises run from 12 to 16 times in each of the 3 approaches. The press can be loaded a little more - up to 20 repetitions. In conclusion, twist the hoop, which acts well on the waist and on the whole body. And also make a hitch consisting of stretching exercises muscles.

In the absence of the opportunity to study at home, always in the availability of gyms, where exercises for weight loss will show the experienced instructor and control the correctness of their implementation.

Terms and results

The speed and quality of the process of losing weight depends on the mood, regularity of training, nutrition, lifestyle and individual characteristics.

Observing all the recommendations, and adjusting the food, the average girl will be able to lose a month from 3 to 5 kg.


The following products are permanently excluded from the diet:

  • Baking and confectionery;
  • All sausages, smoked products and preserves;
  • Sweet carbonated drinks and alcohol.

And switch to fresh vegetables with fruits, lean meat and various types of fish, pasta from durum wheat and cereals, dairy and sour-milk products with low fat content.

A day to drink at least 8 glasses of plain water. During classes drink in small sips every 10-15 minutes.

Recommendations for slimming girls

No less important point, this self-control - watch your health during training. There should be a rush of vivacity and high spirits - about 15 minutes after the beginning of the classes hormones endorphins begin to be produced, responsible for this.

When there is a strong fatigue and lethargy, it is better to stop training and not "rape" the body. The same applies to the unwillingness to train - a couple of days passes will not harm.

Symptoms such as regular bad sleep, fatigue and headaches indicate inadequate exercise or overtraining. To get rid of these conditions, you need to correct the complex, reducing the number of exercises and intensity and just rest for a while.

It is advisable to consult with a doctor before the beginning of the classes for contraindications to certain types of exercise to avoid possible negative consequences.

Go in for fitness, walk more in the open air, eat healthy food - and you will always be in great physical shape and with a great mood!

Zlata Kurylenko
2017-05-30 16:06:51
Now there are a lot of video programs, I'm at home under Jill Majks doing, but until I stopped eating so much, there was no result.

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