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Dermatological problems: causes of acne in adolescents and treatment methods

Acne is one of the most common problems that adolescents turn to a dermatologist. The appearance of rashes provokes psychological discomfort, as it spoils the appearance. An integrated approach to the treatment of the disease allows you to get a good result.


Acne rash in adolescents: features and types of rashes

Acne is an inflammation of the sebaceous glands as a result of their blockage with a keratinized epithelium. The pathological process on the skin occurs equally often in both girls and boys. Although adolescent girls, the amount of rash is often associated with the menstrual cycle. On the eve of the monthly inflammatory elements on the skin can be larger and more painful. After the end of menstruation, the number of lesions in most cases is reduced.

How does acne arise? Scheme

Acne - a problem not only cosmetic, but also psychological

Most often, acne is localized on the back and face (mainly on the nose, chin and in the forehead). Acne often covers the chest and buttocks. In the area of ​​the cheeks, the rash lasts the longest and often leaves behind small scars and pigmented spots, since the skin in this area is thinner and sensitive.

Types of acne:

  • open and closed comedones. The first type has a black head, which is desiccated epithelium cells mixed with dust. Under the layer of keratinized skin is sebaceous gland filled with pus. The closed comedo has a white head. Slightly protrudes above the skin. Rashes of this type may look like small wen;
  • purulent. This type is a large pimple, hard to the touch, having a head, which is often opened independently. The eel is filled with white contents. After self-extrusion, small pits may remain on the skin;
  • deep subcutaneous (cystic). Often do not have a head. Represent a dense subcutaneous bead. The color of the pimple is often red, impossible to squeeze, it feels quite painful to the touch.

In adolescents, there are often several types of acne at once: closed and open comedones, purulent, etc.

Types of eels - photo gallery

Causes of rash

The main causes of acne in adolescence:

  • increased sebum secretion. In this case, its composition changes, because of what it loses its bactericidal properties. The secret of sebaceous glands becomes more dense, contributes to clogged pores;
  • failure in the process of renewal of hair follicle cells. As a result, thickening of the cornified epithelium occurs, which creates additional favorable conditions for the reproduction of bacteria;
  • active propagation of propionic microorganisms. It is a consequence of the two previous factors. Normally, such bacteria are present on the skin of each person, but their reproduction is hampered by the work of immunity and the lack of increased secretion of sebaceous glands. If some kind of malfunction occurs, the microorganisms are activated and lead to the appearance of acne;
  • increased production of steroid hormones, in particular, testosterone. This provoking factor is fundamental in adolescents. After all, the hormonal alteration of the body causes acne;
  • endocrine disorders. Violations of the adrenal glands and the pituitary gland can cause acne.

Additional precipitating factors are:

  • individual features of the skin;
  • seborrhea;
  • gastrointestinal tract diseases;
  • frequent use of cosmetics that clog pores;
  • exposure to ultraviolet radiation;
  • poor nutrition;
  • lack of hygiene;
  • a lot of stress.


Diagnostic methods used in the presence of acne:

  • scraping from the skin. It helps to determine the composition of the secret and the number of bacteria in it. This method also allows you to detect the presence of demodex (skin mite), which can lead to acne;
  • blood test for steroid hormone levels. Helps eliminate over-production of testosterone. Often, the doctor additionally determines the level of prolactin, an increase in which indicates a malfunction of the pituitary gland;
  • Ultrasound. Ultrasound diagnosis can detect structural changes in the adrenal glands. It is one of the safe and informative research methods;
  • MRI Magnetic resonance imaging is used when prolactin levels are elevated and the physician suspects a malfunction in the pituitary gland. MRI allows you to get the most informative images of different parts of the brain.

If you suspect a gastrointestinal tract disease, an endoscopic method of studying the stomach is used, as well as a barium x-ray x-ray that allows you to diagnose bowel pathologies.

Treatment methods

Acne treatment is always complex . It is important to detect the cause of acne in adolescence and only after that determine therapeutic tactics. It is possible to get rid of the problem at home with the help of drugs prescribed by a doctor. If you have acne, contact your dermatologist. Additionally, you may need to consult a gynecologist and an endocrinologist.

The emergence of single acne should not be scary. This is normal for adolescence. However, if there are many rashes, it is necessary to consult a doctor.

Drugs used to treat acne - table

Title Release form Pharmacological group A course of treatment How to apply Indications Effect of therapy Side effects
Tetracycline ointment ointment tetracycline antibiotic 10 days apply on cleansed face 2 times a day (morning and evening)
  • purulent infections;
  • staphylococcal and streptococcal skin lesions.
  • recurrence may occur, but the number of acne is significantly reduced;
  • quick effect.
allergic reactions
Zenerite powder for solution antibiotic for treating acne 2 months apply externally after washing 2 times a day acne
  • in 2 weeks the number of acne is noticeably reduced;
  • high risk of recurrence after therapy.
feeling of skin tightness
  • cream;
  • gel.
antibacterial drug with proliferative activity 1 month apply on acne-affected skin 2 times a day
  • acne;
  • rosacea;
  • hyperpegmentation.
  • lasting effect;
  • acne becomes less by the end of the course of treatment.
burning and itching in the affected area
Klenzit-S gel antibiotic that prevents the appearance of comedones apply on the skin with a thin layer 1 time a day before bedtime acne noticeable effect after 2 weeks
  • slight redness of the skin;
  • mild itching.
Retinoic ointment ointment retinoid for topical use apply a thin layer 2 times a day to the affected areas
  • seborrhea;
  • severe course of acne.
the effect is achieved by the end of treatment
  • increased skin sensitivity to light;
  • itching and burning at the site of application.
Regetsin gel anti-inflammatory and regenerating agent 2-3 months apply a thin layer to the skin 2 times a day
  • acne;
  • post acne
the effect is achieved by the end of the course of treatment local allergic reactions
Baziron AS anti-inflammatory and antimicrobial agent 3 months apply on the skin 2 times a day acne treatment
  • quick effect;
  • improvement occurs already in the third week of treatment.
severe itching and redness of the skin

Medications - photo gallery

Folk remedies

Folk remedies have an excellent auxiliary effect and can be used during treatment with medicines. Effective recipes:

  1. Anti-inflammatory infusion for washing. This recipe should be used 2 times a day. It takes equal amounts of chamomile and sage: 2 tbsp. l raw materials need to pour 500 ml of boiling water and insist for an hour. Then filter and apply for washing. The course of treatment is 3 months.
  2. Antimicrobial decoction. It will be required in equal quantities St. John's wort and calendula: 1 tbsp. l the mixture should be poured 300 ml of boiling water and cook over low heat for 10 minutes. Then cool and filter. Pour into ice molds and freeze. Apply to wipe face 1 time per day for 14 days.
  3. Regenerating tonic. It is necessary to take the lowest sheet of aloe and how to wash it under cool water. Then put it in the fridge, after winding it in parchment. After an hour, squeeze the juice out of the leaflet and use it to wipe problem areas 3 times a day for two weeks. Every day you need to use new raw materials.

Ingredients for Traditional Medicine Recipes - Photo Gallery

Homemade masks

Masks that can be applied at home:

  1. Antimicrobial and regenerating mask. It will take 1 tbsp. l blue clay, which must be diluted with warm water to the consistency of sour cream. Then add 2 drops of tea tree essential oil and mix. Apply to cleansed face and leave for 15 minutes. Then rinse with warm water. Repeat the procedure 2 times a week for 2-3 months.
  2. The restoring mask. You will need medium carrots, which must be washed, peeled and chopped on a fine grater. The resulting slurry is recommended to put on the face. Wait 20 minutes and then rinse with water. It is best to be in a horizontal position during the procedure. Repeat 2 times a week. The course of treatment is 3 months.
  3. Antibacterial and anti-inflammatory mask of quick action. You will need 2 tablets of aspirin, which must be dissolved in half a teaspoon of water and applied to a cleansed face. After 15 minutes, wash off. Repeat once a week for a month.

During the treatment of acne carrot is useful to use not only for external use, but also to drink the juice from this vegetable. It contains a large number of natural retinoids that are beneficial to the skin.

Ingredients for Home Masks - Photo Gallery

Ready masks for clear skin

If you do not have the time and desire to create an acne mask yourself, you can purchase the finished product. Such preparations for cleansing the skin from lesions contain components that are authorized by organizations of international and national level that control the quality of such products.

Clear skin with zinc (mask)

Clean skin with zinc deeply cleanses the skin and heals the pores.

Shop Acne Masks - Table

Title The brand Act Side effects Mode of application A course of treatment Price
Zinc based detox mask Propeller
  • dries;
  • eliminates acne.
  • apply on cleansed face for 15–20 minutes;
  • repeat 2 times a week.
4–8 weeks 72 rub.
Clear skin with zinc Garnier prevention and treatment of acne and black spots
  • apply on cleansed face for 5–10 minutes;
  • can be repeated up to three times a week.
is not limited 260 rub.
Anti acne Sulsena
  • eliminates acne;
  • dries the skin;
  • improves the complexion.
  • use 2-3 times a week;
  • apply on cleansed skin for 20 minutes.
2-3 months 150 rub.
Antibacterial Matting Mask 100 beauty recipes
  • eliminates oily shine;
  • prevents the formation of acne;
  • reduces the intensity of inflammation.
slight itching 2 times a week apply to clean skin for 15 minutes 2 months 170 rub.

Squeezing pimples and facial cleansing by a beautician

At home, it is not recommended to squeeze acne, as it can contribute to the spread of infection in healthy areas of the skin. In addition, there is a high risk of scarring and age spots after an incorrectly performed procedure. Acne can be squeezed out only in extreme cases, for example, if the head accidentally broke off. Rules to follow:

  1. Wash your hands thoroughly and wrap your index fingers with a bandage.
  2. Pre-wipe the pimple with Chlorhexidine.
  3. Gently press on the edges of the eel. Pus clean with a cotton swab.
  4. Treat pimple with any antiseptic: Chlorhexidine, iodine, etc.

If the white pimple head is well formed, then before squeezing it must be carefully torn off. Best to do this with tweezers. If the head has not yet been formed, then in no case should one squeeze the pimple.

In the conditions of a cosmetology cabinet, professional cleaning is performed using special equipment. Laser vaporization of acne gives the best effect. After this method, there is no trace. The laser only affects the pimple, leading to the heating of its tissues, thereby evaporating all moisture. In place of the eel only a crust remains, which disappears on its own after a few days.

Diet food

In the presence of acne it is recommended to review the diet. It is important to exclude everything that can increase symptoms and provoke an increase in the number of acne:

  • roast;
  • fatty;
  • fast food;
  • chocolate;
  • coffee;
  • sweets;
  • dry nuts;
  • spices;
  • baking

In the diet should include:

  • vegetables and fruits;
  • dairy products;
  • first courses: soups, vegetarian borscht, etc .;
  • steamed fish cutlets;
  • pasta;
  • cereal porridge on the water;
  • nuts.

It is important to drink enough water - up to 2 liters per day. Freshly squeezed juices and green tea without sugar are also very helpful.

What to include in the diet - photo gallery

Prognosis and complications

In the presence of acne, the prognosis is favorable, if you approach the complex solution of the problem and consult with your doctor. The duration of treatment depends on the severity of the disease. If there are minor rashes, you can improve the appearance of the skin in 2-3 months. If there is a lot of acne, the treatment can be delayed for a year.

Possible complications:

  • the accession of a secondary infection;
  • the appearance of large scars on the skin;
  • hyperpigmentation in areas with acne.

Preventive measures

To reduce the likelihood of acne in adolescence, you must:

  1. Eat right, avoid fast food, do not get carried away with soda and sweets.
  2. Do not touch the face with your hands.
  3. To wash 2 times a day with the use of a special tool suitable for skin type.
  4. Do not abuse makeup. Be sure to remove makeup at night.
  5. Do not wash your face often with the use of aggressive alkaline products. The soap washes away the protective layer of the skin, causing an increased production of sebum. It is better to use a foam or a special gel.

In order to minimize the appearance of acne, it is necessary to use a cream with sebocontrol. It helps reduce the secretion of sebaceous glands, which prevents the emergence of favorable conditions for the reproduction of bacteria.

Acne treatment in adolescents - video

Reviews of remedies for acne

Desperate attempts to cure my acne disease led to the decision to buy a new at the time of the drug of complex action - "Zener". Bright yellow cheerful box inspired confidence and hope for a brighter future without disgusting acne. I bought the drug 2 times, but since it was already for a long time, I didn’t have any packaging or second bottle (well, I didn’t assume 10 years ago that I would like to share my experience). When using Zinerit, one bottle of ready-made the solution was enough for me just for 3 weeks. At the same time, there were unnecessary losses, when the solution just poured over the face with a trickle when pressing the applicator more strongly. I could not adjust the pressure in any way so that the solution was distributed evenly. Immediately I did not buy the second bottle, because the effect was not as noticeable as I would have liked, and the cost of one package was rather high. In addition, side effects have appeared. The second time I used Zener already locally, I had enough packaging for those same 5 weeks, during which the manufacturer recommended using the solution after it was prepared, and even a little left. But just at that time I learned that I was pregnant with my second child and, naturally, I did not continue the treatment.

Photos before and after the use of Zenerit

Zenert can cause side effects in some people.



I have been struggling with acne for over 10 years. From the pharmacy assortment, I tried, perhaps, about 80 percent of the drugs. Something helped, something not very good, but I never found my drug, which gives a lasting improvement. Folk remedies have been in my arsenal for a couple of years, but in the end I came to the conclusion that there wasn’t much point in using them. Also a lot of so-called “pharmaceutical” cosmetics have been tried, the results were few. And then one day fate brought me to a new dermatologist, who advised me to use preparations based on retinoids, specifically, Klenzit, the most budget-friendly gel in the Russian market with 1% of adapalene, produced in India. The more expensive and most popular counterpart is Differin. The first three weeks were hell. After 2–3 days of use, the skin is very stunned, reddened, and became extremely sensitive. Before, it seemed to me that I had sensitive skin, but against the background of what had become - there used to be elephant skin! Exactly, it was impossible to touch her, she was sick from everything - from touch, from applying cream, from cold, from washing. I, suffering pain, applied a thick layer of moisturizer 5 minutes after Klenzit, but it still did not save from the peeling and dryness. It was especially unpleasant around the eyes (and there I applied the cream, because I was expecting to get rid of mimic wrinkles), it was impossible to apply a decorative coating due to dryness and sensitivity. Glitter disappeared in all places, it even seemed to me that the skin had become completely non-greasy. But by the end of the first month the luster returned in the same volume in which it was before.

Photos before and after applying Klenzit

Klenzit can cause peeling and dry skin



I have oily skin with pimples, so I often make masks with clay. It does not matter if they are purchased or self-made. Today I want to tell you about the mask company Himalaya Herbals. I learned about this company quite by accident. I saw one of the products on the shop window. The company Himalaya Herbals was founded in 1930, and I only found out about it recently) I was attracted by the Himalaya Herbals Antibacterial Face Mask. In appearance, this is the most common tube. So let me down all the pros and cons of the mask: easy to apply; tightens pores; improves the complexion; ideal for oily skin; really acne after application becomes less, appear less often - for dry skin will not go I will recommend this mask for purchase.

Photo result after the mask Himalaya

Himalaya mask reduces the amount of rash



Acne in adolescents can occur with varying degrees of severity. The more acne on the face, the longer and more difficult the treatment will be. A healthy lifestyle combined with regular hygiene and proper nutrition will help prevent the occurrence of acne.


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