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What helps Zinc ointment? Instructions for use and contraindications

Zinc in importance for the body occupies the second position, giving primacy to the gland. Its deficiency primarily affects the hair and skin - they lose their healthy appearance, and wounds and cuts do not heal for a long time. This is a magic trace element. He deserves special attention and should look at him.

Zinc exhibits the highest activity in conjunction with oxygen (zinc oxide). In this form, it is presented in zinc ointment, which will be discussed.


The composition and release form of the drug

Zinc oxide is produced in various forms (ointment, paste, liniment). All are for outdoor use only. The ointment contains 10 grams of zinc oxide and one hundred grams of vaseline, which serves as the basis and protects the skin from drying out.

zinc ointment

The drug is included in the group of absorbent, astringent and protective skin care products. Thanks to these properties, antiseptic and anti-inflammatory effects are realized. The ointment dries well, so it is recommended for all processes with exudation (it gets wet and swells).

This usually occurs during the first phase of the wound process. For example, when there is an inflammatory fluid and fibrinous-necrotic plaque on the bottom of a trophic ulcer. At this point, always use water-soluble ointments, antiseptics in the form of a solution, dressings with sorbents, as well as enzymatic preparations. Zinc ointment works fine here too.

Important: ointment is not used for purulent inflammation. First you need to get rid of pathogenic microbes (antibacterial) agents. Only after this, apply a medicine on a clean wound surface - it will dry and speed healing.

The indication for the use of zinc ointment is: treatment and prevention of diaper dermatitis. Eczema, diaper rash, skin damage (without pus). Burns, including sunburns, cuts, wounds.

If using the ointment for 7-10 days, the process does not subside, it is necessary to revise the treatment.

How does zinc ointment work?

How does zinc ointment help? Zinc is involved in the work of more than 300 enzymes involved in the process of cell division. During wound healing, active synthesis of new cells begins. It is important that zinc at this point was enough, the need for it increases dramatically. Application of zinc ointment allows cells to properly divide and synthesize a sufficient amount of collagen to heal cuts.

Zinc oxide has the ability to attract water. Therefore, the wounds are dried, and the tissues are stretched, as if creating conditions for healing.

Zinc has an effect on the glands in particular, sebaceous, reducing the production of fat, which has a beneficial effect on skin elasticity and eliminates duct blockage.

Zinc oxide effectively blocks ultraviolet radiation. Therefore, zinc ointment has been used in sunscreens.

Due to the physico-chemical properties of the ointment forms a protective barrier against the action of irritants, this provides the anti-inflammatory and antiseptic effect of the drug.

The disinfecting effect of zinc ointment is based on the ability of metal ions to have a detrimental effect on the microbial protein, causing its destruction, which leads to the death of microorganisms. Of course, ointment will not cope with rapid infection.

The astringent effect of the drug is realized through the denaturation of protein on the surface of the skin when exposed to zinc compounds.

What helps Zinc ointment? Instructions for use

What helps Zinc ointment?


Zinc ointment is indicated for the treatment of external, uncomplicated hemorrhoids. It has the following effect:

  • eliminates itching, burning;
  • dries;
  • relieves inflammation; irritation
  • tightens small wounds; cracks;
  • increases the protective properties of the skin in the anus;
  • helps reduce hemorrhoids.

Ointment is applied with a thin layer to the sore spot up to 6 times a day. This is usually done with a cotton swab or finger. Before applying, the skin in the anus area is washed and dried.

Zinc ointment does not cure bacterial and fungal infections, as well as hemorrhoids with complications - bleeding or infringement.

From herpes

This unpleasant pathology is accompanied by a rash in the form of bubbles. They burst, a weeping surface is formed, which does not heal for a long time. Zinc ointment will act as a drying agent, accelerate the healing process.

From burns

Zinc ointment in the instructions for use is the treatment of burns. This effect is realized due to the participation of zinc in the synthesis of collagen. The regeneration process is accelerated, the area of ​​the burn is dried, the inflammation subsides. These are beneficial factors in the treatment of burns.

In addition, the ointment creates a protective film on the sore surface, due to this, the pain is reduced. It is used 4-6 times a day, covering the burn with a thin layer. The course of treatment is up to a month.

You can apply ointment under the bandage. Treatment with zinc ointment is indicated for burns with redness and swelling without blisters. This stage is difficult and requires specialized assistance.

Diaper dermatitis in children

Ointment for the prevention of dermatitis in children has proven itself well. The ointment is applied to the clean, dry skin of a baby (under a diaper), especially before bedtime. Thus, we warn the occurrence of skin inflammation in contact with wet clothes and urine.

For the purpose of treatment, the ointment is applied three times a day with a thin layer (with each change of the diaper), when diaper rash or inflammation of the skin appears.

With psoriasis

Psoriasis problem areas are difficult to treat. Hormonal ointments have a strong effect, while other tools are inconvenient or ineffective. It is in the axillary and inguinal zones that zinc ointment is applied. It will dry, relieve itching.

Normalizing keratinization processes, reducing hyperkeratosis, it will stop the spread of psoriatic plaques. It is not applied on the surface covered with scales. First you need keratolytic agents, and then zinc ointment. Either use salicylate zinc ointment on the scales.

With psoriasis, zinc ointment has an advantage - it can be used during pregnancy and lactation. As a rule, it is recommended in combination with other means. Moreover, it quickly becomes addictive, so after 3 weeks of treatment, you need a break to restore sensitivity.

During pregnancy

The instructions of the drug indicated that when used externally, zinc ointment practically does not penetrate into the systemic circulation and does not have a resorptive effect.

These data allow you to apply the ointment during pregnancy. Although there are no studies in this area, therefore, a more precise formulation is as follows: application is possible if the benefit does not exceed the risk to the fetus.

In addition, zinc ointments have proven effective for calluses and cracks on the heels .

Application in cosmetology

Using expensive tools in cosmetology, we do not guess that they are based on zinc. It is much easier and cheaper to remember zinc ointment in time. Its proper use in reasonable combination with other ointments may not yield to expensive products in effectiveness.

Apply zinc ointment for acne and acne (acne) in adolescents. It removes the focus of inflammation, swelling and acne-like pain. Also prevents the spread of acne in healthy areas.

Due to what it is possible to remove acne:

  • zinc reduces secretion by the sebaceous glands;
  • reduces bacterial resistance to antibiotics,
  • normalizes epithelization of the skin;
  • It has a small anti-inflammatory effect.

Basic rules for the use of zinc ointment for acne

acne zinc ointment rules

Before the skin needs to be cleaned, in any case not to use together with decorative cosmetics. It is not yet known which compounds are obtained as a result of the reaction. As a result, the number of acne may increase.

The maximum number of applications - 6 times a day. It is not recommended ointment for mucous membranes (oral cavity, eyes). In case of contact, rinse with water.
Do not take breaks in treatment, it should be regular.

In the period of use of zinc ointment, it is desirable to exclude products rich in copper, soy protein. Additionally, get zinc from food (spinach, beans, nuts, eggs).

A more pronounced effect in reducing the production of subcutaneous fat has a combined tool - salicylic-zinc ointment (Lassar paste). In addition to zinc, it contains salicylic acid and starch.

Dermatologists advise modern agents with active zinc ions in the treatment of these problems. For example, "Zenerit" (zinc acetate), gel "Kuriozin" (zinc hyaluronate). These compounds were more powerful, but their cost is much higher.

How can you improve your face with zinc ointment?

It turns out that the ointment helps to remove wrinkles, smoothes minor defects and has a slight whitening effect.

To avoid dry face, it is recommended to mix the cream with the cream in equal proportions and apply overnight.

Contraindications and side effects of zinc ointment

The instructions are almost no contraindications and undesirable consequences of the use of ointment.

It can not be used in allergic reactions to auxiliary components that make up the ointment. It is also better to cancel its use if the skin inflammation has intensified during the treatment process. Or there was itching, new rashes and other changes in the place of application of the ointment.

Contraindicated for the treatment of purulent and fungal eruptions. It is not advisable to use zinc ointment for dry face for a long time.

Cases of overdose with local use is not installed.

We should not forget that the ointment is intended only for external use, and it is not desirable to lubricate the mucous membranes.

Can be used in newborns and infants. It is suitable for their delicate skin. This is evidenced by the numerous reviews of mothers about the miracle remedy for babies in the treatment of prickly heat and other dermatitis.

2017-04-30 10:56:08
my salvation from acne :) I dry her big pimples, and at night I smear my face with metrogylism. as a result, the skin is almost clean, despite the age :)
Polina Shakhnazarova
2017-05-30 08:59:08
True said about purulent inflammation! I was told at the hospital first to be treated with metrogil, and only then to apply zinc ointment. And then some begin to treat her purulent acne, and then they say that it is ineffective.
2017-07-04 12:03:18
Metrogil helps if you lubricate the face? My son has acne, I bought him a zinc ointment, please tell me how to treat them correctly ??
George Tesla
2017-10-03 05:04:32
in our youth we simply took and smeared, no secrets and recipes. it is now a lot of money, they advertise only, but I look at my wife - no matter how much she takes something new, all the same, she returns to the same zinc ointment. and the last experiment with the solantra almost finished it at all, he says, he will not even try more expensive means :)

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