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Trichomoniasis in women: symptoms, treatment regimen, complications

Trichomoniasis in women is a fairly common sexually transmitted disease.

The insidiousness of this disease lies in the fact that it can last for a long time almost imperceptibly, and eventually lead to the development of chronic pathology and infertility.

Consider what constitutes the disease, the symptoms and the principles of its treatment.


Causes of the disease

Trichomoniasis in women

Vaginal trichomonads cause the disease. These are the simplest single-celled creatures that have the ability to move due to the presence of special flagella.

Important! Trichomonas is not a bacterium, but the simplest unicellular creature. This should be taken into account during treatment and not to choose antibacterial agents to which this pathogen is not sensitive.

This simplest dwells only in the urinary tract of man and becomes the cause of the development of various inflammatory processes.

Today, trichomoniasis is the most common pathology of the genitourinary system. According to WHO, it occurs in 10-12% of the total population of the planet and the number of cases is constantly growing.

How is the disease transmitted?

Infected with Trichomonas can occur during unprotected intercourse from a sick partner. In some cases, the infection occurs with anal and oral sex.

Domestic way of transmission is unlikely, but possible. Trichomonas lives only a few hours in the external environment, provided that there is good humidity.

When heated or exposed to direct sunlight, this simplest die within a few minutes. Therefore, to get infected from the patient, you can use his personal hygiene items (towel, washcloth) immediately after use.

Symptoms and first signs of trichomoniasis in women

trichomoniasis in women photo of discharge

trichomoniasis in women photo of discharge

From the moment of infection until the first signs of trichomoniasis appear in women it may take several weeks or months.

Important! In rare cases, the symptoms of the disease do not appear at all, in such cases they speak of carriage of trichomoniasis. This is usually true for men, but it can happen to women. In these situations, a woman, unwittingly, infects all her sexual partners.

In connection with this fact, patients with incomprehensible symptoms are always worried about the question of how trichomoniasis is manifested in women. Its symptoms may vary for a particular woman, but most often the patient is concerned:

  1. Vaginal discharge. They can be of different colors: from pale yellow to greenish with a characteristic putrid odor and foamy structure. In some cases, the selection may be missing.
  2. Burning, discomfort, and itching in the vagina and perineum.
  3. Frequent urge to urinate, as well as the appearance of cramps and pain during it.
  4. Discomfort and pain during intercourse.
  5. Swelling of the labia.
Symptoms? photo of secretions in trichomoniasis

Symptoms, photo secretions for trichomoniasis

The disease can be acute and chronic. In women, chronic trichomoniasis is characterized by a long course with periods of exacerbations and remissions.

The disease is aggravated by various external factors: infection, stress, lack of personal hygiene and others.

Diagnosis of trichomoniasis

For diagnosis, the doctor collects anamnesis and examines the female genitals with special mirrors. If trichomoniasis is suspected, a vaginal smear is made and PCR diagnostics are performed.

PCR diagnostics gives almost 100% reliable results when properly performed, even if there are only a few simplest DNA molecules in a smear.

This is especially important in the presence of hidden and chronic forms of the disease.

Treatment regimen for trichomoniasis in women

When treating trichomoniasis in women, the following requirements should be met:

  • both partners are treated at the same time;
  • sexual abstinence for the entire period of treatment or sex only in a condom;
  • treat all forms, including the carriage of Trichomonas.

The treatment regimen is chosen by the doctor individually for women and men.

Treatment regimen for trichomoniasis in women

For the treatment of trichomoniasis in women can be used drugs:

  • antitrichomonas drugs (Metronidazole, Ornidazole, etc.);
  • immunostimulants (interferons, etc.);
  • nalidixic acid preparations for the prevention of urinary tract infections;
  • local therapy (vaginal suppositories and creams);
  • vitamins.

Complications of the disease in women

The danger of this disease lies in unpleasant complications that are not amenable to medical correction. So, the effects of trichomoniasis in women can be as follows:

  1. chronic inflammatory diseases of the urogenital system (vaginitis, cystitis, etc.);
  2. adhesive processes;
  3. female infertility

! It is important ! These unicellular protozoa have the ability to absorb other microorganisms without killing them. So, they can hide in themselves other pathogenic bacteria, for example, gonococcus (causes gonorrhea). By parasitizing inside Trichomonas, these bacteria become inaccessible for exposure to antibiotics.

Danger of illness during pregnancy

Danger of illness during pregnancy In pregnant women, this protozoa can provoke premature birth, abortion and the birth of premature babies.

This occurs because the altered microflora in the vagina of a pregnant woman destroys the lower membrane of the membran of the fetal bladder and leads to premature rupture of the amniotic fluid.

Itself Trichomonas is not dangerous for the fetus, because it can not cross the placental barrier, but it can become a transporter of other bacteria (chlamydia, gonococci, etc.) that will harm the future baby.

Infection of the fetus is possible when passing through the birth canal of the mother. The probability of infection is higher in the female fetus due to the structural features of the genital organs (short urethra).

Prevention of trichomoniasis in women

Preventive measures include:

  • identification and treatment of latent forms of the disease and carriers of Trichomonas;
  • barrier methods of contraception (condom) during sexual intercourse with an unreliable partner;
  • the use of antiseptics after sexual intercourse;
  • intimate personal hygiene.

Trichomoniasis is a curable disease, if you notice its symptoms in time and begin therapy before the consequences develop. To avoid problems, you need to take care of prevention and undergo a routine check-up at the gynecologist.


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