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Toxicosis in pregnancy - how to deal with it? Recommendations and advice

The overwhelming majority of women, being in an "interesting" position, face toxicosis of varying severity. Only a few future pregnant women have a pregnancy without toxicosis. It is important to understand that this condition is not a disease.

Of course, in some cases, the appearance of toxicosis can signal a complication of the course of pregnancy, but most often this condition does not have a negative effect, either on the development of the fetus, or on the health of women in general.


When does toxicosis begin during pregnancy?

When toxemia begins in pregnancy

Toxicosis is a pathological condition that occurs during pregnancy and manifests itself as a complex of characteristic symptoms. Often, this condition is characteristic of the first half of pregnancy (begins at the end of the 2nd month and ends by the middle of the 4th month). Sometimes, toxicosis begins in the second half of pregnancy - on the 5th month and lasts until the birth.

This phenomenon is not fully understood by medicine. Specialists can not give an unambiguous answer to the question what causes the appearance of toxicosis during pregnancy. However, doctors are inclined to believe that predisposing factors to the onset of toxicosis are:

  • heredity. In 7 future pregnant women of 10, pregnancy proceeds in exactly the same way as in their mothers;
  • age. After 35 years of pregnancy in 80% of cases is accompanied by an aggressive manifestation of toxicosis and is pathological in nature;
  • change emotional background. Specialists in the field of psychologists are sure that the more a future mother thinks of toxicosis as inevitability and at the same time feels fear, the harder it becomes. It is because of this psychological mood that vomiting and nausea during pregnancy can occur. So, do not pre-empt yourself with painful thoughts;
  • infectious and any chronic pathologies. If you have these diseases, at the planning stage of pregnancy you need to undergo the appropriate course of therapy, so as not to harm either the health of the baby or yourself;
  • harmful substances (poisons, toxins) that have entered the body through food, respiratory organs or pores located on the skin;
  • period of placenta formation;
  • hormonal imbalance.

Degrees of manifestation of toxicosis

Depending on the period of occurrence, toxicosis is divided into 2 types - early and late. Its manifestation in the second type is more or less even, that is, the state of the woman is stable. A toxicosis of the first type differs in the degree of intensity of manifestations and is divided:

  1. Light - malaise in the form of weakness, headache, bouts of nausea and vomiting occurs no more than 5 times a day. Often, the deterioration is observed after eating or in the morning;
  2. Medium -moderate toxicosis is manifested by vomiting (up to 10 times in knocking), increased heart rate and respiratory movements, increased excitability, dry skin;
  3. Heavy - this condition can bring a woman's body to exhaustion. In connection with repeated vomiting (up to 25 times a day) dehydration is observed and, accordingly, a violation of the electrolyte balance. Also there is a decline in strength, headaches, tremors of the extremities. Severe toxicosis in the first trimester of pregnancy requires the placement of a woman in a hospital.

It is important to know!

The severity of the manifestations largely depends on which week the toxicosis begins during pregnancy. But, despite this, immediately seek medical help in the following cases:

  • with a rapid decrease in body weight;
  • with fainting;
  • with confusion;
  • with pain in the heart;
  • for violation of blood pressure.

These manifestations can be evidence of the pathological course of pregnancy and carry a threat to the development and even the life of the fetus.

13 signs of toxicosis in pregnancy

signs of toxicosis in pregnancy

  1. Asthmatic manifestations.
  2. Dermatological defects (rash, dermatoses, dermatitis, acne, acne, comedones, pigmented spots).
  3. Allergic rhinitis .
  4. Increased salivation.
  5. Decreased body weight.
  6. Loss of appetite.
  7. Apathy, which can cause the development of depressive conditions.
  8. Attacks of nausea.
  9. Vomiting, including multiple.
  10. A sharpened sense of smell.
  11. Horseracing blood pressure (usually downwards).
  12. Perverted perception of taste of food products.
  13. Increased excitability, nervousness.

Toxicosis in the first trimester of pregnancy

Toxicosis in the first trimester of pregnancy

This condition usually occurs during the 2nd and / or 3rd months of pregnancy. This is due to hormonal restructuring, which undergoes the organism of the future mother. During this period, the fetal egg, and then - the embryo, located in the uterus, the female body perceives as an alien body, from which it tries to get rid of.

It is because of this reaction that the condition worsens - nausea, vomiting, weakness, nervousness are observed. Sometimes the condition is so deteriorating that it may require the help of a doctor.

Many people mistakenly believe that toxicosis begins to appear from the first days after conception. This is fundamentally wrong, since for the onset of symptoms it is necessary that the fetal egg is implanted and attached to the wall of the uterus. These processes take place only at 5-6 weeks. It is during this period that the first manifestations of toxicosis can take place.

Women have a completely logical question, what are the symptoms of toxicosis during pregnancy in the early stages, how to deal with it and whether it should be done. The most frequent signs of early toxicosis are manifested primarily in the morning in the form of:

  • minor dizziness;
  • aching headaches;
  • swelling;
  • oppressed state;
  • weakness in muscle tissue;
  • nausea and vomiting;
  • non-standard reactions to habitual smells;
  • dislike for food, the taste of which previously gave pleasure.

A curious observation!

Precisely determine the sex of the unborn child can be no earlier than the 16th week by undergoing a study - ultrasound. But there are signs, the presence of which has an indirect confirmation of the sex of the child. This is the confirmation of toxicosis in pregnancy. A boy or girl is born, you can determine by the severity of the manifestations.

They say that if the toxicosis is completely absent or weak and the expectant mother does not experience a special deterioration of well-being, a boy will be born. Also, the male gender of the child is also confirmed by the fact that the woman is clearly seen through the waist until the birth, the abdomen becomes elongated, resembling an egg in shape, her face does not show pigmented spots and rashes, and the pregnancy proceeds stably.

In the case of bearing a girl, on the contrary, a woman has a rounded stomach that grows in breadth. On the face often appear pigmented spots and a rash, the condition is unstable. Symptoms of toxicosis are pronounced - there may be weakness, nausea and repeated vomiting.

How to deal with toxemia during pregnancy?

How to deal with toxemia in pregnancy

Immediately it is worthwhile to warn that it is contraindicated to use any folk remedies independently to combat this phenomenon. After all, you can not only aggravate the course of pregnancy, but also harm yourself and your child. Before applying this or that remedy, you must get a doctor's consultation.

Doctors give advice on how to smooth out the manifestations of toxicosis.

13 recommendations for the control of toxicosis

После пробуждения не стоит принимать горизонтальное положение. 1. After waking up, do not take a horizontal position. Lie down for a few minutes, eat a small piece, such as an apple or a fresh biscuit. Then you can get out of bed.

Не делайте резких движений и наклонов. 2. Do not make sudden movements or inclines.

Старайтесь исключить любые контакты с раздражителями, которые провоцируют развитие приступов тошноты и последующей рвоты. 3. Try to exclude any contact with irritants, which provoke the development of bouts of nausea and subsequent vomiting. This can be, for example, the smell, taste or even the appearance of something.

При приступе тошноты старайтесь дышать через рот и периодически на несколько секунд задерживать дыхание. 4. With a fit of nausea, try to breathe through your mouth and periodically for a few seconds to hold your breath.

Чаще проветривайте помещения своего жилища и регулярно бывайте на свежем воздухе. 5. Often ventilate the premises of your home and regularly visit the open air.

Избегайте малейших нагрузок, как физических, так и психологических. 6. Avoid the slightest loads, both physical and psychological.

Высыпайтесь. 7. Get enough sleep. Pregnant women, especially those with toxicosis is pronounced, should sleep at least 9-10 hours a day.

Если вас одолевает токсикоз во второй половине дня, его причины, скорее всего, кроются в нервном перенапряжении и усталости. 8. If you are overcome by a toxicosis in the second half of the day, its causes are likely to lie in nervous overstrain and fatigue. To relieve this condition, you can sometimes take a weak infusion of valerian or motherwort, but only after consulting a doctor.

Кушайте небольшими порциями. 9. Eat small portions. Products should not be too hot or cold. After eating for a few minutes, take a semi-sitting position or lie on your right side.

Пейте больше жидкости, если это не противоречит предписаниям лечащего врача. 10. Drink more fluids if this does not contradict the prescribing doctor's instructions. You can use ordinary non-carbonated water, fruit and herbal tea, milk, natural juices and yoghurts.

Попросите близкого человека, чтобы за несколько минут до вашего предполагаемого пробуждения он включал негромкую расслабляющую музыку. 11. Ask a loved one that a few minutes before your anticipated awakening, he would include soft, relaxing music. At the same time, there should be no bright light in the bedroom, let the lighting be muffled or completely absent.

Forget about uncomfortable clothes

Старайтесь чаще выезжать на прогулку по лесной местности, чтобы насладиться обилием чистого воздуха и созерцанием красоты загородных ландшафтов. 12. Try to go more often for a walk in the woodland, to enjoy the abundance of clean air and contemplating the beauty of countryside landscapes. The length of the walk should not be less than an hour.

Забудьте о неудобной одежде, которая стесняет движения. 13. Forget about uncomfortable clothes that restrict movement. Aesthetic attraction during pregnancy should be a secondary aspect. First of all - convenience and comfort!

Prophylaxis of toxicosis

Take preventive measures to prevent toxicosis during pregnancy should be long before conception of the child. The future mother should follow the following rules:

  • refrain from smoking and drinking alcohol-containing products;
  • do not expose the body to excessive physical exertion;
  • avoid strong emotional outbursts;
  • timely cure any disease. Including periodic therapy of chronic pathologies;
  • to revise the diet, enriching it with fresh fruits and vegetables, as well as products that are full of vitamins, minerals and nutrients;
  • To exclude or if possible to limit the impact on the body of harmful factors, for example, to change work if it is associated with harmful production.

During the entire period of pregnancy it is important to comply with all the recommendations of the doctor, do not deal with the independent elimination of toxicosis by taking medications or folk remedies.

And most importantly - a woman should remember that pregnancy is a happy period, because soon the birth of a long-awaited baby, and toxicosis - a temporary phenomenon, which will soon pass without a trace!


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