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Hemorrhoids suppositories are inexpensive and effective, features and types

A disease that is not widely spoken about, but the progressive symptoms of which complicate the life of a patient of any gender and age. It is about hemorrhoids - the expansion and inflammation of varicose-altered veins of the rectum.

This is a chronic pathology that, without proper treatment, progresses rapidly and leads to the development of severe complications. For treatment using systemic and local therapy. The basis of local treatment are rectal suppositories for hemorrhoids.

In this article we will analyze the main types, consider the action and compare prices.


Features of the use of candles

Candles for hemorrhoids are called rectal (from the Latin "rectum" - the rectum). This name directly indicates the application, i.e. they must be injected directly into the rectum through the anus.

Hemorrhoids suppositories are inexpensive and effective

The frequency of administration and the duration of treatment depends on the neglect of the problem, the desired effect and the composition of the drug.

But the method of administration is the same for everyone. Let us dwell on the main points that will once again be duplicated in the instructions for the drug:

  1. Wash hands with soap and water before using the candle.
  2. In contact with heat, they melt very quickly, so most of them are stored in the refrigerator. After opening the package, the candle should be immediately introduced into the rectum, and not turned in the hands.
  3. If the patient himself can not enter it, then a close person can help him by first wearing disposable gloves on his hands.
  4. It is more convenient to introduce a rectal suppositon in the prone position on the side or on the back.
  5. The patient must enter the drug for the muscular sphincter, about 2-3 cm from the anus (in children less).
  6. After insertion, remain in a lying position for 5-10 minutes.
  7. After that, wash your hands.

The staging procedure usually does not give the patient pain, in extreme cases, you can feel a little discomfort. With proper skill, these unpleasant feelings disappear, and the effect can be obtained after the first use.

You need to understand - rectal candles relieve symptoms and facilitate the course of hemorrhoids, but are not able to get rid of him for good.

Types and indications for use

The pharmaceutical market offers a large assortment of a variety of inexpensive and effective hemorrhoids. About each drug, you can find a lot of positive and negative customer reviews - all people are different, with individual characteristics of the body and the course of the disease.

We will look at the types of candles, give examples and find out under what conditions it is better to use them. The choice of a particular drug remains for the attending doctor who knows the history of the disease of his patient.

Rectal candles for hemorrhoids are divided according to the mechanism of action:

  • hemostatic;
  • anti-inflammatory;
  • antibacterial;
  • healing;
  • combined.

For the duration of the effect and composition:

  • short and long action;
  • single and multicomponent.

There are synthetic candles and homeopathic preparations from natural ingredients.

All these tools work almost the same: after hitting the rectal mucosa, the active components are quickly absorbed and act directly on the lesion.

Systemic effects are mild or none at all.

Cheap candles for hemorrhoids with bleeding

Cheap candles for hemorrhoids with bleeding If traces of blood appear on hemorrhoids in feces or on linen, treatment should be carried out immediately. What effective hemorrhoids for bleeding can be applied:

  • Candles with adrenaline. Adrenaline quickly constricts blood vessels and increases blood clotting. Contraindicated in patients with arterial hypertension in history.
  • Drugs based on methyluracil. Methyluracil is a substance that accelerates cell division processes and promotes tissue healing.
    Candles with sodium alginate (Natalcide). It is a natural polysaccharide with a hemostatic effect;
  • Preparations with bismuth, which has an astringent and drying effect (Anuzol, etc.);
  • Hemorrhoids Candles Relief with Phenylephrine or Zinc Sulfate - spasms blood vessels and helps stop bleeding;
  • Natural herbal remedies (chamomile, calendula, etc.) relieve inflammation and indirectly contribute to stopping bleeding, but they cannot stop it on their own.

If the patient does not have local means at hand, and the bleeding continues, you can attach ice or another cold object to the anus before the ambulance arrives to narrow the vessels.

What to use for inflammation?



Severe inflammatory process gives the patient a lot of pain, so you should pay attention to the drugs, which include local anesthetics, for example:

  • Relief Advance (shark liver oil + benzocaine anesthetic);
  • Proktosedil (hormone hydrocortisone + benzocaine anesthetic + other components);
  • Olestezin (sea buckthorn oil + benzocaine anesthetic).

Most anti-inflammatory suppositories are combined: it contains local hormones (hydrocortisone, etc.), nonsteroidal anti-inflammatory drugs, anesthetics, and natural healing components (oils, extracts, plant extracts).

If the patient decided to use all-natural preparations, then you can opt for inexpensive candles with sea buckthorn hemorrhoids or calendula. Effective candles based on propolis and other oils, for example, Gemo-Pro, Propolis DN and others.

With a strong inflammation, you will need candles with an antibacterial component, for example, Proktosedil M. It consists of a hormone, an anesthetic and Framycetin - a broad-spectrum antibiotic.

Candles for external hemorrhoids

Candles for external hemorrhoids In the treatment of external hemorrhoids, it is important to get rid of pain during an act of defecation. In such cases, the treatment of hemorrhoids with suppositories and ointments with anesthetic will be an effective and fairly inexpensive solution (Olestezin, Nigepan, etc.).

Use and candles with heparin (Gepazol, Nigean, etc.). Heparin is a substance that prevents blood from clotting, improving blood flow in the vessels.

Drugs on the basis of belladonna (Anuzol and others) are used in the treatment of external hemorrhoids. This substance has a healing effect and reduces inflammation.

Candles for internal hemorrhoids

Candles for internal hemorrhoids

Relief Ultra

In the treatment of internal hemorrhoids use a combination of candles, which can have several therapeutic effects.

  • Neo-Anuzole. Ingredients: bismuth, iodine, tannin, zinc, resorcinol, etc. It has anti-inflammatory, astringent, analgesic effect. The cost of 120-130 rubles *;
  • A group of candles Relief (ultra, advance). The composition may include anesthetic or zinc, as well as shark liver oil. Price ranges from 300 rubles *;
  • Proktosedil M. It contains a hormone, an antibiotic and two hemostatic agents. The cost is about 350 rubles *.

Candles for hemorrhoids during lactation

Most pregnant women develop initial manifestations of hemorrhoids. In some cases, the symptoms disappear on their own after childbirth, but more often they continue to disturb the patient during breastfeeding.

What can be used to not harm the baby:

  • Natural homeopathic candles based on chamomile and calendula.
  • Glycerin suppositories act gently and help at the first signs of hemorrhoids, have a laxative effect.
  • Ichthyol candles for hemorrhoids. Ichthyol is an antiseptic substance, which is obtained by distillation of resinous tree species. The tool is relatively safe and can be used during pregnancy (in the absence of individual contraindications).

The use of other drugs is coordinated with the attending doctor. A number of candles can be used from 2-3 trimester of pregnancy (Aurobin, Relief Ultra), while others are strictly prohibited during pregnancy and lactation (Proctosedil).

Local treatment of hemorrhoids with the help of candles and ointments has a good effect and is used as an independent therapy, and as part of a comprehensive treatment of hemorrhoids.

When choosing a specific drug, consider not only the price of the medicine, but also the degree of neglect of hemorrhoids, symptoms and the presence of contraindications for concomitant diseases.

* prices are given at the time of writing and may differ from those shown.

2016-06-26 08:13:46
I consider ichthyol suppositories to be the most effective in the early stage of hemorrhoids. They treat inflammation and relieve pain syndrome, after a month there is a noticeable improvement.

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