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Sumamed: instructions for the use of tablets (500 \ 250) and suspensions (200)

Sumamed is an antibacterial agent of a wide range of effects. Antibiotic-azalide, represents a new subgroup of macrolides, the main component of which is azithromycin. The drug is available in tablets, capsules and in powder (it must then be diluted with water).

Pharmacological properties

The effect of azithromycin is associated with the inhibition of the production of an important protein structure of the pathogenic microbe. The main "working" substance is interwoven with the 50S-polyribosome, as a result of which the peptidranslokase is suppressed at the stage of protein formation from the amino acid on the matrix RNA. This leads to inhibition of growth and development of the microbe.

Azithromycin shows activity against gram (+) bacteria (provided that there is no resistance to erythromycin) and gram (-) bacteria (aerobes), anaerobes and other microorganisms (chlamydia, mycoplasmas, borrelia).


Sumamed - what helps?

Sumamed 250

Infectious pathologies caused by susceptible to azithromycin microbes:

  • Inflammation of the upper pathways of the respiratory system and organs of otolaryngology (inflammation of the throat, tonsils, middle ear);
  • The defeat of the lower pathways of the respiratory system (inflammation of the bronchi and lungs);
  • Diseases of the stomach and the initial part of the small intestine caused by Helicobacter pylori (spiral-shaped gram (-) bacterium);
  • Infection of the dermis and subcutaneous tissue (adolescent pimples, impetigo, dermatosis);
  • Tick-borne borreliosis (primary symptomatology);
  • Urogenital infection in men and women caused by chlamydia ( urethritis , cervicitis ).

Before starting treatment, it is necessary to consult with your doctor. Based on the survey and diagnostic data, the doctor will tell you exactly whether Sumamed's application will help in this case.

Sumamed 500 and 250 - instruction for adults and children

Sumamed is a convenient antibiotic, because it should be taken not twice a day, but one. Many studies have confirmed that the drug is best absorbed into the gastrointestinal tract on an empty stomach, that is, the last meal should be at least a couple of hours ago (or 60 minutes before eating).

Adults and adolescents over the age of twelve years, with a body weight of 46 kg and above, are recommended Sumamed 500 mg in tablets or capsules.

Table of application and dosages of Sumamed.

Inflammation Adults and teenagers Children from 36 months to 12 years Babies from six months to 36 months
Infection of the organs of the otolaryngological system, the upper and lower paths of the respiratory system, as well as the skin and subcutaneous tissue. 500 mg once per 24 hours. The duration of therapy is three days. 250 mg once in 24 hours. The duration of therapy is three days. Dosage is calculated in accordance with the body weight (10 mg per 1 kg of body weight). The duration of therapy is three days.
Diseases of the stomach and the initial section of the small intestine, caused by a spiral-like gram (-) bacterium. In the period of treatment, parallel therapy is required, which reduces the secretion of the digestive system. 1 gram once per 24 hours. The duration of therapy is three days. 500 mg once per 24 hours. The duration of therapy is three days. 20 mg per 1 kg of body weight. The duration of therapy is three days.
Disease due to tick bite. 1 gram in the first day of treatment. From the second to the fifth - 500 mg. The duration of therapy is five days. 500 mg on the first day of treatment. From the second to the fifth - 250 mg. The duration of therapy is five days. 20 mg per 1 kg of body weight. From the second to the fifth - 10 mg per 1 kg of weight. The duration of therapy is five days.
Vulgar pimples, erysipelas, impetigo, dermatosis. 500 mg daily for three days. After this, 500 mg once every 168 hours (seven days) for two months. 250 mg daily for three days. After this, 250 mg once in 168 hours (seven days) for two months. 10 mg per 1 kg of body weight per day daily for three days. After this, the same dosage is once in 168 hours (seven days) for two months.
Genital infections caused by chlamydia. 1 gram per day (once). In case of complications, a regimen is recommended: 1 gram at the first, seventh and fourteenth day of treatment.

Patients suffering from a mild renal dysfunction, Sumamed dosage adjustment is not performed.

For the treatment of children, you can replace Sumamed tablets with 250 mg for an "adult" dosage of 500 mg, previously dividing the white plate into 2 equal parts (one part is taken as a child's dosage).

It is also important to remember that the drug is not an antipyretic agent, therefore, during the treatment with Sumamed, the temperature can last for several more days.

Sumamed: suspension for children, instructions for use

Sumamed: suspension for children, instructions for use

Antimicrobial drug Sumamed 200 mg 5 ml (suspension) is given to babies who have reached the age of six months. Since the child due to the age of the pill or capsule can not fully use, then in this case it is recommended to take the medicine in a liquid form.

For parents there is a difficult task - to properly dilute the antibacterial drug.

The package contains a bottle filled with 17 grams of powder. Further it is necessary to add 12 ml of purified water (also water can be boiled in advance and wait until it is cold). The volume of the resulting suspension should be about 23 ml.

Before each intake, it is recommended that the liquid is shaken well, as sediment is allowed to form. After the baby has swallowed the medicine, he needs to give a small amount of water or tea.

Also in the package there is a special syringe to correctly measure the medicine. After the baby has received a therapeutic dose of the suspension, the syringe must be thoroughly rinsed under running water and then dried.

Shelf life of the obtained suspension (from the moment of opening the bottle) is 5 days.

Contra-indications of Sumamed

The medical device has some limitations, under which treatment is not allowed.

Contraindications to the application of Sumamed:

  • Violation of the normal functioning of the liver and urinary system;
  • Parallel treatment with ergotamine and dihydroergotamine;
  • Individual sensitivity to antibacterial drugs that belong to the macrolide group;
  • Fetal bearing and lactation feeding period.


When taking an excessive dose of the drug at the same time, intoxication can occur: nausea, vomiting, diarrhea. Also there is dizziness, loss of consciousness, lethargy and weakness.

If these symptoms occur, you should induce vomiting, rinse your stomach and seek medical help immediately.

special instructions

  • Sumamed is not injected into the vein and into the muscle!
  • The missed dose of a medical device must be taken as soon as possible; after that the subsequent reception is possible in 24 hours.
  • Sumamed is stored in a dry and dark place, the recommended temperature is 15-25 degrees. The shelf life of tablets and capsules is 24 months, and the powder for preparing the syrup (not opened) is 36 months.
Nina Artemyeva
2018-01-20 09:46:07
my husband once treated Sumatom prostatitis, then it was considered the strongest antibiotic. he was helped even without additional medications, smartprost and other things that are now accepted by everyone to write out. and time has passed - and this anti-boy was treated by children. It seems to me, to what such attitude or relation, what for children such strong preparations

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