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Dry eczema on the hands and feet: symptoms and treatment methods

What it is? Dry eczema is a skin lesion, characterized by increased dryness and development of cracks, wounds and crusts.

It is one of the varieties of dermatosis, which has a chronic course with occasional exacerbations, mainly during the cold season. Dry eczema occurs equally often in women and men, the pathological process most often affects the skin of the legs and hands, fingers.


The causes of dry eczema

Pathology is considered a polyethological disease. The causes of dry eczema are unknown to medicine, but there are a number of studies that make it possible to clearly trace the relationship between pathology and certain conditions of the body.

Dry eczema of fingers, photo

Dry eczema of fingers, photo

Causes inside the body:

  1. Hereditary predisposition to dermatitis. Dry eczema is inherited.
  2. Diseases of the liver and gastrointestinal tract.
  3. Allergic diseases.
  4. Weakened immunity against a background of viral or bacterial infection.
  5. Constant stress.

The reasons for the external nature:

  1. The most common cause is dry air. That is why the exacerbations of the disease occur in the winter time, when in air the air has the lowest percentage of moisture.
  2. Irritant effect of chemical compounds contained in household chemicals, cosmetics.
  3. Work with harmful substances in the workplace.

Typical symptoms with dry eczema, photo

dry eczema, photo

dry eczema, photo

The severity of symptoms directly depends on the severity of the disease. At the beginning of its development, dry eczema on the hands is manifested by increased dryness and a feeling of tightness.

Patients note that the skin has become rough, rough. All wrinkles and depressions on the skin become very pronounced.

The changes cause a lot of inconvenience. Dry eczema at this stage causes very severe itching, burning and tingling sensations. Itching is so pronounced that it interferes with sleeping and working, causing mental disorders.

In the future, inflammation joins. On the skin appear red spots of incomprehensible shape, which can merge, forming bizarre outlines.

Later on the skin begins to form cracks that permeate the surface of the hands in the form of thin long strips. Physicians compare this state with chapped porcelain.

This is the most painful period of the disease. Cracks on the hands, with dry eczema, cause severe pain, and getting the infection in them further exacerbates the disease.

On the legs, everything is the same, only the disease develops at a slower rate. This is due to a thicker layer of skin.

Diagnosis of the disease

Pathology does not require complex diagnostic procedures. The doctor correctly diagnoses on the basis of examination and characteristic complaints of the patient.

The only exception is when eczema occurs under the mask of other ailments, has atypical signs or symptoms is covered by the addition of another pathology. For example, when dry eczema of the fingers goes together with allergic dermatitis or fungal infection of the skin.

In such cases it is necessary to take a sample for histological examination. The doctor under the microscope will see the pathognomonic sign - epidermal spongiosis or swelling of the layers of the epidermis.

Between the cells of the skin there is an excess of fluid, skin and subcutaneous tissue with signs of inflammation.

Treatment of dry eczema on the hands and feet

In the initial stage, the treatment of dry eczema on the hands and fingers is reduced to the use of moisturizing creams and ointments. During this period, it is necessary to carry out the skin of the hands with a mild soap that does not dry out the skin. You can apply emo.

Emollients are special fat-like substances that stay in the stratum corneum. They provide moisture and prevent evaporation of moisture.

Presented in pharmacies in the form of creams, ointments, soap substitutes and bath preparations.

Treatment of dry eczema on the hands and feet

Drugs for the treatment of dry eczema developed a lot. Basically, these are local medicines: creams, ointments.

Ointments for dry eczema:

Быстро снимают неприятные симптомы и заживляют сухую кожу мази, в составе которых находятся кортикостероиды. 1) Quickly remove unpleasant symptoms and heal dry skin ointments, which contain corticosteroids.

However, long-term use of hormone-containing ointments can lead to unpleasant consequences: atrophy of the skin, attachment of fungal flora, etc. to such drugs include: Advantan, Lokoid.

При появлении трещин и корочек врач назначит мази с более высоким содержанием глюкокортикостероидов. 2) With the appearance of cracks and crusts, the doctor will prescribe ointments with a higher content of glucocorticosteroids. For example, Dermovayt, Sinalar and others.

Присоединение воспаления, вызванного микроорганизмами ,требует назначения мазей, содержащих антибиотики. 3) Attachment of inflammation caused by microorganisms requires the administration of ointments containing antibiotics.

При выявлении грибковой флоры врач дополнительно пропишет противомикозные мази. 4) If a fungal flora is detected, the doctor will additionally prescribe antimycotic ointments.

Treatment of dry eczema on the legs is carried out according to the same principles. Almost always with hormonal ointments antifungal preparations are appointed.

Ointment Dermovayte

Ointment Dermovayte

Fungal diseases in the region of the feet and interdigital spaces often occur with damage to the skin.

If the patient is worried about intolerable itching, it is advisable to prescribe antihistamines.

Completely cure this disease is impossible. The task of the doctor and the patient is to extend remissions, which, if properly applied, can last for months and years.


Prevention of dry eczema, creams and ointments The main preventive actions are to eliminate contact with allergens and soften, moisturize the skin.

  • Try not to contact with household chemicals and other irritants for the skin. Wear protective gloves during household work.
  • Do not hold hands for a long time in water.
  • To keep health indicators under control, to treat bacterial and viral infections in a timely manner.
  • Strengthen immunity.
  • Always use moisturizers. It is desirable, that creams had the raised fat content, contained in itself such components, as Vaseline, lactic acid or urea.
  • Wash the body to exercise with soft means, whenever possible go to emo-lovers.
  • To prevent dry eczema on the feet, you should regularly lubricate the skin of your feet with moisturizing creams, wear shoes and socks only from natural materials and strictly in size.
  • Correctly to eat, having excluded allergenic products.
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In any hand cream for exacerbation I add a drop of vitamin A. Quickly prprhodit.

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