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How many calories a day does a woman need?

The basis of the vital activity of the human body is nutrition. When you receive and assimilate food, energy is released, which is then spent on maintaining the functions of all organs and systems.

Energy is expended even when a person sleeps, because the heart and other organs continue to work properly. On the basis of what food and in what proportions we use, depends on efficiency, body weight, appearance, activity and even emotional background.

Each product has its own energy value, measured in kcal. One kilocalorie is 1000 calories. The calculation of the energy value is carried out for every 100 grams of food eaten. The general rule that dieticians adhere to is that the energy expenditure should be equal to its arrival.

Excess calories lead to the replenishment of the fat depot and weight gain, respectively, a lack of energy provokes the consumption of stocks and weight reduction.


How many calories should I consume a woman a day?

How many calories a day a woman needs

The daily caloric intake for a woman is slightly lower than for men. This is due to various physiological processes occurring in the male and female body, as well as physical activity of the weak and stronger sex.

The average indicator of the daily energy value of the diet of women according to WHO is 2000 kcal. With age, metabolism slows down and the body needs less food, so the caloric content of the diet of a young lady and an elderly lady who have the same height and weight varies considerably.

To make a diet taking into account the characteristics of your body, and also in accordance with existing chronic diseases, experts recommend that you turn to a professional dietician. An experienced doctor will help you to choose the necessary set of products, advise culinary methods of their processing and optimal diet.

Agree that a 40-year-old woman who has gastritis with high acidity is unlikely to use a fruit diet with a predominance of citrus fruit, which can afford a young beauty. A young athlete who consumes calories on the simulators several times a day is contraindicated in low-carbohydrate or protein-free diet, designed to reduce the body weight of middle-aged women.

The rate of calorie intake per day for women

Scientists have developed a variety of formulas for calculating the caloric content of the diet, taking into account biometric indicators, age, type of activity and activity, to some extent the accuracy of the results.

The average rule is - every hour the body spends 1 kcal on maintaining life. That is, multiplying the body weight by 24 hours and is the average indicator of the required energy value of incoming food.

For example, a person weighing 75 kg should consume 1,800 kcal. However, to obtain more accurate indicators, not only gender, age, weight, age, but also the nature of human activities are taken into account. In order not to go into the complexity of calculating the various formulas (by the way, the main ones are: Formula Mifflin-Sen Zheora, Harris-Benedict formula, WHO formula (World Health Organization), Formula Ketch-McArdle), we will give average recommendations for caloric intake for women depending on lifestyle:

Feminine women should adhere to the following figures of the daily caloric content of the menu:

  • age from 18 to 25 years - 2000 kcal;
  • 26-45 years - 1800 kcal;
  • after 45 years - 1600 kcal.

Women of average activity require higher rates:

  • 18-25 years old - 2200 kcal;
  • 26-45 years - 2000 calories;
  • 45 and above - 1800 kcal.

Active ladies are recommended to make a diet based on the following data:

  • 18-25 years old - 2400 kcal;
  • 26-45 years old - 2,200 kcal;
  • after 45 years - 2000 kcal.

Or use a simple table of calorie intake rates for women.

Table of calories for women by weight and age
Weight height 18-35 years old 36-55 after 55
45 kg 1760 1570 1430
50 kg 1860 1660 1500
55 kg 1950 1760 1550
60 kg 2050 1860 1600
65 kg 2150 1960 1630
70 kg 2250 2050 1660
75 kg 2400 2150 1720

How many calories a day a woman needs to lose weight?

How many calories a day a woman needs to lose weight

No matter how weight loss techniques existed, the most effective and was the diet, based on the reduction in caloric intake. If you spend more energy every day than it does from the outside, then weight loss is inevitable - you can not deceive nature.

According to experienced dieticians, a safe and harmonious weight loss will ensure a reduction in the standard calorie by 200-500 kcal. That is, an active woman at the age of 33 should make a menu for 1700-2000 kcal, and a fifty-year-old housewife - 1200-1400kcal.

Some nutrition systems recommend losing weight to reduce the diet to 1200-1500 calories, regardless of the nature of the activity. This caloric content is suitable only for women, leading a sedentary lifestyle (office workers, home-workers, seamstresses, writers, etc.).

A sharp drop in the energy input for ladies engaged in sports and leading a healthy way of life is unacceptable, since it can provoke significant disruptions in the work of the body.

High physical activity against a low calorie diet can slow down metabolism, lead to a malfunction of the menstrual cycle, disrupt the work of the heart and blood vessels, reduce immunity.

Doctors do not recommend reducing the energy value of the menu below the mark of 1200 kcal. A less caloric daily diet, observed over a long period of time (more than a week), is not able to provide the female body with the necessary energy for basic functions and can cause disruption in the work of the cardiovascular, hormonal, endocrine, immune systems.

Categorically it is contraindicated to reduce the caloric content of the daily ration to women bearing the fetus.

At the initial stages of pregnancy, the energy value of the menu should be about 2500 kcal, and in the last trimester - about 3200 kcal. Hormonal restructuring and the provision of the fetus with all the necessary nutritional elements must be carried out at the expense of a full and varied diet.

Adherence to the principles of healthy eating will help a woman feel young and desirable at any age. Competently compiled diet, taking into account the calorie content of the products used and the physiological characteristics of the female body - the path to health and longevity. Beauty to you and grace at any age!


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