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A cone in the groin of the women on the right / left, what to do?

What it is? A cone in the groin is a bulging seal, quite mobile, sometimes painful or asymptomatic.

The appearance of such a condensation signals that in the body there are any inflammatory processes that require immediate diagnosis and treatment. Cones in the groin in women appear more often than in men, due to the peculiarities of the structure of the reproductive system.


The causes of cones in the groin

The causes of cones in the groin

Seals and protrusions in the groin area in women can occur for various reasons, the most common of which are:

  • Inflammation of lymph nodes - can occur against the background of infectious and inflammatory diseases of the urogenital system;
  • Hernia - in this case, the protrusion can be easily re-applied by pressing the finger, but with straining, tension or load, the formation can come out again. If a woman has a high risk of infringement of hernial protrusion, the doctor decides the question of surgical intervention;
  • Inflammation of the duct of the sweat or sebaceous gland - in this case, along with compaction in the groin in the patients there is an increase in body temperature, weakness, chills, symptoms of general intoxication;
  • Inflammation of the bartholin gland - in this case, protrusion occurs on the eve of the vagina from the right or left side and represents a painful hyperemic seal, which is unbearably painful at any touch. A few days on the surface of the compaction formed abscess;
  • Oncological neoplasm.

A cone in the groin near the woman on the right

A cone in the groin near the woman on the right

The appearance of a seal or protrusion on the right may be due to a number of reasons:

  • Inflammation of the hair follicle on the right side;
  • Inflammation of the sweat gland;
  • Inflammation of the sebaceous gland;
  • Varicose veins on the right side.

A cone in the groin of a woman on the left

A cone in the groin of a woman on the left A cone in the groin on the left may occur for the same reasons as on the right, only the pathological process in this case will proceed from the opposite side.

Inflammatory processes of the sebaceous and sweat glands, the hair follicles in the groin are accompanied by pain in the site of localization of the focus, redness of the skin, local and sometimes general increase in temperature.

As the inflammatory process progresses, the head of the ulcer appears on the top of the cone, and after its opening all symptoms of the disease decrease and disappear.

Treatment of cones in the groin

Many patients are interested in the question: what kind of doctor should be treated when cones appear in the groin? If nothing else bothers you, you should see the therapist, if the lump in the groin hurts, and the skin over it is edematous and hyperemic - you need to consult a surgeon.

With the appearance of such formations, a woman is forbidden to engage in self-medication. In no case can you warm up the seal or try to squeeze it out.

Bulging can be one of the first symptoms of a malignant process in the body, so early diagnosis and adequate treatment can help prevent tumor progression and reduce the likelihood of metastasis.

At the reception the specialist conducts a primary examination of the inguinal zone, palpates neoplasms, collects an anamnesis of life and illness, issues directions for examination. Sometimes to determine the nature and nature of cones (especially when suppuration) requires puncture. The received contents are sent for further study to the laboratory.

Depending on the causes of the formation of seals and protrusion, it depends how to treat the lump in the groin:

  1. In inflammatory processes, antibiotics and immunomodulators are prescribed, the disease that provokes cones formation is necessarily treated;
  2. With a hernial protrusion, the patient is assigned a surgeon's consultation, where the doctor will decide whether surgery is necessary or just wearing a special bandage and performing physical exercises that strengthen the muscles of the groin;
  3. With varicose veins of the hip and pelvis, women are prescribed drugs that promote better circulation of blood through blood vessels, antiplatelet agents and vitamins. It is advisable to wear special compression underwear and reduce physical exertion;
  4. When detecting cancer cells, the patient is prescribed a course of chemotherapy or radiation treatment. In some cases, for example, with rapid progression of the tumor, surgery is performed.

Cones in the groin in women with pregnancy

During pregnancy as the uterus grows and the fetus grows, the blood vessels of the small pelvis become squeezed, which can lead to varicose veins of the lower extremities and perineum. As a result of the development of stagnant processes in the veins through the skin in the inguinal zone, nodular protrusions and small cones can appear.

When palpation, these seals are painless and quite mobile, but if the enlarged veins develop an inflammatory process ( thrombophlebitis ), the cones in the groin are sharply painful and cause discomfort at the slightest movement.

Another cause of the formation of seals in the groin in a pregnant woman can be a blockage of sweat or sebaceous glands and their further inflammation. With the onset of pregnancy, the glands of the expectant mother produce more secretions, as a result of which the body can not always cope with the load - this is fraught with obstruction of the ducts and the development of the inflammatory process.

As the load on the ligamentous and muscular apparatus of the pelvis of the pregnant woman increases, the lump can form cones, which are hernial protrusions, in the groin.

In this situation, the doctor will recommend a future mother wearing a special bandage, limiting physical activity and sudden movements. As a rule, the hernia of the groin during pregnancy is operated only in the event that it has been pinched, in all other situations, surgical intervention is performed after the birth.

To determine the cause of cones in the groin area in a pregnant woman can only be a doctor, depending on it, and appropriate treatment will be prescribed. Ignoring your condition and self-medication can harm the development of the baby in the uterus.


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