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Rice diet for weight loss and body cleansing

There are many proven methods of weight loss. One of the options to quickly get rid of excess fat or activate the process of burning accumulated lipids is to follow a rice diet. The nutritional system described below is quite effective and belongs to the category of strict or strict diets.

It is recommended to resort to this method in case your weight is stuck in place (or accelerates upwards) and no efforts give the desired result.

  • And, of course, it is worthwhile to sit on such a severe food restriction only if you have no contraindications for health reasons.


Rice cleansing

Rice diet to cleanse the body of toxins

Rice diet for weight loss for 7 days is a productive way to improve your health and improve your appearance. According to reviews of persons who have undergone this course of purification, an extraordinary lightness appears in the body, the integuments are freed from rashes, problems associated with allergic reactions of the body go away.

If all recommendations are followed, the result in the form of getting rid of a few kilograms, as well as the removal of salts, slags, poisons and decomposition products is guaranteed.

Compliance with the rice diet to lose weight and cleanse the body of toxins for some people is a real feat, because the monotonous menu is difficult to sustain, especially if you have to regularly prepare food for the household. If you doubt your patience, perseverance, and strength of will, then it is better to refuse 3 or 7-day feats. Start with traditional fasting days on rice, held every 7-10 days.

For patients suffering from rheumatism and joint problems, a rice diet will be very useful for cleansing the body of salts. In just one week, water-salt metabolism normalizes, and with the urine, excess fluid from the tissues and accumulated salts are removed.

The porous structure of rice grains leads to the fact that porridge cooked without salt literally absorbs slag compounds, and then the process of natural evacuation with feces occurs.

The benefits of a rice diet

Rice diet for slimming and cleansing the body of toxins, carcinogens, metabolites, toxic compounds rightly occupies one of the leading and honorable places among the various techniques. Fasting days on rice are popular (alternating rice and protein days are most effective).

But an impressive result can be achieved by observing the rice diet for three (an easy option for those who have problems with the intestines and the gastrointestinal tract) or seven days (a difficult option for healthy individuals who have great will power).

Low-calorie monoration brings undoubted benefits to the body. The composition of rice contains complex, slowly digestible carbohydrates, providing our body with the necessary amount of energy for life. And protein compounds in the grains of the culture, namely 8 essential amino acids, contribute to the maintenance of muscle tissue.

Experienced nutritionists recommend using brown or brown rice as the main diet product. It contains a large number of dietary fibers that activate intestinal peristalsis and remove metabolites. In white polished rice, the amount of fiber is minimal, only about 3%, and the beneficial phytonutrients are significantly less than in unprocessed cereal.

Rice diet for weight loss for 3 and 7 days (menu)

Rice diet for weight loss for 3 and 7 days

At the time of treatment and preventive nutrition imposed taboos on salt, sugar, all types of fat. To obtain an impressive result, it is not recommended to disturb the diet by adding any products at our discretion.

The daily dose of rice is prepared as follows: 4-5 tablespoons of grains are poured from the evening with a glass of water, and in the morning they are boiled until ready. The resulting porridge is divided into 4-5 receptions.

During the week, you should eat only rice porridge, adding to the diet only allowed drinks, naturally, without sugar, honey and other sweeteners. Sugar substitutes are undesirable, as they contain components hazardous to health.

Lightweight version of the rice diet for three days:

  • Breakfast: a portion of boiled rice (porridge).
  • Snack: green apple.
  • Lunch: porridge.
  • Tea time: green apple.
  • Dinner: porridge.

After at least an hour after each meal, it is permissible to drink a glass of freshly squeezed orange or apple juice, as well as green classic tea, hibiscus tea or a drink from chicory root.

A rice diet with tomato juice for weight loss is slightly easier, during which a person is cleared of accumulated metabolic products and loses those extra pounds. For three days, the possibility of losing up to 3 kg is possible, which is convenient before a responsible event or an important meeting.

Express diet provides for the use of brown rice (at the rate of 4-5 tablespoons of dry grains per day) and tomato juice without salt (3-4 glasses).

Additional recommendations on the diet (3 and 7-day diet)

Do not forget throughout the course to observe the drinking regime, consuming at least 2 liters of spring, thawed or well water. It is a sufficient amount of fluid that will allow the body to get rid of salts and toxins with urine.

In addition to water, it is useful to introduce tonic, energizing and providing the body with vitamins, mineral salts, bioactive compounds in the diet: Paraguayan mate tea, dogrose infusion, lemon balm, mint, ginger root tea, chicory drink, green tea, carcade (Sudanese rose) .

During the period of unloading, it is desirable to reduce physical activity, replacing the usual workout hiking.

Restriction in the diet leads to a possible deficiency of biologically active substances, so take care of taking the vitamin-mineral complex, selected on the recommendation of the doctor watching you, taking into account the available individual characteristics.

Contraindications rice diet

  • The rice diet should be abandoned to patients who are prone to constipation, because everyone knows the anchoring properties of this product.
  • In no case can not use the express diet for carrying the fetus and lactating women, as well as persons under 16 years of age.
  • Patients with unstable blood glucose and all those with chronic gastrointestinal diseases, before a radical change in the menu requires the mandatory consultation of the doctor.

If the following symptoms appear: weakness, pain in the area of ​​epigastria, dizziness, reduced cognitive functions of the brain, nausea, loss of performance, it is recommended to give up restrictions and switch to a usual diet, and also to be checked by a gastroenterologist, endocrinologist, therapist and neuropathologist.


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