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Causes of pain under the left scapula behind from the back, diagnosis and treatment

The pains under the left scapula behind from the back are not a rare phenomenon and they can be caused by various causes - awkward sharp movements that cause muscle stretching, or a sudden change in the position of the body.

But, if they are regular and lasting, of a different nature and intensity - this is the true evidence of various pathological processes in the scapular bone itself or in the internal organs lying in its projection.


5 reasons for pain under the left scapula

5 reasons for pain under the left scapula

From the point of view of the anatomy of the body, the manifestation of pain under the left scapula on the left side is due to several major groups of causative factors.

  1. Musculoskeletal pathology.
  2. Diseases of a cardiological nature.
  3. Disturbances in the bronchopulmonary system.
  4. Functional changes in the system of the gastrointestinal tract and spleen.
  5. Pathological processes in the scapular bone itself.

Consider the points.

Locomotor disorders

The most frequent cause of subscapular pain is osteochondrosis. With this disease, the cartilage and bone tissue are destroyed in various parts of the spine.

Inflammatory reactions cause tissue swelling at the base of the spinal roots of the nerve fibers, which causes them to be squeezed. Develops osteochondrosis of the thoracic or cervical spine, accompanied by sharp, acute or dull pains under the left scapula.

The development of degenerative changes in the cervical vertebrae caused by their displacement, formation of osteophytes and hernial protrusion of the discs leads to the formation of edema and violation of cerebral venous circulation.

The pain syndrome develops in the occipital area, reflecting the numb pain under the left scapula. The intensity of pain symptoms usually manifests in the morning. Various neck movements increase pain. Hands numb, dizziness occurs.

Among the vertebral pathologies that cause pain under the left scapula behind the back, an important role is played by degenerative processes that create conditions for the development of radicular syndrome:

  • vertebral hernia formations;
  • intervertebral protrusions;
  • deformation of the vertebrae by osteophytes (bone spines);
  • displacement of the facet joints (intervertebral);
  • prolapse of the pulpous nucleus.

From the place of localization of the process depends the manifestation of various signs:

  • cutaneous paresthesia (mild sensitivity);
  • pains under the left scapula behind from the back, giving in the arm;
  • involuntary contraction of the muscles of the fingers;
  • proximal muscle weakness in the arms, or complete atrophy.

In this section, you can add a systemic disease (spondylitis), causing damage to connective tissues throughout the body. Basically, the discs between the vertebrae of the thoracic region are affected.

The contributing factor is the development of spinal dysplasia with subsequent splicing of the discs. As a result, severe pain occurs when inhaled under the left scapula.

A similar symptomatology is noted in myositis (inflammatory reactions in the muscle massif of the back). Movement or complete breathing increases the pain syndrome.

Cardiological pathologies

Cardiac pathology - causes of pain under the left scapula Among the reasons for the development of these manifestations, cardiac pathologies occupy the second most important place. They are manifested by sudden contracting, sharp and burning pains under the left scapula in the region of the heart.

Provoke them can - anginal disease (lack of admission to the heart of blood, nutrients and oxygen), excessive stress and stress. The pain that arises behind the stern bone radiates into the subscapular zone, embracing the jaw and arm pain in the left side of the body.

Accompanied by shortness of breath and panic (fear of death).

If within 10-15 minutes, stopping the drugs with nitroglycerin did not work and the duration of the attack for more than half an hour, this is no longer about angina pectoris, but the full development of the infarction.

In some cases, cardinal pain may not be. Only the burning, tingling and numbness of the hand are felt in the left subscapular area.

A very dangerous condition, in which subscapular pain is noted - a diffuse stratification of the wall of the thoracic aorta (aneurysm), which forms two channels of blood flow. Initially localized in the chest pain syndrome gradually migrates to the left zone of the scapula and descends to the waist.

The danger is a real possibility of rupture of this largest artery and the formation of an internal hemorrhage, often ending lethally. Hypotension (a sharp decrease in blood pressure) is the first symptom of pathology.

Promotes the formation of pain syndrome:

  • focal or diffuse inflammatory processes in the cardiac muscle (myocarditis);
  • inflammatory reactions in the connective tissue hearth (pericarditis);
  • microbial inflammation of the inner lining of the heart (endocarditis).

Bronchopulmonary pathology

In many cases, the subscapular left-sided pain behind the back is the result of bronchitis, sore throat, pharyngitis, tonsillitis or ARVI, when they are complicated by bacterial left-sided pneumonia.

Particular attention should be paid to the inflammatory processes in the pleura, when they develop due to pneumonia. Left-sided pain symptoms, with pleurisy, may be a harbinger of a heart attack or development of tuberculous processes in the thoracic lymph nodes and lungs.

Inflammatory reactions in the lung tissue sometimes lead to its melting forming purulent-necrotic cavities. The death of purulent tissues is accompanied by:

  • painful symptoms and wheezing in the chest;
  • shortness of breath and fever;
  • profuse sweating and chills;
  • cough, weight loss and pain during inspiration under the left scapula.

Functional changes in the organs of the digestive tract

It is important to know that one of the symptoms of dangerous gastrointestinal diseases is left-sided subscapular pain. It manifests itself as a result of:

прободения язвы желудка, расположенной в верхнем его отделе. 1) perforation of the stomach ulcer located in the upper part of the stomach. Symptom is supplemented by fever, strong muscular tension of the abdomen, vomiting, and sharp burning pain.

Асептических воспалительных реакций в поджелудочной железе. 2) Aseptic inflammatory reactions in the pancreas. The disease is life-threatening, caused by the development of necrosis and dystrophy of the gland.

To the left-side subscapular pain symptoms are attached subcostal and epigastric pain, multiple vomiting and flatulence, dyspepsia and fever.

Травм селезенки с последующим двухмоментным разрывом органа. 3) Injury of the spleen followed by a two-stage organ rupture. The process is characterized by rupture of the parenchyma of the spleen, without compromising the integrity of its capsule. As a result, bleeding does not occur immediately, since blood accumulates in the capsular space.

Only the manifestation of dull pains under the left scapula or under the ribs, indicate a dangerous problem. Excessive accumulation of blood under the capsule provokes its rupture and intense bleeding.

All these conditions are the right indicator for immediate surgical intervention.

Shoulder-scapular injuries

The pathological processes in the shoulder-and-shoulder joint are almost always accompanied by pain under the left scapula when the arm is raised. This symptom is due to soreness of the musculoskeletal system.

It is his chronic overstrain that gives an acute, burning or aching pain symptomatology.

Provoke a symptom:

  • bone blade trauma;
  • closed injuries of the elbow and nerve;
  • gunshot wounds;
  • Bursitis (inflammation of the synovial membrane of the shoulder joint);
  • tuberculosis and tumor neoplasms.

What kind of doctor should I consult for pain under the left scapula?

To which doctor to apply The systematic manifestation of the pain syndrome under the left scapula, especially without any obvious signs, requires examination and identification of the true causes.

A visit to a traumatologist will help to determine the further direction in the treatment and the choice of a specialist doctor - a traumatologist-orthopedist, cardiologist, pulmonologist, gastroenterologist or surgeon. The help of a masseur, physiotherapist or doctor of manual therapy is not excluded.


Diagnostic tests are conducted in accordance with the preset diagnosis.

Can consist of:

  • Radiography of the peritoneum and spine in the thoracic department ( MRI and CT, if necessary);
  • ultrasound examination of the digestive tract;
  • ultrasound and electrocardiography of the heart;
  • fibrogastroduodenoscopy;
  • complete metabolic research package.

The appearance of pain syndromes helps to conduct differential diagnosis of vertebrogenic and cardiological pathologies.

The characteristic of the painful symptomatology is its periodicity and connection with changes in the position of the body, physical loads and medication.

Treatment of pain under the left scapula behind from the back

Treatment of pain under the left scapula behind from the back

There is no single protocol for treating left-sided subscapular pain. Therapeutic tactics depend on the genesis of the disease. If the pain symptom is associated with violations of musculoskeletal functions, without taking into account somatic injuries (injuries), the treatment includes:

  1. Peace. Sometimes a full rest relieves the consequences of muscle strain, restores their functions and relieves pain.
  2. Medicamental therapy is used in the presence of inflammatory pathologies. Non-steroidal anti-inflammatory drugs, such as Movalis, Voltaren or Cerebrex, are prescribed.
  3. Antidepressants , with chronic pain.
  4. Muscle spasms are removed by muscle relaxants . The safest drug for today is "Midokalm". A more effective result is achieved when applied in combination with non-steroidal drugs, analgesics, massage, physiotherapy and exercise therapy.
  5. The appointment of manual therapy sessions helps to remove muscle blocks, reduce pain and improve joint mobility.
  6. Acupuncture - restores nerve conduction, reduces pain syndrome.
  7. Massage techniques help to relieve muscle spasms, improve blood circulation and general condition.

With bronchopulmonary, cardiological and gastrointestinal pathologies, an individual treatment program is selected with the selection of vitamin and drug therapy - antibiotics, anti-inflammatory and analgesics.

Patients with signs of heart attack and angina are hospitalized. When diagnosing an aneurysm and severe gastrointestinal pathology, surgical treatment is used.


Prevention of pain consists in measures to prevent them.

Directed by:

  • on the formation of a way of life without bad habits;
  • on a balanced diet;
  • the ability to correctly distribute rest and loads;
  • timely detection and treatment of infectious diseases;
  • observance of psychoemotional balance.

The basis of prevention is regular consultative medical examinations, which will help to correct the pathological violations in time.

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