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Pilates for beginners at home, lessons and videos

Modern life is filled with high speeds and technologies, stresses, malnutrition and lack of sleep. All this gradually leads to excess weight, problems with the spine and so on.

To put in order the body will help exercise one of the areas of fitness - Pilates, which can be performed at home.


Pilates - what is it?

Pilates is a specially developed system that combines breathing and exercise. Its founder is Joseph Pilates, who developed the system, mainly to strengthen the spine. Exercises gently stretch and strengthen all the muscle groups of our body.

Pilates for Beginners

The main feature of pilates exercises are smooth and natural movements. And thanks to high concentration, the whole body is worked through, where repeated repetitions are not required. In addition to this, the benefits of Pilates training are:

  1. Exercises can be performed even by a person far from sports.
  2. Low probability of injury.
  3. Concentration on the movement will teach you how to feel your muscles and the body as a whole.
  4. Having learned the right breath, the flow of oxygen into the body increases, which speeds up the metabolic processes.

Home Pilates is even prescribed to people who have sustained a trauma or a prolonged illness for the fastest and most qualitative recovery.

Pilates for weight loss

Pilates for weight loss

Ideal option for beginners will be holding the first classes in the fitness club for mastering the technique and understanding the essence of this system under the guidance of an experienced instructor. In extreme cases, you can buy videos - lessons of pilates for weight loss in Russian.


Having decided to master this type of fitness, it is necessary to follow certain rules for the best possible performance:

  • An important point during training is breathing. Breathing is carried out with maximum opening of the ribs and full exhalation of the collected air;
  • Constant control of the body position - the shoulders are pulled back, closing the shoulder blades. The muscles of the abdomen and back are in a state of tension all the time, creating a skeleton. The look is directed forward. When working on the floor, the waist should be firmly pressed against the surface;
  • It is important to feel comfort during any exercise. The discomforting state indicates an incorrect technique.

To train the body through a set of pilates for weight loss at home, no simulators are needed - only a mat for the ground floor.

If desired, to increase the load, you can purchase a special ring for Pilates, which helps to better work the muscles of the hands and feet. It is represented by an elastic oval made of steel (diameter 40 cm) with grips for the limbs.

This simulator is widely used not only in Pilates, but also in other types of fitness. Exercises with its application a large number, here is one of them, for example:

  • Standing on the floor with legs on the width of the shoulders, raise your hands with the ring to the level of the chest with elbows dilated to the sides. Compress hands, fixing the position and relax.
  • I.P. the same, but hands with a ring are located above the head - just squeeze and relax.
  • I.P. too, but his hands behind his back below.

Each exercise is repeated 5 to 15 times, depending on the level of physical fitness.

Pilates for beginners at home

Pilates for beginners at home

Now we turn to the practical lessons of Pilates for beginners at home. The first exercise is described a little higher and went on ..!

Упражнением под названием «сотня» задействуются мышцы рук, ног и живота: 2) An exercise called a "hundred" involves the muscles of the hands, legs and abdomen:

  • Lie on your back with arms outstretched along the body.
  • Pull the legs to the chest (lift off the floor) with the shoulder blades hanging above the surface.
  • Legs straighten, and hands in a fast pace to slap on the floor by springing movements.

It is necessary to perform up to 100 strokes in the approach.

С помощью упражнения «баланс» прорабатываются мышцы живота: 3) With the help of the exercise "balance" the muscles of the abdomen are worked out:

  • Sit on the floor, pulling your knees to your chest and rounding your back.
  • Tear off the feet from the surface and balance on the buttocks, without slipping to the back and legs.

Hold on like this in each of 7 sets of 10 seconds.

Растягивающим упражнением ног отлично тренируется широчайшая мышца спины, ягодицы и пресс: 4) The stretching exercises of the legs are well trained by the widest muscle of the back, buttocks and the press:

  • Lying on his back with elongated and straight legs, bend one leg, clasping his hands and pulling to his chest.
  • The blades are torn off the floor, and the waist is pressed. Straighten the leg up (angle 30 degrees), delaying for 10 seconds.

Then do the same with the other leg.

Еще одним растягивающим упражнением вытягивается позвоночник и близлежащие мышцы. 5) Another stretching exercise stretches the spine and nearby muscles. At the same time, the hips, buttocks and press work:

  • Lie on your back, bending your legs and clasping them with your hands in the ankles.
  • On exhalation, straighten your legs (45 degrees), and stretch your arms out to the side.
  • Return to IP, with the hands to describe the circle along the floor.

Run 10 repetitions.

Движением «угол» осуществляется качественная растяжка мышц спины с активной проработкой ягодиц, бедер и живота: 6) Movement "angle" is a qualitative stretching of the muscles of the back with an active study of the buttocks, hips and abdomen:

  • Lie on your back with legs brought to the body (angle of 45 degrees to the surface). Hands straight behind the head.
  • Tearing off the upper part of the body from the floor, reach out with your hands to your feet, keeping the balance.
  • Returning to IP, slowly and smoothly unwinding the body.

For this exercise, 4 repetitions are enough.

«Сед у стены» задействует спину и бедра: 7) "Sed by the wall" involves the back and hips:

  • Press your back against the wall with your legs slightly forward.
  • Slowly sit down to the right angle with your legs and stretching your arms forward.

Return to I.P. and perform the exercise 5 times.

Мышцы ног и проблемные зоны бедер с включением в работу пресса и спины, прорабатываются в следующем упражнении: 8) Muscles of the legs and problem areas of the hips with the inclusion of the press and back in work, are worked out in the following exercise:

  • Lie on your side with a straight back, emphasis on the elbow, head in the palm of your hand. The upper arm tightly rests against the surface.
  • Straight legs are forwarded with the maximum lifting of the upper and its return to the IP.

It is important to keep the case fixed, repeating up to 8 times, then change the side.

В упражнении «мост на плечах» активно работают мышцы живота, спины, ягодиц и ног: 9) In the exercise "bridge on the shoulders" actively working muscles of the abdomen, back, buttocks and legs:

  • Lie on your back with arms outstretched along the body and feet, standing on the floor in a bent form.
  • Straining the muscles of the buttocks, raise the pelvis from the floor, fixing the position.
  • Raise one leg while holding the pelvis up.

Return to I.P. and repeat the exercise 5 times per foot.

This is only a small part of the movements of the pilates system, performed by the house itself, strengthening the main muscle groups, the spine, joints and charging with energy and self-confidence.

Regular lessons at home or in the fitness club Pilates will help to solve the problem with excess weight, rejuvenate the entire body and charge positive feelings and emotions. And if in addition to adjust the diet, moving to a healthy and natural food, eliminating harmful products, the result is simply amazing!

Pilates Video Lessons for Beginners

Detailed video lessons of pilates at home, with translation into Russian, are ideal for beginners or just wishing to get acquainted with this type of training.


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