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Parasites in the human body - infection, symptoms, diagnosis and treatment

The unconscious problem of humanity is the parasites living in it.

Statistical studies show that the highest mortality among the population is among patients with vascular and cardiac pathologies.

At the next stage are cancer patients, and patients with cerebral hemorrhage. Diseases of parasitic genesis are at the last step of the hierarchy. But tracing the development of the pathologies listed above showed a clear representation of the final stage of this link.


The development of parasitic diseases

Parasites in humans

Statistics, but already WHO data, confirms - 85% of all diseases, this is the pernicious effect of parasites living in the human body, or a consequence of their metabolism. They occupy the digestive tract, important systems and human organs. They are found in the brain, pulmonary structures, in the heart and kidneys, in the parenchyma of the liver and subcutaneous layer. The representatives of this class have a “life credo” - to stay on their master as long as possible.

As a result, in the process of evolution, they developed a unique fastening system - tenacious, grasping paws, an extremely strong apparatus of the mouth, and specific organs of the fascia (hooks, suckers).

Each parasitic individual productive organs have the highest level of development. For example - a curved head worm (hookworm) can lay over 20 thousand eggs a day, a roundworm of the roundworm family - 200 thousand, and one individual of a chain up to 5 million eggs.

The presence of many of them in a person for a long time (sometimes years) can go unnoticed, provoking a course of various acute and chronic diseases. Representatives of roundworms are able to:

  • provoke the development of broncho-pulmonary diseases;
  • infect the liver and pancreas;
  • localize in the urogenital system, sinuses of the forehead, ear, tear ducts and the nasal canal;
  • cause skin allergies and asthma.
After the autopsy, a 6-meter tapeworm was found in a person

After the autopsy, a 6-meter tapeworm was found in a person

The presence of Giardia causes weakening throughout the body and problems with digestion. Worm parasites provoke:

  • development of inflammatory articular pathologies;
  • pathological changes of the joints;
  • bone and skeletal muscle damage;
  • cystitis, prostatitis and gynecological diseases.

This is only a small fraction of the harm of a certain type of parasite. It is proved that obese people worms just love. A representative that has penetrated into the body, upon seeing a wide field of activity, will necessarily invite relatives ”, as a result of which:

  1. The body will lack the necessary amount of vitamin and nutrients.
  2. Increases the likelihood of frequent lesions of colds.
  3. Anticancer protection is weakened.
  4. Mechanical and reflex functions are impaired.

Ways of infection of adults and children

infestation of children by parasites

The ways of invasion are various and very diverse because the larvae of worms at rest are able to live in any environment. It does not have to be contaminated hands. Most likely to infect pets.

They can be carriers of several parasitic species. For example, when breathing, the dog is able to dispel the infection by 5 meters in the area, by three meters - cats. Ascaris eggs get into human organs through dirty hands and can be spread by insects.

In medical circles, there is a reworked famous quote that very accurately defines the essence of the problem - “tell me what you eat, and I will tell who eats you.”

In every joke there is some truth, because parasite infestation often occurs due to inadequate processing of meat or improper cooking of home lard, which adds trichinella to our flora. Violation of technologies for salting fish products, caviar or fish glutton, awards us with liver trematodes or tape ribbons.

Contaminated soil and open water bodies can be attributed to the active invasive form, through contact with which penetration of helminth larvae into the mucous layers or human skin occurs.

Dust, water, and man-made mixtures (alcohol, phenol, dish detergents), which are the catalysts of the metabolic cycle, to speed up and reproduction of many parasitic species serve as a contributing factor to infection.

In addition, infection is prenatal and in the process of childbirth, when the woman has helminths. A child can be affected all the mucous surfaces in the body, and the skin is affected. Before reaching half a year, the baby's infection process covers the entire body. What is manifested:

  • exhaustion;
  • pancreatic problems;
  • causes type 2 diabetes ;
  • tumor processes and other pathologies.

Symptoms of parasites in humans

Symptoms of parasites in humans

Parasitic development can develop in all tissue structures and organs of the body, because the symptoms of parasites in the human body are quite diverse and depend on the localization of the pest. The most densely worming colonized the digestive system. The causative agents of teniarinhoz (bovine and swine), diphyllobothriasis (tapeworm) and ascariasis are localized in the upper zone of the small intestine.

Just below its third part are tapeworms. The habitat of the claw is the large intestine, and the bile hepatic passages and ducts were chosen by the worm opisthorchiasis. Pinworm halo habitat - the entire lumen of the colon and the lower segment of the small intestine.

The individual distribution of living space, according to the most comfortable conditions for each individual, provides everyone with an excellent opportunity for survival. This explains the discovery of several parasitic species in the body of one person. Some signs of parasites in the human body are manifested:

  • adenomatous formations;
  • painful periods and painful urination;
  • inflammatory reactions in the ovaries and adrenal glands;
  • hepatitis and dermatitis.

Symptoms of the presence of parasites in the human body are similar to many signs of various diseases, which delays the timely diagnosis.

symptoms of parasites in a child

symptoms of parasites in a child photo

15 symptoms of parasites in the body

Затрудненной или редкой дефекацией – как следствие обильного скопления глистов, перекрывающих просвет кишечника. 1) Difficult or rarely defecation - as a result of the abundant accumulation of worms that block the intestinal lumen.

Диареей – как результат секреции гормоноподобных фермионов протозойными паразитами, вызывающими дисбаланс хлорида и водянистый стул. 2) Diarrhea - as a result of the secretion of hormone-like fermions by protozoal parasites, causing an imbalance of chloride and watery stools.

Метеоризмом – следствие воспалительных реакций под действием гельминтов, вызывающих газообразование и вздутие кишечника. 3) Meteorism - a consequence of inflammatory reactions under the action of worms that cause flatulence and flatulence.

Гастрокишечным синдромом, обусловленным несостоятельностью полного усваивания ланолина (жира) в результате воспалительных реакций в кишечных оболочках, спровоцированных глистами. 4) The gastrointestinal syndrome caused by the failure of the full absorption of lanolin (fat) as a result of inflammatory reactions in the intestinal membranes, provoked by worms.

Болями в суставах и скелетных мышцах – следствие оседание паразитов в синовии и мышечной ткани, травмирования ими суставных тканей, либо вследствие реакции иммунитета на само паразитарное присутствие. 5) Pain in the joints and skeletal muscles - a consequence of the settling of parasites in the synovium and muscle tissue, injury to the articular tissues, or due to the immune response to the very parasitic presence.

Проявлением аллергии – как следствие повышенной секреции организмом белков (иммуноглобулина Ig E), в виде ответной реакции. 6) The manifestation of allergies - as a result of increased secretion of proteins by the body (immunoglobulin Ig E), as a response.

Проблемной кожей – экземами и язвами, сыпью, крапивницей и дерматитами, опухолевыми процессами. 7) Problem skin - eczema and ulcers, rash, urticaria and dermatitis, tumor processes.

Анемией – вследствие большой локализации трихомонад или подобных гельминтов, питающихся форменными элементами крови, вызывающих большую кровопотерю и дисбаланс железа. 8) Anemia - due to the large localization of Trichomonas or similar helminths that feed on the uniform elements of the blood, causing great blood loss and iron imbalance.

Образованием гранулем в системе пищеварения, в брюшине и маточной полости, в тканях легких и паренхиме печени. 9) Formation of granulomas in the digestive system, in the peritoneum and uterine cavity, in the tissues of the lungs and in the liver parenchyma.

Повышенной возбудимостью – вследствие раздражения ЦНС токсическими веществами гельминтов. 10) Increased excitability - due to irritation of the central nervous system with the toxic substances of helminths.

Ночной бессонницей – из-за зудящей симптоматики, вызванной выходящими в анальный проход гельминтами. 11) Nighttime insomnia - due to itchy symptoms caused by worms going into the anal passage.

Бруксизмом – зубным скрежетом, как следствие реакции ЦНС на раздражающий фактор – глисты. 12) Bruxism - tooth gnashing, as a result of the reaction of the central nervous system to the irritant factor - worms.

Симптомы паразитов в организме человека способны проявляться синдромом хронической усталости, вызванной недостатком холина, белков и витамин, нарушением их всасывания. 13) Symptoms of parasites in the human body can manifest themselves as a syndrome of chronic fatigue caused by a lack of choline, proteins and vitamin, a violation of their absorption.

Несостоятельностью иммунных функций, приводящих к ожирению или чрезмерному голоду, развитию анорексии, заболеванию сердца и злокачественных патологий. 14) The failure of immune functions leading to obesity or excessive hunger, the development of anorexia, heart disease and malignant pathologies.

Онкологическими патологиями – следствие поражения спинномозговой структуры глистами и трихомонадами. 15) Oncological pathologies - a consequence of the defeat of the spinal structure of worms and Trichomonas.

It is possible to assume a possible invasion also by external signs of a person. As a rule, he has a rough pimply, or seborrheic skin. It can be covered with eels, spots and freckles. Early wrinkles, baldness, papilloma growths, deep heel cracks, detachment and brittleness of the nail plates are noted.

Details: symptoms of worms in humans - we check for worms.

New direction in diagnostics

diagnosis of parasites Until 1988, the detection of parasitic invasion was carried out, mainly by standard methods of diagnosis - strip fingerprints of the anal course or general clinical analyzes, which allow to identify parasites, mainly in the intestinal tract. Parasitic localization in the main organs, was often found after the fact during operations, or was ascertained after opening the patient.

A successful case helped solve this problem. American doctor of natural medicine X Clark, fascinated by the study of his body, opened up completely unexpected diagnostic and therapeutic opportunities in parasitology.

She designed the device, dramatically expanding the electromagnetic range of various natural elements - a synchrometer. Its frequency radiation is capable of displaying biological and endogenous toxins, microbial flora, drugs, tumor cells and much more.

This marked the beginning of CR diagnosis (frequency resonance) and therapy of CR in medicine. Investigating herself, first of all, Hilda discovered many surprises in her own body - perfectly adjacent microbial, viral and parasitic representatives, the identification of which would not have been possible in any other way. And after testing many of his friends, he brought them to a state of shock, demonstrating the results.

Thousands of tests of Dr. X Clark confirmed that more than 88% of all chronic diseases are a consequence of parasitic and endoxinic effects. What is the basis of human diseases, is ignorant attitude to itself, attracting parasitic representatives in the body.

So, today bioresonance diagnostics is the most effective method for determining and treating, with the symptoms of parasites in the human body.

Modern parasite treatment - Bioresonance therapy

Bioresonance therapy is the most effective means of treating a person from various parasitic forms, regardless of the place of localization and at any stages of their development. Does not cause negative effects on the patient.

Bioresonance therapy, photo

The principle of the method is due to the electromagnetic effect of the device, the field and frequency of which are tuned to a specific parasite. If it is detected, the resonant response in the form of an amplified signal goes to the instrument's screen. There is a change in indicators in the active biological zones, which fixes the device.

To suppress the vital activity of any parasitic forms, it is not at all necessary to poison the body with antibiotics or antihistamines, moreover, for many, far from safe.

Having determined the frequency of parasitic metabolic activity, electromagnetic oscillations are directed to the places of their localization. At the same time, the individual rhythm of helminths is destroyed, the vital functions are suppressed.

The impact of frequency therapy leads to the blocking of the worming fermentation system, disruption of cellular respiration and the metabolic process.

This significantly reduces the toxic and disease-causing properties. Decrease in biochemical properties causes disturbances in all life processes of helminths. Now it is an easy and accessible target for phagocytosis, which leads to the death of the parasite.

For medicinal treatment of parasites, see the description of a specific type of disease .

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