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Oat bran for weight loss, benefit and harm

The popularity of bran cereals and fiber is growing every day. An increasing number of people supplement their usual diet with these healthy products for health and longevity.

The outer part of the cereals is the endometrium with the aleurone layer, which contains the entire set of trace elements for nourishing plant germs. That is why bran - a storehouse of protein compounds, vitamins and mineral salts.

Most often, fans of a healthy lifestyle opt for oat bran - shells of whole grains, removed during industrial processing (cleaning).

Oat bran - the benefits and harm

Oat bran - the benefits and harm

Regular consumption of oat and other cereal bran regulates the digestive processes, reduces the level of high-density cholesterol in the blood, cleanses the body of decay products and pathogenic microorganisms, reduces overweight. The benefits and harms of oat bran in recent years have been the subject of close study by nutritionists around the world.

The main advantage of this dietary product is a high concentration of fiber or so-called dietary fiber. Scientifically proven beneficial effects of dietary fiber on the work of the digestive system, in general, and the intestine, in particular.

It is difficult to overestimate the effect of the state of the intestines on the human body. Not everyone knows that about 80% of immune cells are located in this organ. The ability of the intestine to evacuate processed food and metabolic products in a timely manner depends on the state of the body, well-being, and the performance of all organs and systems.

Fiber fibers - a natural sorbent, they eliminate the accumulation of fecal masses, clean the intestinal wall from slag, activate the organ peristalsis. Swollen in a liquid medium, oat bran sucks in itself excess fat, as well as all toxic compounds and remove them from the feces in the unprocessed form.

Sufficient doses of fiber in the diet provide prevention of oncology of the digestive organs, preventing long-term contact of the mucous membrane with toxins and carcinogens. By preventing the accumulation of metabolites, the development of processes of decay and fermentation, oat bran contribute to the creation of optimal conditions for the development of beneficial microflora and prevent the occurrence of dysbacteriosis.

In addition, oat bran - an excellent source of vitamins (groups B, E, K, choline) and trace elements (calcium, magnesium, zinc, selenium and other salts of minerals). The energy value of oat bran, that is, their caloric content, is kcal / 100 g, and the protein content is 17 g per 100 g of product.

Oat bran is useful for diabetics (they do not allow carbohydrates supplied with food to be quickly absorbed), patients with cardiovascular pathologies (lowering blood cholesterol - treating atherosclerosis and preventing heart attack / stroke), people with frequent constipation, obesity, diseases of the gastrointestinal tract.

Harm from eating oatmeal can only be obtained by exceeding the dosage recommended by doctors, which is up to 30 grams per day (about three tablespoons).

Excessive fiber infatuation not only does not enhance the processes of purification and weight loss, but can also provoke serious violations in the work of the digestive tract.

How to take oat bran for weight loss?

Daily dosage 30 grams of dietary fiber. That is, you should eat from one to three tablespoons, complementing the bran with the main meals.

Add a tablespoon of bran to your morning porridge. Ideally, oat fiber is combined with fermented milk products, especially enriched with probiotics - acidophilic and lactic acid bacteria. This combination is a unique product for improving the intestinal microflora and getting rid of dysbacteriosis and constipation.

Which oat bran is better?

Buy oat bran is not a problem. Most often, packaging with a dietary product can be found in the pharmacy chain, as well as in the departments of stores reserved for diabetics. Oats bran from various manufacturers are sold in online stores and health food markets.

To use only high-quality fiber, you should know the basic principles of choice:

  • if there is an opportunity to compare several different products, then the choice should be stopped on those that are the least powdery to the touch (the remaining parts of the grains themselves are visible with the naked eye and there is an excess of starch in the product);
  • pay attention to the aroma of bran and their appearance - the quality product has a delicate beige shade, and the smell is almost absent (even the smallest hint of the flavor of mold is a reason to refuse to buy and use);
  • read carefully the composition on the packaging - manufacturers who care about reputation always indicate the content of carbohydrates, proteins and other substances in bran;
  • sometimes finely ground bran is commercially available - the product obtained by grinding the shells of the grain itself (such flour is convenient for baking, has a normal appearance, but contains almost no starchy substances).

Oat bran in the Dukan diet

The use of oat bran for weight loss has become widespread in recent decades, especially in the framework of modern diets, for example, the protein nutrition system according to Pierre Ducan.

Oat bran for weight loss and the Dukan diet is an inseparable pair. According to reviews of experienced nutritionists, by daily inclusion in the diet of an ideal source of dietary fiber - processed from the shells of oats powder - the deficit of fiber, artificially created by the rejection of certain products, is replenished.

The question of how to take oat bran for weight loss worries the majority of people seeking harmony. The recommendations of nutritionists, fans of the Dukan diet, say that the use of bran is a necessary element of nutrition at all four stages (attack, alternation, consolidation and stabilization).

Dosage - 1.5 Art. spoon on the "attack" and 2 tbsp. spoons on the rest of the system power stages.

The easiest method of saturating the body with valuable dietary fibers in the Dukan's diet is bran porridge, which is prepared as follows: the product is soaked in liquid for a few hours - whole milk and kefir (nonfat), drinking water. The resulting swelling mass is then used for food, adding to various dishes or using as an independent food.

For a comfortable weight loss there is a great variety of recipes for dietetic oat bran dishes, wholesome and highly nutritious. Most often, this product is used in home baking - bread, buns, tortillas, pizza, pita, etc.

If you have not yet entered bran in your menu, then it's time to improve the quality of nutrition and take care of your health. Add fiber to your favorite dishes, bake bread with it or buy ready-made baked goods with bran, and you will improve the condition of the body many times. Be healthy!


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