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Our site was created in order to acquaint the reader with the manifestations of various diseases, before they go to the doctor.

Materials on health and medicine, published on this site, comply with all principles of evidence-based medicine (evidence-based medicine), which is addressed to a wide circle of readers on the Internet.

The main objective of the project is familiarization and medical support, which does not replace the relationship between the attending physician and the patient.

All information presented on the site is information and reference and is not a guide to action or diagnosis. The treatment of any disease should be carried out only under the supervision of a physician and according to his recommendations. The site administration is not responsible for the actions of users and their use of information resource.

All text materials presented on the site are subject to copyright. Any copying (including partial) or distribution is allowed only with the permission of the Project Administration.

All articles on our site are written by practitioners who rely on basic knowledge, take into account their experience, use the latest information published in scientific medical journals.

We do not promote self-treatment, information on the site is for reference only, only a professional doctor should carry out treatment and diagnosis!

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