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Nemeth tongue (tip of tongue) - causes, diagnosis and treatment

Nemet language - what is it ??

Numbness of the tip of the tongue is not a very painful process, but in some cases dangerous. Prolonged or short, systematic or very rare, accompanied by other unpleasant sensations or observed as a single symptom - in any case, it is necessary to find out the cause and take action.

With the numbness of the tip of the tongue, according to statistical data, not less than 72% of humanity collided. In medicine, this process is called paresthesia and means loss of sensitivity of nerve endings (temporary or permanent). The tongue can dumb completely or only in the lateral areas, but most often the tip is deprived of sensitivity.

Nemet the tip of the tongue

Regardless of whether the tip of the tongue becomes numb because of a side reaction to the stimulus or as a result of the disease of a particular organ system, the symptoms of loss of sensitivity are practically the same:

  • There is a feeling of suppressed itching inside the lingual muscle;
  • Burning, the intensity of which can vary;
  • Tingle on the surface of the tongue;
  • Tingling, similar to sensations of numbness of limbs;
  • Feeling of cold on the mucous membrane.

A person feels one or more symptoms from this list. As a rule, during the next numbness the sensations will be exactly the same.


Nemet the tip of the language causes

Why does the tip of the tongue grow dumb, what does it mean, and whether it is worth treating negligently with what little things might seem, can only be understood by finding out the true cause.

Let's start with the cases when numbness of the tip of the tongue arises as a reaction to an external stimulus. This can happen in the following cases:

  • Long-term use of medicines.

If it is a question of not natural homeopathic tablets and syrups or about pharmacological preparations, the receiving patient may experience a feeling of numbness of the tongue. Of course, from the fact that you will drink this remedy, no such symptom is foreseen.

In addition, if by chance, you are speechless, you need to look for another reason. More reasonable is the loss of sensitivity after a course of taking antibiotics or other aggressive medicines on a chemical basis.

  • Local allergic reaction.

One of the most common reasons why the tongue or the tip of the tongue becomes numb is the response to an allergic reaction. But in this situation, a prerequisite is contact of the mucosa with an allergenic substance.

The cause may be unsuitable to you components of toothpaste, gums for gums, rinsers. Loss of sensitivity, in rare cases, is caused by dentures or braces (hypoallergenic only ceramic braces are considered).

Sometimes numbness of the tongue comes from cinnamon, which is part of the chewing gum.

  • Lack of micro- and macro elements.

All the processes of our body are built on the exchange of macro- and microelements. If any component in the blood does not reach, the usual processes may be lost. The mechanism of nerve sensitivity also implies the presence of certain trace elements.

If the body lacks iron and vitamin B12, the synapses are destroyed, and the process of impulse transmission is weakened.

Lack of iron and vitamin B12 is also often accompanied by anemia - this can be the reason why the tip of the tongue becomes dumb. If this is your case, then in addition to loss of sensitivity, you will see that the language has acquired a reddish tinge. Its surface is flat, without bends and pointlike hillocks.

Eliminate this problem can be, just adding to the diet bran and dried fruits. In severe cases, replacement therapy with iron and vitamin B12 (cyanocobalamin) preparations is required.

  • Smoking of tobacco products.

Tobacco can be different, but the most unpleasant consequences for a person begin after smoking cheap tobacco varieties. In this case, euphoria begins not only in the head, but also in the receptors of the tip of the tongue. If this happened during smoking, then you need to choose other cigarettes or hookah.

Speaking directly about the hookah, smoking "strong varieties" affects the sensitivity of the nerve endings of the body. After a few deep puffs, you can feel that your fingertips, tongue and feet are numb.

Do not allow the couple to sink below the mouth into the lungs; Pause between puffs and breathe fresh air when dizziness occurs. In case of repeated episodes, the danger of hookah on the body increases, so it is better to give up the habit.

It happens that a person has been smoking the same cigarettes for many years, but the tip of the tongue is numb only now. This may be caused by a change in the composition of cigarettes by the tobacco manufacturer. But the more frequent consequence is long-term smoking, and to get rid of the loss of sensitivity it is necessary not to smoke for several months, for the complete excretion of tobacco and its metabolites from the body.

  • Stress and depression.

Language can dull after you are very nervous. Possible loss of sensitivity, even after minor unrest, which lasted several days. Most likely, one more symptom is general fatigue and exhaustion.

The fact is that emotional overstrain is directly related to the nervous system. After emotional disruptions, the nervous tissue is overstrained, so the lack of its functional is often manifested by the numbness of the tip of the tongue, which has a rich innervation (a large number of nerve endings).

  • 6. Mechanical damage to the tongue.

The tongue or the tip of the tongue may be missing due to improperly performed dental procedures: tooth extraction, anesthesia, filling. More serious is that numbness, which appeared after the maxillofacial operation or trauma of the brain and spinal cord.

At what diseases the tip of the tongue can not dumb?

Nemet the tip of the language causes

In addition to instant reactions to the stimulus, loss of sensitivity of the tongue can also speak of serious acute or chronic diseases of the body. If you have a suspicion of one of them, you should not neglect the reference to a specialist.

  • Diabetes (of any type)

Diabetes has many symptoms and consequences, and loss of sensitivity of the tip of the tongue is one of them. This is due to the violation of metabolic processes: the mucosa of the oral cavity becomes thinner and becomes drier.

The patient feels that the tongue becomes numb, the head becomes heavy and "diffused". Check if you are sick if you have diabetes by giving an analysis of the amount of sugar in your blood.

However, at the present time, a more informative test is to determine the level of glycosylated hemoglobin. It reveals whether the glucose concentration has increased in the last 3 months.

  • Stroke

Pain in the head, heart, eyes, tinnitus - the classic symptoms of a stroke, but a person can write off everything for changes in weather or pressure jumps.

If the lips and the tip of the tongue are numb in this clinical picture, call an ambulance urgently: the sooner you are hospitalized, the easier and shorter will be the rehabilitation.

Especially dangerous is the microstroke, because the symptoms exist for a certain period of time, and then pass on their own. Therefore, a person does not seek medical help, but the pathological changes in blood vessels in the brain progress, further exacerbating the problem.

  • Disease of the cervical spine

In this situation, the patient's tongue grows numb, his head turns, nausea is observed, and there must be pain in the neck. If the static position is maintained, unpleasant sensations may not be present, but when the head turns or the corners of the body there are sharp, sometimes stitching pains.

Often the loss of sensitivity of the tongue in this case occurs after a dream or a long stay in an uncomfortable position.

Numbness of the tongue with cervical disease is due to the fact that nerves pass near the cervical vertebrae. If an outgrowth develops on one of the cervical vertebrae or it moves, the nerve impulses with difficulty reach the innervated organs located above the injured vertebra.

Problems with the neck until they become organic can not be dangerous, they can often be eliminated with the help of a daily set of exercises.

  • A brain tumor

A tumor in the brain can be both benign and malignant, but regardless of this, numbness of the tongue still appears. Loss of sensitivity is due to the fact that the neoplasm, mechanically presses on the nerve end or the center of the nerve pathways in the brain that go from the tongue and towards it.

The loss of sensitivity can spread to the tongue, the trigeminal nerve, the eyelids, i.e. on the skin and mucous membranes, located above the chin and the corresponding innervation of the nerve.

A characteristic symptom of the tumor in the brain is the patient's fading (it lasts several seconds), loss of consciousness or hallucinations. Pain in the head may not be observed if the localization of the tumor is close to the cortex and temporal lobes.

  • Cancer of the spinal cord

It is very rare for a spinal cord cancer to numb the tip of the tongue. As a rule, a malignant tumor and the presence of metastases are determined by more pronounced symptoms. To clarify the diagnosis, a CT scan is performed. X-ray examination is less informative.

  • Bell's paralysis.

The disease is not life threatening, but still unpleasant. With Bell's paralysis, a person feels the numbness of the whole face, the loss of the sensitivity of the tongue can become the first symptom. But a disease like Bell's paralysis often does not appear just like that. If there was no previous history of inflammation of the cardiovascular and nervous system, there is nothing to fear.

  • Hormonal changes in women

If a woman is 45-50 years old, and she first encountered the numbness of the tip of the tongue, then most likely, it is a matter of manopause. In this case, there is no health risk, just the hormonal background is changing. Against this background, the likelihood of various functional abnormalities in the work of the nervous system increases.

The same can be observed in women of reproductive age. It can talk about pregnancy, but its true symptom, of course, is not. In case of conception, the hormonal background also changes dramatically, and paresthesia may appear even before toxicosis.

  • Glossalgia

It is a disease of the oral cavity, the only symptom of which is numbness of the tip of the tongue ( glossitis ). Because of glossalgia, the mucous membranes and gums are affected, and the organs of speech formation also suffer.

Treatment - how to get rid of numbness of the tongue?

Before starting treatment, you need to find out whether you have one of the serious diseases presented above. If there are any suspicions, visit a cardiologist, an endocrinologist or a surgeon who, if necessary, will send you to an MRI , ultrasound and blood tests.

If the case in the prostheses you wear, you should talk with the dentist, he will advise the drugs to reduce the sensitivity to the material. It is also possible to replace unsuitable prostheses, since modern medicine offers 2-3 analogues to each material.

If you are sure that you are absolutely healthy, and numbness of the tip of the tongue arises as a reaction to the stimulus, then you can cope with this problem with folk remedies.

In the treatment of numbness of the tongue, rinse solutions are helpful:

  • On a rolled up warm water take a teaspoon of soda and 3 drops of iodine, rinse 3 times a day.
  • Take a spoonful of celandine and St. John's wort, pour a glass of boiling water and let it brew for 20-25 minutes. Rinse at least 2 times a day.
  • You can cook a decoction from the bark of oak, sage or chamomile. To do this, a tablespoon of dry herbs pour a glass of boiling water, and as soon as the solution reaches a comfortable temperature, rinse the mouth.
  • If solutions do not suit you, make an applique from sea buckthorn or peach oil. To do this, dab a cotton swab in the oil and attach to the tip of the tongue for 3-5 minutes.
Tatyana 21
2017-03-14 09:05:24
To me 21 year and at me the tip of tongue grows dumb 4 days, on the third day there were pains in the field of heart, veki serious, a headache not passing practically, what with me?
2017-03-15 16:46:36
Hello Tatiana! This question is extremely unclear. Judge for yourself: the fourth day the tip of the tongue grows numb. Anything, for example, "beheaded migraines". The tip of the tongue and lips become numb with hyperoxia and hyperventilation in neurotic subjects, if often and deeply breathe. Numbness of the tip of the tongue can be with some lesions of the cervical roots in osteochondrosis, with violations of the glossopharyngeal and trigeminal nerves. Next: On the third day there were pains in the heart area, well, but: for 4, for 3 days ... after what? After trauma, after a migraine attack, after the temperature rises? When talking about a headache, try to describe it: localization, character, where it gives and why, in your opinion, it appears, than it is removed, when it first appeared, and so on. Do not forget that when answering a question, I'm deprived of the opportunity to conduct an inspection, and even deprived of the opportunity to ask questions, so you need the most complete information. Additionally, in women it can be associated with menstruation, and with the use of tableted contraceptives.

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