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Nabotovy cyst of the uterus: causes, symptoms and treatment, consequences

One can imagine the grief of a woman who, at a gynecologist's reception, suddenly finds out about the discovery of a cervical cyst with a frighteningly incomprehensible name - nabotova. Fantasy can quickly draw scary pictures, sad prospects. But it is necessary to understand this, as the panic immediately retreats.


Nabot's cervical cysts - what is it?

The cervix has a narrow bottleneck configuration facing the vagina. Its lumen is so narrow that the walls of the neck are closed with each other. This anatomical structure protects the uterine cavity from infection from the outside. In the epithelium of the cervix are mucous glands, the secret of which fills the entire lumen, providing additional protection for the genital organ.

Nabotovy cyst of the uterus

The neck in Latin is called "cervix", and the internal glands, respectively, "endocervical." This unbearable name is usually replaced by another, on behalf of the doctor who first described them - the Nabots.

Sometimes the cervical excretory orifices become blocked and mucus accumulates in the cavity, giving them the appearance of round bubbles from 0.5 mm to 2 cm in size. There are retention nabotovy cysts. It is more correct to speak about the nabot gland cyst.

The blockage of the duct glands is due to inflammatory processes in the genital area. Causes of inflammation are divided into several groups:

  1. Trauma of the cervix during childbirth, abortion, instrumental examinations or the installation of intrauterine devices;
  2. Poor hygiene of the genitals;
  3. Violation of the microflora of the vagina and cervix due to frequent changes of sexual partners;
  4. Hormonal problems associated with the menstrual cycle.

It is also assumed that cysts can also be congenital.

Symptoms of nabotovyh cysts of the cervix

Specific signs in the presence of retention formations on the neck is not observed. They are detected during routine inspection, less often - with complaints of irregular menstruation, soreness and a feeling of heaviness in the lower abdomen or the inability to become pregnant.

  • But it is not proven that it is the small cysts that are responsible for these conditions.

During examination, the doctor visually detects, using a gynecological mirror, one or several roundish yellowish elements around the opening of the cervix and informs the patient about this.

Very small cysts are diagnosed under a microscope during a biopsy.

Differential diagnosis is carried out with oncological cervical cysts, which develop as secondary elements during the tumor process. It should be noted that true nabot cysts never turn into cancer.

At primary detection, to establish the nature, several diagnostic procedures are required:

  • Examination of the cervix with a high-precision optical colposcope;
  • Taking a smear to determine the microflora of the vagina and cervix;
  • Cytological smear to detect cancer cells;
  • A blood test to determine antibodies to the urogenital pathogenic flora;
  • Ultrasound of the pelvis.

If, based on the results of the performed diagnostics, it is concluded that there are small individual nabotovyh cysts of the cervix, then there is no special reason for excitement. Only with large size formations can undesirable consequences occur.

Possible negative consequences

When cysts reach sizes of several centimeters, they can block the lumen of the cervix, while:

  • prevent the flow of menstrual blood, causing pain during menstruation;
  • prevent the upward movement of sperm cells, making it impossible to initiate pregnancy.

There is a version that several cysts in the lumen of the cervix, on the contrary, can expand it - by creating conditions for premature birth or miscarriage.

Opening up during childbirth, cysts can cause infection of small wounds in the cervix mucous membrane.

In case of purulent infiltration of a retention cyst, it can support chronic inflammatory processes, creating preconditions for ectopic pregnancy and infertility.

However, there are no confirmations of these assumptions, although in the presence of such problems one has to take into account all possible factors in the development of pathology.

Treatment of nabot cysts of the cervix

Treatment of nabot cysts of the cervix

In case of accidental detection of small individual nabotovykh cysts, the doctor informs the patient and recommends regular observations twice a year.

In case of multiple small formations, the treatment of nabotovy cysts of the cervix is ​​most often performed by hormonal means prescribed by a gynecologist and endocrinologist.

Many doctors treat cysts as normal.

But if a large cervical cyst is found, should it be removed? Even in this case, it does not pose a threat to the body of a woman.

With a marked increase in size, the doctor may suggest removal in several safe ways:

  1. Surgical method - is to pierce and empty the cyst from the mucous contents, cauterizing its bottom with a coagulator or chemical preparations (alcohol);
  2. Diathermocoagulation cyst;
  3. Cryodestruction - treatment with liquid nitrogen;
  4. Galvanoacoustics;
  5. Radio wave therapy;
  6. Removal with a laser scalpel.

All of them are carried out on an outpatient basis. I must say bluntly - the difference in cost between the surgical and the four latest state-of-the-art methods will be tangible, and the effect is absolutely the same.

The first 2 weeks of the menocycle are considered the optimal time for cyst removal. If the intervention is carried out after childbirth, then it is better to wait for the complete disappearance of lochia - ichor secretions.

A week after the removal procedure, antibacterial, healing and pain relieving candles are prescribed for a few days according to indications. Sexual life and baths, saunas and long stays in a hot bath are not recommended for a month.

After medical supervision, all restrictions are removed.

Final conclusion

Nabot cysts are found, according to different sources, in 10-20% of women, without causing any health abnormalities.

They do not dictate restrictions on physical activity, a woman can safely go to the pool, bath and sauna, go to the sea and sunbathe, play sports and not limit sex life.

Nabot cysts of the cervix require treatment only for large sizes or if they are suspected of participating in pathological processes in the genital area.

Treatment of folk remedies nabotovyh cysts of the cervix does not exist. Any douches with infusions of anti-inflammatory herbs or soda are not harmful, but they do not lead to relief from the problem. To preserve the health of the woman requires regular visits to the gynecologist and additional monitoring using ultrasound.


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