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Thrush in women: causes, symptoms and treatment, drugs

Every second woman of reproductive age has to deal with vaginal candidiasis - a disease that is commonly called thrush in the common people.

Thrush is caused by yeast-like fungi of the genus Candida, which are present in a certain amount in the body of absolutely every healthy person (on the skin, mucous membranes). Normally, these fungi do not manifest themselves clinically, since their growth and reproduction are suppressed by other microorganisms (“beneficial” bacteria).

When any failure occurs in the body, the number of “beneficial” microorganisms is significantly reduced, resulting in favorable conditions for the reproduction and growth of yeast-like fungi and other pathological agents. The factors of the internal and external environment can adversely affect the "beneficial" bacteria and enhance the growth of pathogens.


Causes of thrush in women

Thrush in women: causes, symptoms and treatment

Thrush develops in a woman as a result of a sharp activation, growth and reproduction of candidal fungus. This may be due to several reasons:

  • Decrease in the general immunity against the background of frequent colds;
  • Pregnancy - the pH of the vagina with the onset of pregnancy changes, and all the defenses of the future mother's body are aimed at creating favorable developmental conditions for the fetus, therefore every second woman in thrush is in a position;
  • Antibiotic treatment - antibacterial drugs not only destroy the bacteria, but also significantly reduce the number of lactobacteria and bifidobacteria in the body, resulting in the growth of fungal flora;
  • Abuse of baking, fresh bread, chocolate, alcohol, cookies and cakes - these products increase the level of glucose in the blood and change the pH of the mucous membranes, which creates the prerequisites for the growth of the fungus;
  • Non-compliance with the rules of personal intimate hygiene, not frequent change of disposable sanitary pads during critical days;
  • Wearing underwear made of synthetic materials;
  • Douching the vagina - during this procedure, the physiological environment of the vagina is disturbed, it can lead to the multiplication of pathogenic bacteria, including fungi;
  • Frequent change of sexual partners - men can be carriers of a yeast-like fungus, while the disease itself is latent and does not bother;
  • Abuse of strong black coffee and spicy dishes - these products increase blood flow to the pelvic organs, which can cause increased reproduction of yeast-like fungus of the genus Candida.

Symptoms and signs of thrush

Guessing about the development of this disease in the fair sex is not difficult, the first symptoms of thrush in women are:

  1. Strengthening secretions from the genital tract with a characteristic smell of yogurt, which have the appearance of large white flakes resembling cottage cheese;
  2. Redness of the mucous membranes of the genital tract;
  3. Constant discomfort in the crotch area;
  4. Itching and burning when urinating;
  5. Pain and discomfort during sexual contact.

Concomitant signs of vaginal candidiasis in women are irritability, sleep disturbance, neurosis.

Treatment of thrush in women, drugs

Treatment of thrush in women

It is not difficult for a gynecologist to make a correct diagnosis in the development of thrush, it is enough just to ask about the symptoms and examine the patient on the chair. Bacterial seeding of secretions from the genital tract confirms the presence of candidiasis.

Modern pharmacy offers a huge selection of drugs for treating thrush in women who promise to help for 1-3 days - all sorts of ointments, creams, vaginal suppositories and tablets for injection into the vagina. As part of all these drugs, the antifungal agent nystatin or its analogues.

In order for the treatment to be effective, the treatment must undergo both sexual partners, otherwise the infection will be constantly transmitted to each other. During treatment, it is not recommended to have sex or use a condom.

Preparations for the treatment of thrush in women

In most cases, topical preparations are used to treat vaginal candidiasis:

  • Livarol suppositories for vaginal administration;
  • Diflucan vaginal suppositories ( instructions for use of Diflucan from thrush );
  • Pimafucin candles;
  • Nystatin tablets;
  • Clotrimazole Suppositories, vaginal cream and vaginal tablets;
  • Zalain suppository for vaginal administration;
  • Terzhinan (this tool is allowed for use by women during pregnancy for the treatment of thrush and preventive rehabilitation of the genital tract before childbirth);
  • Primafungin;
  • Macmiror suppositories.

The remedy for thrush should be selected together with the doctor, since all medicines have a number of their contraindications and restrictions.

How to treat chronic thrush in women?

Treatment of thrush in women, drugs Since candidal fungi are present in the body of absolutely every healthy person, it is impossible to completely get rid of them! That is, if a woman has a thrush at least once in her life, then she will definitely arise again. They say about chronic thrush, the clinical symptoms of the disease persist in a woman for more than 2-3 weeks, and over the past six months there have been more than 2 relapses of candidiasis.

The basic principle of treating chronic thrush in women is to strengthen the overall immunity and prevent factors that can trigger the activation of a yeast-like fungus. For this, women are assigned vitamin complexes, a diet with limited baking, flour products, chocolate, coffee, alcohol and spicy dishes, as well as, if necessary, immunomodulators.

During exacerbation of the disease, the patient can use antifungal drugs of local action. In addition, an effective folk remedy for the treatment of thrush in women is soda. The effect of this product is to change the pH of the vagina from acidic to alkaline, which is detrimental to fungi.

Soda is used as a solution for douching, for this, 1 teaspoon is dissolved in a glass of boiled water at room temperature and irrigation of the mucous membranes of the genital tract is carried out several times a day.

Despite the effectiveness of this method, it is still worthwhile to get involved in it, since, along with the destruction of fungi, the alkaline environment has a detrimental effect on lactic acid bacteria, which can lead to the addition of vaginal dysbiosis.

Preventive measures against thrush

In order to prevent the development of vaginal candidiasis, a woman should follow simple guidelines:

  • Lead a healthy lifestyle - eat fully, prevent the development of acute respiratory viral infections or treat them in a timely manner, strengthen the immune system in every possible way with physical exercises, hardening, vitamin complexes;
  • Do not resort to promiscuous sexual relations, and in the absence of a permanent sexual partner, always use a condom;
  • Wear underwear made from natural breathable fabrics;
  • Follow the rules of personal intimate hygiene, especially during menstruation;
  • Do not abuse coffee, alcohol, spicy dishes;
  • Take antibiotics only in extreme cases and strictly prescribed by a doctor!

Is it possible to have sex with thrush?

  • There are no strict contraindications, but it is better not to do this - a woman suffering from candidiasis can infect her partner, after which he will become the carrier of the disease and will regularly transmit the infection to her. In extreme cases, during thrush should use a condom.

Is it possible to cure thrush?

  • It is impossible and unnecessary to completely get rid of Candida fungi, but any woman can achieve a stable remission of thrush when following the above recommendations.

Can I get pregnant with thrush?

  • Thrush does not affect the woman's ability to conceive, but after the onset of pregnancy, the symptoms of the disease are greatly enhanced, since with the birth of a new life, the expectant mother has reduced immunity. The aggravation and aggravation of candidiasis will make a woman irritable and will significantly disturb the quality of life, therefore, pregnancy is best planned, being healthy. In addition, the birth of a child in the midst of thrush can adversely affect his health.

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