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Mycosis of the skin - what is it? Photos, symptoms and treatment, drugs

Skin mycosis is a fungal infection of the skin (see photo). The most common are several varieties:

  • Microsporia (in everyday life it is deprive);
  • Trichophytosis;
  • Candidiasis;
  • Pityriasis versicolor;
  • Mycosis of the feet and hands as an independent disease.


Skin mycosis disease - what is it?

Mycosis of the skin, photo

Mycosis of the skin, photo

Mycosis can be transmitted not only from humans, but also from animals - cats, dogs, rodents, cows, etc. Recently, the role of Candida skin lesion has increased significantly. There are several explanations for this:

  1. Massive use of antibiotics.
  2. Bad environmental situation.
  3. The use of corticosteroids for the treatment of autoimmune diseases.

In some cases, mycoses of the skin and nails occur with minimal clinical symptoms. Therefore, patients do not seek medical attention in a timely manner for help, which contributes to the transition of the disease to the chronic form. This creates significant difficulties for subsequent treatment.

When mycosis of the scalp in the pathological process involves not only the skin, but also the hair. The severity of involvement depends on the specific form of the disease.

Therefore, for the early diagnosis of mycosis of the skin, a person needs to regularly inspect his body, without waiting for the appearance of intense subjective manifestations (itching and burning).

Causes of skin mycosis

Causes of skin mycosis The causes of mycosis of the skin are mushrooms. In candidiasis, they are opportunistic. Candida resides permanently on human skin, but under certain conditions becomes the cause of the disease. In all other cases, mycosis is associated with pathogenic fungi.

Infection with mycosis occurs in different ways:

  • from patients suffering from the chronic form of the disease;
  • through household items;
  • upon contact with pets;
  • when visiting public baths and saunas;
  • when using common towels, etc.

The presence of human predisposing factors significantly increases the likelihood of the disease. These factors include:

  1. Cracks and abrasions on the skin.
  2. Dry skin.
  3. Insufficient drying of the body after taking a shower.
  4. Flatfoot.
  5. Narrow interdigital folds.
  6. Diabetes .

Symptoms and signs of mycosis of the skin, photo

mycosis of the skin on the face photo

mycosis of the skin on the face photo

The lesion of the skin with fungus in mycosis has its own specific symptoms, depending on the specific type of pathogen. However, there are common signs, the knowledge of which will help a person to suspect a fungal infection:

  • The lesion can be localized both on smooth skin (face, neck, chest, forearms) and on the scalp;
  • The centers have a round or oval shape;
  • The periphery is often determined by a bright red roller (see photo);
  • The color of spots from red and bluish to pink;
  • The rash often peel off.
photo of mycosis of the skin of the foot between the toes

photo of mycosis of the skin of the foot between the toes

The symptomatology of the mycosis of the skin of the feet and the mycosis of the skin of the hands is significantly different from the one discussed above, therefore we will stop on it separately. Most often interdigital folds are involved in the pathological process, but there may be inguinal, popliteal and others.

The main signs of the disease are:

  1. Peeling.
  2. Redness.
  3. The presence of bubbles, the opening of which is accompanied by severe pain.
  4. Intense itching, leading to scratching.
  5. Allergic rash on the lateral surfaces of the fingers.

Accurate diagnosis of this type of mycosis is performed using microscopic examination. It makes it possible to determine the spores of the fungus on the skin.

Skin mycosis treatment

Skin mycosis treatment

The main focus in the treatment of mycosis of the skin is antifungal therapy. Depending on the type of disease and the depth of the lesion, these drugs are prescribed locally or systemically. Often it is necessary to combine these methods with each other.

At the same time, keratolytic agents are required. They improve the process of skin renewal in the places of its defeat. The dermatologist is engaged in the selection of effective drugs, self-treatment only leads to a waste of time.

It should be remembered that the treatment of mycosis of the skin by folk remedies does not work, therefore, a specialist should be consulted if there is any suspicion of this disease.

Mycosis of the skin in children

The most frequent mycosis of the skin in children is microsporia. In the people this disease is called deprive. The causative agent is a fluffy microsporum. It is parasitic on the skin of pets that cause infection.

However, in 2% of cases, the disease can be transmitted from a sick child.

Infection by fungi occurs through close contact with animals or objects that have been seeded with spores. A common way to infect children is to play in the sandbox. In the sand microspores are stored for a long time, because they are very resistant to the environment (they can remain viable for up to 10 years).

Rashes on smooth skin with microsporia appear one week after infection. Their characteristic features are:

  1. Oval or round shape.
  2. Color is pink or red.
  3. The boundaries are clear.
  4. On the periphery of the rash there is a roller.
  5. Covered with crusts and bubbles.
  6. In the center to peel off.
  7. The size of the lesions from 1 to 2 cm.
  8. In 90% of cases, loose hair may be affected.

Treatment of mycosis in children depends on the involvement of the vellus hair in the pathological process. If they are intact (healthy), then only local antifungal agents are prescribed:

  • Alcohol iodine solution, which lubricates the skin in the lesions (morning)
  • Sulfur-salicylic ointment (in the evening)
  • Antifungal ointments and creams.

If hairs are also affected, then it is impossible to manage without Griseofulvin’s appointment. This antimicrobial agent is metabolized in the liver, so the whole period of treatment is carried out biochemical blood tests to monitor liver function, and a gentle diet is prescribed.

preparation Griseofulvin for mycosis of the skin

Preparation Griseofulvin from skin mycosis

Simultaneously with Griseofulvin, the child is smeared on the lesions with keratolytics (salicylic or benzoic acid). They exfoliate the infected areas of the epidermis and contribute to its renewal.

To assess the effectiveness of microsporia treatment, the doctor examines the child's skin with a fluorescent lamp. In addition, microscopic analyzes of scrapings from sites of injury can be carried out to identify fungi.

Analyzes are carried out several times:

  • After the disappearance of clinical manifestations;
  • 4 days after the first study, which gave a negative result;
  • 3 days after the previous study.

Microsporia is considered cured if:

  • There are no skin lesions;
  • There is no characteristic glow in fluorescent light;
  • Negative results with three-fold microscopic examination.

Not only treatment of mycosis of the skin with drugs contributes to recovery.

It is necessary to observe a number of important requirements:

  • Boiling bed and underwear for 15 minutes in a solution prepared on the basis of soap and soda (10 g of each substance).
  • Ironing clothes through wet gauze (it is recommended to repeat five times).

Mycoses Prevention

Prevention of skin mycoses is carried out in several directions:

  • Wearing only personal clothes (you can not use someone else's).
  • Wash hands after contact with pets.
  • Early detection of mycosis patients of people who are the source of infection.
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As the doctor said, in the sauna and swimming pool, the vast majority of people are caught in trichophytosis Lamisil has prescribed from her. But the most unpleasant thing is that all family members can also become infected, they also had to take micospray for the prevention, it is cheaper and the volume is large. Splashing now after washing the feet, the problem is one, and concerns the whole family.
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