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Black dot masks at home: effective recipes

Many people are aware of the difficulties associated with the care of problem skin. Acne, rashes, irritation, increased dryness or oiliness are just a few reasons to consult a beautician for treatment. However, in some cases, you can cope with the problem at home, for example, by applying face masks. These tools are an effective and convenient way to solve the problem of black points.


The healing properties of masks for the treatment of open comedones

The probability of the appearance of comedones in adolescence is much higher than in mature years, but it is not excluded even in this period. The appearance of black spots is observed mainly on oily and combination skin, since excess sebum predisposes to clogged pores.

Black dots on the nose

The main localization of open comedones is the so-called T-zone: chin, nose and forehead

Open comedones (black spots) are formed mainly due to improper skin care, the use of poor quality cosmetics or due to the appearance of hormonal imbalance during puberty, menopause, as well as during pregnancy. The accumulation of fat on the surface of the skin leads to blockage of the pores, while the fat over time undergoes oxidation processes and becomes black. Sometimes an infection can join these open comedones, which leads to the inflammatory process and the formation of scars on the skin.

Various cosmetic procedures will help reduce the number of black spots on the face, as well as prevent the formation of new ones:

  • mechanical cleaning;
  • vacuum cleaning;
  • laser cleaning, etc.

However, you can cope with the problem and at home, which will take much less time and money. The secret lies in the use of masks for the face, giving the following effect:

  • reduction of oily skin;
  • reduction in pore size;
  • increased skin tone;
  • increased elasticity;
  • deep pore cleaning;
  • reduction of inflammation sites.
    Applying a mask from black dots: before and after

    The main emphasis in solving the problem of black dots is on deep cleansing.

There are a huge number of cleansing masks, among which you can choose the right price, time of application, ease of use or effect.

On the consistency there are several types of masks:

  • scrub masks - have a smoothing and cleaning effect, removing dead particles and smoothing the skin;
  • gel - intensely moisturize, these masks are able to relieve inflammation, wash and tighten pores on the face;
  • gypsum (masks based on gypsum or clay) - able to normalize the metabolic processes in the skin, give it elasticity and rejuvenate it;
  • masks-films - during mechanical removal, they effectively clean the pores, because after applying the gel texture of the cosmetic product on the skin, it forms a film on the face;
  • tissue masks - designed for express skin care and represent a napkin soaked in skin-care serum that does not require rinsing.
    Tissue Mask

    Fabric masks of Japanese-Korean origin are considered the most effective, but this cosmetic tool can be made even with your own hands.

With open comedones on the face do not use cream masks - most of them contain ingredients that contribute to the contamination of pores (vegetable oils, lanolin, fatty alcohols).

General rules for the use of masks

In order that the effect of applying the mask does not turn out to be the opposite of what was expected, several rules must be observed when using these cosmetics.

Preparing the skin for applying the selected mask

Do not underestimate the stage of preparation of the skin, because it depends on the completeness of the effects of substances on problem areas. Thorough cleansing involves the complete removal of makeup, applied creams and just impurities, as they will impede the penetration of the mask into the deeper layers of the epidermis.

At the preparation stage, you can use the usual cosmetics to cleanse the skin:

  • milk;
  • lotion;
  • micellar water;
  • tonic and others

After that, you can make a face peeling or apply an exfoliating scrub to remove dead cells.

Facial cleansing with cosmetics

For dry skin of the face, if it does not have makeup, it is enough just to wash with warm water

When mechanically cleansing the skin from black points, the preliminary stage of preparation is the adoption of steam baths for the face; in the case of masks, this point is not necessary.

Mask accessories

Before preparing the mask, careful heat treatment of the dishes used is necessary: ​​bowls for mixing ingredients, spoons, measuring glasses and other things. When using household appliances (mixer, kettle, coffee grinder) should be prepared and for the prevention of infection of the skin, defenseless after peeling. For the same purpose, only fresh products, berries and fruits are used, without rot and mold areas.

Fruit Face Mask

Almost all natural masks are used one-time and are not stored until the next use.

After mixing the ingredients, the mask should be immediately applied to the face, you should not use the previously re-prepared means, since during storage it can multiply bacteria.

Applying the finished mask

After following the first two rules, you can start applying the mask on the face or on its problem areas. The tool can be applied with both hands and cosmetic blades or brushes designed for this.

It is considered correct to apply a mask along the massage lines starting from the chin (sometimes the mask is also used for the neck) and ending with the hair growth line.

Massage lines of the face and neck

If you perform cosmetic procedures, based on the location of the massage lines, you can keep the skin young, delay the appearance of deep wrinkles and keep the shape of the face

Do not apply a mask on the area around the eyes and lips, unless otherwise indicated in the recipe.

During the cosmetic procedure, it is undesirable to talk and walk, a more correct option would be to relax in the prone position.

When using liquid ingredients for masks, as well as coloring components (berries or fruits), you need to cover the clothes with a towel and put on a special hair cap in advance to avoid contamination.

Mask removal

For the complete removal of the mask from the face is not recommended to use makeup remover, just wash with water, then blot the skin with a paper napkin. Some masks require the application of a moisturizer after removal in order not to dry out the skin.

Girl washes water

To remove the mask, a special soft sponge can be used, which must first be wetted, then the mask should be removed from the face and then washed with water.

To improve the effect, you can wash off the mask with a decoction of herbs soothing the skin, for example, chamomile or a string.

Mask recipes at home

Some types of masks were known to our great-grandmothers, which means that their effectiveness was tested by time. For example, egg masks were used earlier and remain the most affordable means to cleanse the skin, and gelatinous ones are a new trend of fashion.

Mask with activated carbon

There are a lot of advantages of using masks using activated carbon: minimal cost, availability of ingredients, low labor costs and excellent results.

Activated carbon

Coal is a good adsorbent, it can not only pull sebum from the pores, but also remove harmful substances from the skin surface.


  • activated carbon - 3 tablets;
  • boiled water - 1 tbsp. l


  1. Tablets of coal grind in a mortar.
  2. Mix the coal thoroughly with water until smooth.

Apply the finished gruel on the skin and allow to dry completely, then rinse with water. After the coal mask you need to moisturize the skin with a cream. The course of procedures is 7-10 days.

Gelatin mask

The mask with gelatin is a film that, when removed, cleans the pores, giving the skin its former radiance and healthy appearance. Gelatin saturates the cells of the epidermis with moisture, makes the face velvety and smooth to the touch.

Girl put on the face mask of gelatin

Collagen, which is the basis of gelatin, helps the skin to balance the fat, carbon and protein balance

Plus gelatinous mask is its hypoallergenic. However, there is also a contraindication to the use of rosacea, that is, the appearance of excessively dilated vessels on the face.


  • gelatinous balls - 1 tsp;
  • water - 3 tbsp. l

Mask preparation:

  1. Gelatin is poured with cool water and left in this form for half an hour.
  2. When the granules absorb water, they are slightly heated, thereby completely dissolving them.
  3. Liquid gelatin is cooled to body temperature.

When applying such a mask, special care should be taken: it is impossible to touch hair growth areas, as this can lead to their contamination and painful cleaning procedure.

After covering the skin with gelatin in 3-4 layers, it is necessary to wait about 20 minutes before turning the solution into a thin film, after which you can remove the product by tightening the stiffened mass from the bottom up. Remaining residues should be melted, washed with warm water, or wiped the skin with a hot towel. At the end of the procedure, it is recommended to apply everyday face cream. To achieve the best effect, such a mask is used once a week for a month.

Gelatin and Milk Mask

The best of the many options for gelatin masks is a mask with the addition of milk, which removes open comedones. The most useful is to use natural milk with a high percentage of fat, bought on the market or in the farm store. This component will greatly refresh and soften the skin of the face.


Milk fat has a special effect on the skin, which cares for it no worse than vegetable oils.


  • gelatin - 1 tsp;
  • milk - 4 tbsp. l

Creating and applying a mask is similar to the previous one. The resulting tool will relieve fatigue and skin irritation, but is also contraindicated in the case of rosacea and an allergic reaction.

Mask from black points from soda

Already with a single use of the mask with soda, the effect exerted on the skin is obvious: the pores are cleaned, the number of black spots is reduced and the tone is leveled.


A mask against black spots based on salt and soda is a great alternative to expensive cosmetics and even salon procedures.


  • baking soda - 1 tsp;
  • liquid soap - 1 tsp.

Preparation: add soda to the soap and mix the slurry thoroughly.

The mask should be done only in the locations of open comedones, most often it is the so-called T-zone. Apply the product usually with a cotton pad, lightly touching the skin. Wash off the composition with cool water 10 minutes after application, then wipe the face with a tonic or other means to narrow the pores. If a sharp burning sensation appears during the procedure, wash the mask immediately with water.

Contraindications to the procedure:

  • inflammatory elements on the face;
  • skin lesions, abrasions, scratches, etc .;
  • sensitive skin, prone to dryness, irritation and flaking.

Video: getting rid of black dots with soda

Soda Salt Mask

Salt helps to activate blood circulation and better pore cleansing. Acting similarly to scrub, sodium chloride granules stimulate the renewal of skin cells, bring it into tone and eliminate impurities.


  • baking soda - 1 tsp;
  • extra table salt - 1 tsp;
  • gel for washing - 1 tsp.

Preparation of the mask is to mix all the components. When applying means you can not rub the skin to avoid injury. The composition has a drying effect, so the frequency of its use is no more than once in 7 days, while after each procedure, you must apply a nourishing cream.

Mask of toothpaste

The main effect of toothpaste is to cleanse and get rid of harmful bacteria. In addition, it consists of soothing and anti-inflammatory components, including herbal (for example, in medical pastes designed to care for bleeding gums).

The oral mucosa is very sensitive, because it indirectly proves the safety of the composition of toothpaste and skin, more resistant to environmental conditions.

The girl applies toothpaste on the skin

Toothpaste, in addition to removing rashes and inflammations, is able to even out the tone of the face.

Due to its composition, the paste reduces inflammation, has a drying effect on comedones, tightens pores and cleanses the face. When choosing a toothpaste that is suitable for treating the skin, the following points should be considered:

  • it is worth choosing only white pasta;
  • can not be used as a mask means with whitening ingredients;
  • extracts of medicinal plants (chamomile, sage, oak bark, etc.) should be included;
  • the paste should be with the lowest fluorine content or without it, since this substance is irritating to the skin;
  • You should not give preference to pastes that have in the composition of alcohol, because it dries out the skin surface.

Toothpaste application:

  1. Using a brush with the most soft bristles (you can use a nursery), apply a mask on the problem areas of the face, slightly rubbing it into the skin with circular movements.
  2. After 5 minutes it is necessary to wash off the paste with warm water, then apply daily cream.
  3. The next time a similar mask can be applied no earlier than 7 days.

Egg masks

In cosmetology, it is considered more competent to use not a whole egg as an integral part of masks, but to divide it into yolk and white and use them separately from each other. Based on the problem to be solved, you can apply the most appropriate mask.

Egg white mask

This mask is ideal for oily or combination skin, which is characterized by the appearance of inflammatory acne and other rashes. This tool has a drying effect, starts the process of cell renewal and cleans the face. Masks with protein must be rinsed with cold water, which helps to enhance the rejuvenation, which carries this cosmetic.

Девушка делает белковую маску для лица

Яичные маски из белка обладают противоположным действием по сравнению с масками из желтков


  • яйцо куриное — 1 шт.;
  • сок лимона — 1 ст. l


  1. Отделить любым удобным способом белок от желтка.
  2. Взбить белок в густую пену при помощи миксера либо вилки.
  3. Добавить к белку требуемое количество лимонного сока и перемешать полученную смесь.

Готовую маску следует использовать немедленно и держать в течение 10 минут, затем смыть. Процедуру нужно проводить ежедневно, всего курс состоит из 6 масок.

Маска из белка и сахара

Protein mask with sugar is ideal for combating open comedones. The whole secret is that this tool is very sticky to the touch, because ideally pulls the pollution from the pores of the skin.

Protein mass whisk whisk

In addition to cleansing, the protein mask also has a whitening effect on the skin of the face.


  • chicken egg - 1 pc .;
  • sugar - 1 tbsp. l


  1. A raw egg should be broken and the white from the yolk should be separated.
  2. Add sugar to the protein and beat until smooth.

When applying this mask, you should cover the face with sugar-protein mixture twice: apply the first layer with a brush and let it dry, then apply the second layer with your fingers, patting the face, thereby removing oxidized fat and dirt from the pores. To do this massage should be until the mixture ceases to be sticky, then you can wash off the mask and wipe the skin with a cosmetic means, narrowing the pores of the face. Mask of protein and sugar can be done regularly, in 3-4 days, to maintain the beauty and youthfulness of the skin.

Egg mask of yolk

Egg yolk has a completely different effect on the skin, compared to protein.

Yolk-based masks are good for dry and fading skin, however, for both normal and combined type, such products are suitable as a source of moisturizing.

The simplest formulation is the preparation of a one-component mask, for this it is sufficient to take a raw egg, divide it into components and apply the yolk on the face. Unlike a protein mask, the product is washed off after 20 minutes only with warm water. As an additional skin nourishment, masks can be made from the yolk once every 10 days, and for the treatment of increased dryness, such care should be carried out daily for a week.

Mask film of eggs and napkins

Such a mask can be easily made at home, and its effectiveness is comparable with expensive means for the care of problem skin.

To create a mask you will need:

  • egg - 1 pc .;
  • napkins or paper towels.

Preparation and application of the mask:

  1. From the napkins it is necessary to cut blanks that are suitable in size and shape to different parts of the face with problem skin (for nose, forehead, chin).
  2. Wash the raw egg, break and separate the yolk from the protein. Beat these ingredients in different dishes.
  3. With the help of a spatula, it is necessary to apply protein to the skin, and then glue blanks from wipes from above. Wait 20 minutes until the protein is completely dry.
  4. Take a napkin by the tip and, in one sharp movement, tear off the dried billet from your forehead, and you may experience some discomfort.
  5. Wash the white from the face with cool water, then apply the whipped yolk to the skin to moisturize after the previous procedure.
  6. After 10 minutes you need to wash with warm water.
The girl made an egg mask film

With extensive areas of problem areas on the skin, you can apply a mask on the entire face.

Video: cooking various masks based on eggs

Clay mask

For cleansing the skin from black spots, two types of cosmetic clay are best suited: white and black.

Before using clay, it is necessary to prepare it: sift from debris through a fine sieve, removing pebbles and other impurities that are dangerous to the skin. It is possible to plant powder in broths of the herbs promoting removal of inflammatory processes (the celandine, train, calendula, etc.). Putting the mask on the skin, you can not talk and laugh while it is drying to avoid clay shift. You also need to remember that the mask can be washed off only with warm water, without using soap and other detergents.

Preparation and application of white clay mask

A white clay mask is prepared and used as follows:

  1. To the sifted powder in the amount of two tablespoons add cooled herbal decoction, stirring constantly with a spoon until the slurry is obtained.
  2. Add a few drops of any vegetable oil to the finished clay and mix.
  3. Apply the mask to a cleansed face with a special spatula. After the final drying, wash off the composition.

Preparation of the mask based on black clay


  • black clay - 50 g;
  • water - 100 ml;
  • egg - 1 pc .;
  • olive oil - 1 tsp.


  1. Stir the prepared powder in water until smooth.
  2. Add one egg and butter to the finished clay and mix thoroughly.

The finished mask should be applied to the face until it is completely dry (about 30 minutes), then rinse thoroughly with warm water.

The girl on the face mask of black clay

Besides the fact that black clay has a cleansing property, it improves blood circulation in the places of application, which helps to make the skin smooth, healthy and velvety.

Before applying the clay, it is necessary to do a test test for allergies, smearing the elbow bend with the finished compound. If after 20 minutes there is no negative reaction in the form of itching, redness and rash, then you can start applying the mask.

After the procedure, the face must be moistened with a cream. The course of application is 10 days.

Mask with honey and lemon

Natural fruit acids are long known substances for dissolving dirt and sebum in clogged pores, which are part of many popular branded cosmetics for problem skin care.

Girl holds lemon in hand

Lemon is an excellent product that provides nourishment, cleansing and narrowing of pores, besides, it has an antiseptic effect and acts as a natural cleaner.

At home, you can just use lemon and other citrus fruits, more affordable. When interacting with honey, the purifying effect of citric acid is enhanced, and this product is a source of natural vitamins for nourishing the skin. These components can be used both as a mask and separately, periodically rubbing the face with lemon wedge or honey water.

Mask application

The easiest way to use this tool is to take half a lemon, dip it with the cut side into liquid honey and rub it in a circular motion on the face, paying particular attention to the “T-zone”. The mixture remains on the skin for about 5 minutes, then washed off with warm water. It is recommended to perform 5 procedures in 3-4 days, with the first results are visible after a single use of the mask.

Black Point Mask from Aspirin

The secret of effective action of Aspirin on black spots lies in the suppression of the work of sweat and sebaceous glands with acetylsalicylic acid, as well as in the anti-inflammatory properties of the product. Aspirin is suitable for treatment only in its natural form, you can not use tablets in the shell.

Aspirin Tablet

If you use products with Aspirin regularly, the skin will quickly become smooth and matte, and irritation, inflammation and traces of black spots will disappear.


  • Aspirin - 3 tablets;
  • lemon juice - 2 tbsp. l


  1. Crush tablets into powder.
  2. Add lemon juice to Aspirin and mix thoroughly.

The mask is kept on the face for 10 minutes, then washed off with a pre-prepared solution of baking soda (1 tablespoon per liter of water).

You can not use a mask of Aspirin for allergies to components, rosacea (dilated capillaries), skin lesions and bronchial asthma. Apply the product should be for 4 weeks every 6-7 days, after 3-4 months, you can repeat the course.

Mask with PVA glue

A mask based on PVA is nothing but a mask film that, when removed, easily cleans clogged skin pores from dirt and excess fat.

A girl makes a mask of pva

PVA is far from a cosmetic product, but for the skin it is harmless and non-toxic because it is diluted with plain water.

The use of PVA glue as a mask:

  1. After preparing the skin, distribute the PVA glue on the problem areas.
  2. Keep the mask on the face for 10-15 minutes.
  3. Remove the film after drying glue.
  4. To get rid of the mask pieces that remained on the face with the help of some alcohol solution, then wash with water and apply the cream.

The procedure is carried out every 2 weeks to obtain the desired result.

Oatmeal Mask

The mask of oatmeal is popular due to its hypoallergenic and positive effect. This tool is ideal for cleansing oily and combination skin, because it acts as a soft scrub.

The girl put on the face mask of oatmeal

Useful oatmeal amino acids help skin look younger and fresher


  • oatmeal - 1 tbsp. l .;
  • oatmeal - 1 pinch;
  • kefir - 1 tbsp. l


  1. Oat flakes are ground with a coffee grinder into a fine powder.
  2. Add remaining ingredients to the oatmeal and mix the mixture.

Apply the mask should be on the whole face and hold for about 20 minutes. Rinse better with cool water, after which you can use face cream. This tool is gentle to the skin, so it is allowed to use it at least every day, without causing harm.

Coffee mask

The main active ingredient of the mask is caffeine, which accelerates the metabolic processes in the skin and rejuvenates it. In addition, the crushed kernels update the cells of the epidermis, acting in the same way as a scrub and removing black dots.

To create a cosmetic it is necessary to take only natural coffee that does not contain artificial flavors. For more sensitive skin, you can use coffee grounds, otherwise just ground beans will do.

Since the coffee mask quite strongly affects the cells of the epidermis, it cannot be used more than once a week. It is also not recommended to apply the product to the damaged skin of the face and in the event of an allergy to coffee.

Table: formulation and application of a black dot coffee mask

Ingredients Quantity, hl Mode of application
Finely ground coffee one
  1. Mix all the ingredients.
  2. Apply mask on face skin for 10 minutes.
  3. Rinse off with cool water.
Lemon peel one
Natural yoghurt 2
Sugar one

Video: skin care with coffee

Reviews of experts on the use of masks from black points

Cosmetologists recommend constantly using home care products and note their effectiveness with proper selection depending on skin type. You can consult with a specialist and learn about individually suitable masks, and then treat the skin yourself.

If there are manifestations of rosacea, then I do not recommend removing “black spots”, but simply oxidizing them with acidic tonics and gels. They become white and not visible.



The rapid appearance of black spots after cleaning may be due to unadjusted home care, aggressive cleaning (even as each centimeter is squeezed)



To get rid of black spots in the T-zone, in addition to cleaning in the beautician's office, you should regularly use acid washing 2-3 times a week in home care. And cleansing clay masks a couple of times a week - an example - a mud mask. Also review your make-up: many tonal means, compact powders provoke the appearance of so-called “black dots” (more correctly called open comedones), especially in T-zone.



If you add acid to your home care and periodically do the cleaning, the problem of comedones will go away.



Consumer feedback on performance

Like many here, I use gelatin not for culinary purposes, but for cosmetic purposes I make a mask film of gelatin and activated carbon. The proportions to one mask are as follows: 1/2 tablets of activated carbon a teaspoon of gelatin a teaspoon of water A tablet of charcoal should be crushed, mixed with gelatin, filled with water and mixed. And then go for a walk for a couple of minutes to soften the gelatin. Then this mass should be put on 7 (strictly no more!) Seconds in the microwave. It will warm up and become liquid, while the mass is warm, it should be applied on the face, I apply on the whole face with a more or less dense layer. It should not be too thick, otherwise it may not dry out and there will be no effect. Then you should wait until the mask hardens, unpleasantly pulling the skin - neither smile, nor mouth open, only blink is obtained. It is advisable to remove the frozen mask in one motion, rather sharply. With a successful removal of the pores will be cleaned with a bang! After applying the skin becomes very soft, delicate, clean. For the most good effect should be applied to the pre-steamed skin. I also use a mask of clay mixed with henna or pure henna or clay in front of this mask to pre-clean the skin. From the tandem of these two masks, the skin remains clean for a long time, inflammation diminishes, the skin becomes more matte, tender and smooth - beauty, and nothing more.

Photo of the girl after applying the mask

User Asfir recommends the use of gelatin mask



I would like to introduce you to a proven budget tool that will help get rid of black dots. The recipe is very simple: 2 tablets of activated carbon 1 tablespoon of gelatin 1 tablespoon of boiling water Agree that the number of ingredients is minimum and the tool is really very low-cost. My skin is prone to fat and black dots are common. But today I am pleased with the result. It is not so difficult to make a mask about once a week and enjoy the effect of it. So, we prepare a wonderful mask. I pushed coal just with a spoon. It crumbles very well. After adding water, gelatin dissolves and the mixture becomes viscous. Apply quickly enough because it freezes. This is after being applied to the face. The mixture has become very thick. Depending on the thickness of the layer depends on the time of solidification on the face. This is about 15–20 minutes. Skin, but discomfort does not occur. The mask is removed quite well. Yes, a little painful, but not critical. I think that many girls already know this recipe, but very often I hear that it is very painful and that is why girls do not use such a mask.

Photos before and after applying the mask

The girl is satisfied with the action of the mask against the black dots.

Anastasia Birdie


I was afraid to make aspirin peeling in its pure form, and I still am afraid, so I added 1 tablespoon of white clay to 2m crushed aspirin tablets, and spread this mixture with water to a liquid sour cream, and put it on previously cleansed skin of the face. ************** FEELS ************** In principle, nothing new is the same as from a mask of one clay. As soon as the clay began to dry out, and the skin began to tighten, I massaged this gruel off my face, and was really shocked - there were no black spots on my nose, the keratinous top layer was removed from the open comedones, and their contents, sorry for the unpleasant details, literally asked to be removed! Peeling did not affect closed comedones! I, as a lover of scratching my face, Smile with the help of a special "acne press" began to clean the pores! Their contents came out incredibly easy! Without extra effort and additional pressure! In general, I barely stopped ... Smile processed the surface of the face with hydrogen peroxide (there are no abscesses with it after mechanical cleaning), and from that day I decided to do such peeling constantly / periodically! Smile The next day, the pores also stayed in excellent, for I, the state, peeling and irritation on the face was absent!



Today I want to share a scrub recipe that helps me lighten the black dots. It is known to all and consists of salt and soda. At the moment it is the most effective. I want to warn you that I have a combination skin with enlarged pores, I think it will not work for dry skin, although it can be mixed with olive oil. And I use the scrub like this ... Pre-cook the scrub: mix a teaspoon of soda and fine salt with water until a slurry forms. Pre-steam the skin, I myself like to do it in a bath — the effect is generally lethal and lasts almost a week. But since I use this scrub almost every day, then we steam out the skin above the saucepan with water)) Carefully apply the scrub on the face, paying special attention where there are black dots. I warn you that you will pinch the skin, so be careful. But since I do this scrub not for the first time, then I massage it with special zeal))) In the process of massage, salt and soda gradually dissolve. Therefore, we put in several approaches. It takes about 5 minutes. Wash off thoroughly with warm water. Next, I wash my face with oatmeal water. Specially I make it liquid, but not a gruel like a mask. Liquid it is easier for me to wash, we rub it into the face with massage movements. Oatmeal also helps cleanse the pores and brighten the black spots. I do it in about 2 minutes, wash off with warm water. Next, smear yogurt. It is well oxidizes the skin, therefore, a positive effect on the skin, prevents the appearance of acne on the skin. But most of all I like how it mattifies the skin. When it dries on the skin, the effect is impressive)) We keep this mask until it is completely dry, it will take about 10 minutes. His face will harden: talk and smile will not work))) We are approaching the final stage. After kefir mask apply avocado oil. It increases the production of its own collagen in the skin, contains vitamin E, is well absorbed and does not clog pores. Can be replaced with any other essential oil. I usually mix avocado oil with my favorite acne cream and no longer wash it off.

Before and after applying the mask with soda and salt

It is recommended to combine the use of multiple masks for better results.

lapo4ka19072012 5


I again and again look for a remedy for the black dots on the nose of my adult son. Sonny resists and has to take him by storm each time. we have different weight categories and the task is further complicated by the fact that everything that was tested earlier did not help. And so, on the Internet, I found a new recipe from this scourge. Recipe based on mint toothpaste. I went to look for her (it turned out that the deficit was straight)) and that's what I found. Meet Aquaeresh Refreshing Mint Toothpaste. It freshens, I will not say that for 24 hours, but it is qualitative and for some time exactly. Refreshing and mint Formula of triple protection photo paste contains fluorine, but it does not bother me at all. I was raised on this very fluorine and it was always good, but now it has suddenly become bad. This is terrible! My son is a calm adult two-meter uncle who barely survived for five minutes! This mint tingled the skin and eyes, that horror! Result Absolutely zero. Black do not brighten and did not disappear. How to do (if you want to experiment) Take a teaspoon of mint toothpaste, Half a teaspoon of salt (soda in some variants) (well, I came up with it myself) Personally, I definitely do not advise you.

Julia as Julia


Hello! My face treatment is not very unique, but I spend much more time on face masks than my friends. All sorts of clay, and from some time healing mud, have become an integral part of my face cleansing ritual. Most often I use blue and white clay, sometimes pink and red. But about two months ago, I got black clay. I was skeptical about her, because after a pink dye, the sensation of some kind of deception does not leave me. My skin is oily, problem, with enlarged pores and it is worth a little gape as these pores become clogged. Redness, peeling and sometimes acne appear. In general, I just need clay and shown. Application Black clay is designed specifically for oily skin. The manufacturer positions it. Therefore, for the sake of interest, I do not recommend using it on dry and sensitive skin. There will be no benefit, but irritation can be obtained easily. I use black clay just water without adding oils. Although they are mega useful, but in my opinion, for oily skin masks should be more aggressive. And because of the oils, the clay does not pull out the black points and loses its cleansing abilities. And after such a mask, the face is not fresh and matted, but more heavy. You may think otherwise, but on my skin I feel so. I apply the clay is not particularly thick and do not let it dry completely. Constantly sprinkle it with cornflower water. I need cleansing, not dehydration of the face. I hold for 15 minutes, then wash off. Black clay in the care of the face does not give a pronounced result. There is no instant care immediately after the procedure. Therefore, in the photo I can not reflect its effect. Matting clay gives immediately, but cleansing becomes noticeable after the next wash. After the clay, for the next washing, my pores are pushed out by “greasy plugs”. And only then the pores become lighter and really narrow. Precautionary measures Do not use the clay immediately after the scrub, it is better to make it the next day. Do not peel in the same day with clay masks. Do not apply on irritated skin or wound skin. If you feel a burning sensation - flush right away. I had an experience when the clay was poorly cleaned and a wild burning sensation began. The therapist said something about alkaline and the like. Do not allow the clay to dry on the face. Minimize facial expressions while using black clay and any other And always after clay masks moisturize the skin. Clay dehydrates the skin and after that you need good moisturizing. I usually make a moisturizing mask after clay or apply cream with serum. I recommend facial treatment using black clay, but you need to competently approach this procedure and not forget about safety. Then you will be happy and clean skin)).



The range of home remedies for problematic skin is huge, and often the choice of a mask occurs only through trial and error. For better results, it is advisable to visit a cosmetologist or a dermatologist to determine the type of skin and get recommendations for home treatment, given the presence of contraindications and sensitivity to cosmetic products.


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