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Treatment of psoriasis in the home

It's hard to believe, but there are about 700 different treatments. The appearance of a new medicine or technique does not at all mean that this is something that once and for all will relieve the disease. Sometimes old approaches work better than new ones.

A few words about the disease

From the scientific point of view, psoriasis is a chronic hereditary skin disease with various clinical manifestations. Defeat of the skin is only a visible part of the iceberg of the problems inherent in psoriatic disease. Under the hidden part is a metabolic disorder, the pathology of the joints, kidneys and much more.

One of the causes of the disease is a hereditary factor. For the violation of the processes of differentiation of keranocytes, hypergrowth corresponds to the gene of chromosome 17q. It is he who is transmitted from his parents.

Treatment of psoriasis in the home

In general, psoriasis is a mysterious disease, many reasons are behind its appearance. To under any rash to not suspect psoriasis, we will give distinctive signs of a rash. It has a characteristic triad:

  1. Symptom one: "stearin stain" - when trying to scrape off scales, there is an increase in peeling. The surface of the papule becomes a crushed droplet of stearin.
  2. The second sign: "terminal film" - after scraping scales reveals a thin, soft, almost transparent surface.
  3. The third sign: "bloody dew" - with further scraping, drops of blood appear in the form of points that do not merge with each other. Finally, a skin biopsy allows diagnosis.

Up to 80% of patients have plaque form of psoriasis and only 2% generalized (severe) form. In turn, the plaque is subdivided:

  • psoriasis of the palms and soles;
  • psoriasis of the scalp;
  • seborrhoeic;
  • intertriginous.

Psoriasis of the initial stage is treated at home. Heavy generalized forms with lesions of internal organs are subject to observation in a hospital. The patient alone can not cope with the aggravation.

Treatment of psoriasis in the home - drugs and techniques


Before proceeding to the treatment of psoriasis at home, let's review the existing methods of treatment, so it was clear - what exactly we can do at home and in what cases it is appropriate.

Some types of psoriasis, for example, vulgar - do not need intensive therapy. It is possible to be limited to external treatment, observance of a diet, a psychotherapy. Periodically receive physiotherapy and visit the resort.

The duty (single) plaque is better not to touch at all. Medicamental treatment is indicated in the recurrent course of the disease with a tendency to new podsypaniyam with the capture of large areas and the defeat of internal organs.

Psoriasis has an undulating nature of the course, with seasonal exacerbations. Therefore, for a preventive purpose, courses of vitamins, biostimulants and physiotherapy are shown. And in order to succeed, therapy should be:

  • Stepped.
  • Constant (for life).

Of the four areas in the treatment of psoriasis: external therapy, systemic therapy, physiotherapy and anti-cytokine biological agents at home, you can use external treatment and some systemic medications.

Before treatment it is necessary to take into account the stage of the disease and the area of ​​the lesion, the presence of concomitant diseases and contraindications to this method or drug. What helped someone might not work in your case.

Sometimes aggressive (does not correspond to the severity of the disease) treatment leads to more severe subsequent exacerbations. Thus, the use of the prolonged hormonal drug "Diprospan" immediately gives an excellent result. But the subsequent exacerbation will be much harder and will form a treatment-resistant form. The only indication for his appointment is severe psoriatic erythroderma.

Patients with psoriasis in any form should adhere to proper nutrition and follow the hygiene of the body. You should forget about alcohol, fried and fatty foods, and digestible carbohydrates to limit. More to eat dairy products, vegetables, berries, fish and other seafood.

Periodically receive vitamin therapy, enterosorbents (enterosgel, activated charcoal), calcium, magnesium and sodium preparations.

Emphasis on careful treatment of the skin. When taking a shower, do not use hard wool, do not comb the bites, avoid injuries. The towel should not be rubbed, but only to get wet the body. During the exacerbation of the process, postpone bathing and ultraviolet irradiation. For this period, exclude all irritating procedures.

What does step therapy provide?

It allows you to smoothly nullify all the symptoms of the disease. That is required for successful effective treatment of psoriasis. Observance of diet and hygiene is followed by external therapy. To preparations of local action it is possible to carry:

Medicines: Efficiency:
Mitigating agents 1
Anthralin 2
Coal Resin 2
Keratolytic 1
Calcipotriol 2
Corticosteroids 3

The most powerful medicine gives the highest percentage of relapse. When the disease progresses, funds with anti-inflammatory, keratolytic and antiproliferative action are needed.

These requirements are met by local corticosteroids with the addition of salicylic acid. Acid in a concentration of 5% is needed for keratolytic (remove scales) actions.

If this is not done, then a layer of dead skin cells will create an obstacle to the penetration of other medicines. It is the combined ointments that can achieve triple action.

Leading global companies have created special lines of effective drugs for stepwise therapy. It provides for the exchange of courses aimed at complete suppression of exacerbation.

Example of stepwise therapy:

In case of inflammation with desquamation, we use the "Elokom" C ointment (as part of salicylic acid). After the disappearance of the scales, we proceed to the "Elokom" ointment with the aim of removing redness (inflammation). To maintain a stable remission, we use Elokom cream, gradually reducing the frequency of its use. With a daily application, go to once every three days, then once a week. For a long time, we continue to lubricate once a week.

Such therapy is effective, has fewer side effects and is convenient.

In addition to the line of drugs ("Elokom") in stepwise therapy, you can use agents with calcipotriol, which also exist in various forms: ointment, cream and solution (Daivonex, Daivobet, Psorkutan). Ointment is designed for deep penetration and moisturizing. The cream works superficially, is indicated for long-term use for the period of remission and with the aim of preventing exacerbation.

As for the solution with calcipotriol (Daivonex) and lotion Elokom, their purpose is to treat psoriasis on the head. These are unique forms of medicines. They do not need to be washed off after each use.

Folk methods of treatment of psoriasis

Folk methods of treatment of psoriasis

Sometimes they are skeptical about folk remedies for psoriasis and, it is worth saying, in vain. Many people recovered from plaque psoriasis when using folk methods.

A vivid example is the veterinary drug ASD-2. It is taken orally from a few drops. Gradually, the dose is increased to 3-5 ml, depending on the weight.

For the treatment of the scalp, Japanese is effective. Her crushed fruits insist on vodka or alcohol, and then rubbed into the scalp twice a day for a month.

No less effective is the technique of prof. IP Neumyvakina with hydrogen peroxide. Admission of 3% peroxide starts with 2 drops on an empty stomach, gradually brought to 30 drops to a glass of water. With external treatment, the sore spot is lubricated twice a day for 4 weeks.

Many good reviews about the treatment of psoriasis celandine. The plant is harvested during the flowering period, cut, passed through a meat grinder and squeezed through gauze. A liter of juice is diluted with 50 grams of vodka. The mixture is ready for use. For this, it is rubbed several times a day into the affected area of ​​the skin.

Yes, psoriasis for many presents a serious psychological problem. Under her pressure, a person changes. But everything is surmountable, there are good advice on treatment, support for loving and benevolent people. And if you are a patient and courageous person, you will certainly cope with the disease or, at least, force it into a corner.


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