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Treatment of alcoholism at home without the knowledge of the patient

Speaking in simple terms, alcoholism is a psychophysical addiction to alcohol. That is how a deep psychological dependence is formed, including at the level of behavioral reflexes, and the physiological one is due to a change in the “mode of operation” of the organism.

The best way to get rid of deep alcohol addiction is treatment in a clinic under the control of a narcologist. Home therapy can be carried out after consulting a specialist both independently and as a supplement to the treatment prescribed by the doctor.


Home treatment of alcoholism folk remedies

Treatment of alcoholism at home without the knowledge of the patient

The long-term effect of alcohol causes mental changes, an extreme manifestation of this is acute psychosis, or delirium tremens . In most cases, a person does not recognize his illness and is sure that he is able to stop at any moment.

What means and methods are used in the treatment of alcoholism at home? These are special preparations, as well as herbs, which are taken in the form of decoctions, tinctures, alcoholic tinctures.

To resort to national treatment as an independent one, it is recommended only at the first stage of alcoholism, in other cases it should be combined with drug therapy.


For the treatment of alcoholism folk remedies are used plants that differ in action:

  • toxin removing herbs;
  • those that cause hostility to alcohol;
  • with toning effect.

Herbs with detox action

Acetaldehyde is the main toxic compound resulting from the breakdown of ethyl alcohol. It poisons the body, which manifests itself in different ways - from a light hangover to serious problems with well-being and health. To remove this substance from the blood, tissues and liver, eliminate hangover or cleanse the body after a long binge help:

  • Dandelion - has a mild laxative, choleretic, diaphoretic and diuretic. Broth should be taken on 1 tbsp. l before breakfast, lunch and dinner for 2-3 months, and for its preparation 2 tbsp. l dried dandelion need to pour 350 ml of water and boil for 15 minutes.
  • St. John's wort - improves the gastrointestinal tract, cleanses the intestines and liver, relieves irritability. Broth is prepared at the rate of 1.5 Art. l raw materials for 200 ml of water, boiled on a steam bath for 20-25 minutes, take 50-70 ml three times a day before meals.
  • Birch buds increase the outflow of bile and provide a diuretic effect, good for rapid elimination of toxins. In a thermos raw material pour hot water at the rate of 1 tbsp. l 200 ml of boiling water, let it brew for 5-8 hours and drink 1/3 cup three times a day before eating.

Attention! Herbs with a choleretic effect require caution in the application and are contraindicated in the presence of cholelithiasis, as they can lead to blockage of the bile duct.

Alcohol Dislike Plants

Such herbs, when consumed simultaneously with alcohol, worsen a person's well-being before or after taking it, forming a stable aversion to alcohol, which is based on the formation of a conditioned reflex.

In the home treatment of alcoholism, the claw, baranets, oleander, puppeteer, thyme, lovage are effective. Toxic substances are present in the composition of such plants, so they should be used with caution and after consulting a doctor.

Creeping thyme, or thyme, can be taken both with alcohol and after. Dislike for alcohol occurs after a few days of admission. On 20 g of grass, take 400 ml of water and bring to a boil, boil for 20 minutes. One dose corresponds to 1 tbsp. l such a decoction, on the first day they take three times on 1 dose, on the second - on two, etc. After each administration, 25 g of vodka is drunk, this causes a gag reflex. Reception course - 7-10 days.

Thyme is contraindicated in hypertension, diabetes, pathologies of the digestive system and the thyroid gland, tuberculosis.

The claw in combination with alcohol causes a strong vomiting reflex, and after a course of treatment vomiting due to drinking occurs without the use of grass. For decoction, use the roots and leaves of the plant (1 tablespoon liter per glass of water), boil for 10 minutes after boiling and cool. Take it 1-2 times a day simultaneously with alcohol, adding 1 tbsp. l in 100-150 ml of drink. The course of treatment is 3 days. For people weighing less than 65 kg, 1 dose is 1 tsp.

When dosages are exceeded, the claw triggers serious problems with the organs of the digestive system, including the liver.

Tonic herbs

Such herbs are used as additional for faster recovery of the body:

  • Lemongrass Chinese contains many biologically active compounds, stimulates the nervous system, strengthens and improves physical tone. Infusion is prepared at the rate of 1 tbsp. l berries in a glass of hot water, insist 4-5 hours and drink on an empty stomach 3-4 times a day for 1 tbsp. l
  • Eleutherococcus improves the mobility of mental processes (memory, thinking, etc.), helps in the fight against fatigue and weakness. The root of the plant is poured with boiling water (800 ml per 70 g), boiled on a steam bath or low heat for 20 minutes and 100 ml of broth are drunk before meals three times a day.
  • Ginseng removes oppressive thoughts, depression, drowsiness and lethargy. The method of preparation and reception of infusion is the same as for lemongrass.

Reception of toning herbs is carried out in a course of 2-4 weeks.

Treatment of alcoholism without the knowledge of the patient

Treatment of alcoholism without the knowledge of the patient

The treatment of addiction to alcohol at home without the knowledge of the patient does not give such a persistent effect, as in the case of a conscious desire of a person to recover. Medications can be used to help binge out or overcome hangover. After that, you should still contact a specialist for effective therapy.


Of the drugs in the treatment of alcoholism at home are more likely to use drops. They are colorless, tasteless and quickly dissolve in beverages and food. Examples:

  1. Proproten 100;
  2. Colme;
  3. Antabus;
  4. Esperal;
  5. Teturam;
  6. Disulfiram;
  7. Lavital.

Their effect is that the decay products of ethyl alcohol cease to be processed in the liver, and as a result of their accumulation symptoms of poisoning of the body develop. The person feels uncomfortable, refusing drink on this background. The active substance in drugs for alcoholism is often disulfiram, and the course of treatment with drops is up to 3 months.

Proproten 100

One dose of the drug is dissolved in 1 tbsp. l water and taken separately from food. However, Proproten 100 drops have the aroma of alcohol, so if necessary, they can be added to drinks with a pronounced odor (not alcoholic, for example, in juice). The dose corresponds to 10 drops, and the regimen is as follows:

  • in the first 2 hours, 10 drops every half hour;
  • the next 8 hours - one dose every hour;
  • then for 3 days - every 4 hours;
  • the remaining 2-3 months - the dose once a day.

The remedy relieves nervousness, insomnia, headaches and other manifestations of a hangover. The effect of drops of Proproten 100 is short-lived, so the drug is used in combination with other methods in getting rid of alcoholism.


It is a strong agent that requires precise adherence to dosages and monitoring of the human condition. Exceeding the duration of doses or doses leads to intoxication and often fatal. Add 12 drops of Colme in the morning and 13 in the evening - after 12 hours - you need food or soft drinks.

The action begins 15-20 minutes after taking alcohol, and is manifested by nausea, weakness, chest pain, redness of the skin, less vomiting and a decrease in pressure. This reaction subsides after a day and passes after 3 days. Reception course - no longer than 3 months.

Colma drops for the treatment of alcoholism at home are contraindicated in pathologies of the heart, respiratory tract and organs, kidneys and liver, during pregnancy and breastfeeding.

Treatment of beer alcoholism

Painful craving for beer, despite the fact that the percentage of alcohol content in this drink is low, causes the development of alcohol dependence. Treatment of beer alcoholism gives results with the conscious approach of the person. Proceed to him after leaving the binge. Physical dependence disappears after 2-3 months after quitting beer, the main measures are:

  • cleansing the body with sorbents, enemas;
  • replenishing vitamins and minerals in the body;
  • playing sports, swimming, staying outdoors;
  • good nutrition, from products useful berries, fruits, lean meat, eggs, dairy products.

Overcoming mental dependence is more difficult, for many it is present for several years or even the whole life. Success depends on the mood of the person, it is also important to reconsider the social circle, go to an appointment with a narcologist and a psychologist.

For the treatment of beer alcohol at home, it is useful to apply herbs that calm, normalize the functioning of the nervous system and help to survive the absence of beer, easing the condition:

  • Collection 1: centaury, creeping thyme (thyme) and wormwood. Herbs are mixed in a ratio of 1: 4: 1, 2 tsp. the mixture is brewed 200 ml of hot water for 3-4 hours, take 1 tbsp. l three times a day before meals.
  • Collection 2: wormwood, St. John's wort, lemon mint (lemon balm), yarrow, sweet flag, juniper berries and angelica root 2: 2: 2: 2: 1: 1: 1. The method of preparation is the same, the dosage - 1/3 cup three times a day before meals.

What is dangerous treatment of alcohol dependence without the knowledge of the patient?

dangerous treatment of alcohol dependence without the knowledge of the patient

Treatment of alcoholism without the knowledge of the patient is primarily dangerous in the case of the use of herbs and drugs without consulting a narcologist, observing dosages and taking into account contraindications. This can provoke severe intoxication and exacerbation of existing chronic pathologies up to irreversible consequences.

It is forbidden to use such treatment if the addict suffers from diabetes , epilepsy, diseases of the heart and blood vessels, serious mental disorders, liver or kidney failure.

, терапия алкоголизма может быть только добровольной, поэтому человек, узнавший, что ему без его ведома добавляют в питье или пищу лекарства для устранения тяги к спиртному, может обратиться в суд. By law , the treatment of alcoholism can only be voluntary, so a person who has learned that he is added to drinking or eating medication to eliminate craving for alcohol without his knowledge can go to court. The effectiveness of most homemade methods and drugs for the treatment of an alcoholic without his knowledge is short-lived, and the risk of a relapse, care in the next binge, remains.

How to persuade an alcoholic to stop drinking?

It is better to talk about treatment immediately after overcoming the period of abstinence. To do this, you can invite a psychotherapist who can convince an alcoholic to stop drinking and start treatment.

If possible, factors provoking a person to copious libations should be eliminated, remember when the first heavy drinking started and for what reasons.

You should not constantly justify the negative actions of the patient in a state of intoxication, cover him, take responsibility for the behavior of the drinker and its consequences.

When is treatment possible?

Compulsory treatment for alcoholism is possible with good reason. It is carried out when a drinking person behaves aggressively, endangers or violence of relatives and other people, commits a serious crime.

The decision on compulsory therapy in such cases is made in court.


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