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L-carnitine for weight loss - how to take, which is better, side effects

Thanks to science and modern technology, many ways have been found to help get rid of excess body fat in the body.

Classic and recognized by all - it is physical activity and proper nutrition. But if you combine them with some bio-additives, the results will be faster. We are talking about the use of L-carnitine for weight loss.


L-carnitine - what is it?

L-carnitine is a replaceable amino acid or vitamin B11, produced by the human body. But for this you need to fully eat, with the presence in the diet of animal proteins. The substance transports fatty acids through the circulatory system, participating in the burning of fat.

L-carnitine also helps cells to “correctly" produce energy, removing the substances that the body has spent. When there is enough vitamin in the body, lipids are faster processed and converted into energy. Thanks to L-carnitine, carbohydrates and proteins break down more slowly - this gives a person strength and vigor, increases overall endurance and activity.

And in areas where fat is most deposited, the process of fat formation slows down. But in order for the properties of a substance to be fully manifested, certain conditions must be met.

Impact of L-carnitine on the human body

L-carnitine for weight loss

Due to the ability of L-carnitine to increase cholesterol levels in the blood, it directly affects the appetite, improving it. This property is widely used by doctors to treat certain diseases, including anorexia.

There is an erroneous opinion that l-carnitine burns fat that enters the body with food - this is absolutely not true. In sports nutrition supplement is used to gain the best physical shape and weight loss. But remember - without regular training, and preferably, enhanced aerobic, the opposite effect is possible.

Only with intensive running, walking, aerobics, or another similar form of physical activity with increased body temperature and oxygenation of tissues, is it possible to capture a large number of fat cells with L-carnitine.

At the same time, nutrition should be balanced with an emphasis on protein products, vitamin C and iron. Drink fluids per day from 2 liters.

The use of L-carnitine for weight loss

L-carnitine helps build muscle mass, shifting metabolic processes in the direction of obtaining energy from fat deposits - this property is widely used by bodybuilders. In addition, the substance has other positive qualities:

  • Greatly improves performance;
  • Eliminates the constant feeling of tiredness;
  • Helps to recover faster after intense workouts;
  • It has a preventive effect against various cardiovascular diseases and the formation of atherosclerotic plaques;
  • During acute respiratory ailments, the body recovers faster.

L-carnitine is taken in combination with any sports supplement, with no time limit.

Is it true that liquid L-carnitine is better for losing weight?

Next comes the L-carnitine release form. It is in liquid form, in capsules, preformed and in powder. Let us consider in detail each form separately:

  • Liquid L-carnitine for weight loss is convenient because for its reception does not require special training - just open the container and drink. There are still syrups with a high concentration of the substance, so they need to be diluted with water in the recommended proportions. The minus of this product form is the contained additives in the form of flavors and dyes, and even higher cost.
  • Excellent absorption by the body is marked L-carnitine in capsules. It is necessary to accept them, washing down with still water or juice.
  • The most available form of supplement is in tablets, and the price is about 30% lower than liquid. The only difference is that absorption is slower compared to capsules or syrup.
  • The most inconvenient form is the powder that requires dilution in a large volume of water - 0.5 liters. It will take time to calculate the desired dosage. But the effectiveness of the powder is not inferior to the liquid form and has the lowest price.

By performance, any type of L-carnitine is the same. The main thing is to lead an active lifestyle and eat well.

How to take L-carnitine for weight loss?

How to take L-carnitine for weight loss

So - how to take L-carnitine for weight loss? Do not wait for a miracle from the accepted shock doses of the substance lying on the sofa in front of the TV. As mentioned above, in order for carnitine to work, you will need to regularly and actively train. And the load should be aerobic - jogging, any kind of aerobics, brisk walking, cycling and so on.

Supplement is taken in two stages - before training for 15 minutes and half an hour after the start of training. The recommended dosage of L-carnitine for weight loss is as follows:

  1. At the age of 7 to 18, it is sufficient to consume from 100 to 300 mg;
  2. 19 years and older - 300-500;
  3. If there are problems in the work of the cardiovascular system or the kidneys - from 500 to 1000 mg.

It is better if the sports doctor prescribes the required dose, based on the individual characteristics.


You will need to change the diet, making it 5 times a day. Before a planned workout - in at least 2 hours, eat some low-fat cottage cheese or fish. At the end of class, do not sit at the table for at least an hour, then drink a cocktail (protein) or eat a protein dish.

You can not take L-carnitine on an empty stomach, it will adversely affect the intestinal microflora.

For weight loss and muscle building is recommended to use the additive courses - 2 months of admission with a short break and subsequent renewal.

Side effects and how to avoid them

Numerous scientific studies of the drug have shown the absence of large-scale side effects, including the addition even to the formula of artificial nutrition for infants.

There may be unpleasant moments in the gastrointestinal tract - nausea, flatulence and frequent stools, quickly passing, if not an allergic reaction. In this case, you should immediately stop using the supplement.

In some cases, when taking carnitine in the evening, insomnia may occur, so it should be consumed only during the daytime.

If a person is on hemodialysis, then he is generally not recommended such a dietary supplement.

And remember that only in combination with aerobic exercise and nutrition it is possible to improve your form with the help of L-carnitine.

But even with all the positive properties of the substance and its safety, it would not be superfluous to visit a doctor for advice and recommendations.

  • Compliance with all the above recommendations will help get rid of the extra "fat" kilogram and give the body attractive shape.

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