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Brown spotting instead of menstruation

Daubs (whites) instead of menstruation, as is commonly called in medical circles, happens to many women. This term is characterized by bleeding that do not correspond to the usual amount of discharge during menstruation, but also exceed the scanty rate. Spotting brown discharge instead of menstruation can be both a sign of pathology, as well as a normal variant.

A woman's body is a kind of indicator that can react to the slightest disturbance in it, manifesting itself as secretions of the most different colors that determine the nature of the pathological process.

If the discharge takes an unusual character, changes color and is accompanied by a specific smell, itching and burning, this is a sure sign of common or gynecological diseases.

An attempt to self-treatment can exacerbate the process, without identifying the cause. The symptom may disappear, the disease go into asymptomatic form, incidentally affecting the organs of the reproductive system.


Causes of brown daub instead of menstruation

Causes of brown daub instead of menstruation

Signs of brown daub instead of menstruation may be due to various conditions of the body, often associated with gynecological pathologies. May occur due to:

  • Pregnancy and ectopic localization of the ovum - with the threat of abortion or placental abruption;
  • Inflammatory lesions of the uterine mucosa ( endometritis ) - at the same time, spotting appear in the middle of the menstrual cycle and is accompanied by an unpleasant odor and pain symptoms in the lower abdomen;
  • Pathological process of internal adenomyosis;
  • Benign growth of the inner uterine layer ( endometrial hyperplasia );
  • Due to hyperplastic processes ( polyps in the uterus );
  • Hormonal contraceptive inconsistencies;
  • Ovulatory Syndrome ;
  • Endometrial or cervical cancer;
  • Hormonal disorders (endocrine pathology).

The influence of domestic causes is not excluded: strong negative emotions, nervous exhaustion of the body, excessive loads. The basis of the pathology is considered to be abnormal leucorrhoea, manifested in different periods of menstruation.

Brown discharge before menstruation signal:

  • about hormonal imbalance;
  • the presence of infection of the uterus;
  • cell proliferation of the endometrium in various layers of the uterus;
  • about hematological disorders;
  • about polypous growths.

The manifestation of whiter with impurities of blood clots lasting more than a week is a sure sign of endometriosis.

Spotting mid-cycle - indicate progesterone deficiency, characterized as the cause of early miscarriages and infertility.

Spotting brown discharge after menstruation, lasting more than one week, may appear as a sign of ectopic fetal development or be a symptom of threatening abortion in pregnant women. The discharge with the manifestation of smell indicates the presence of an infectious pathogen.

When brown daub is the norm?

When brown daub is the norm?

Sometimes, daub is a consequence of physiological causes that do not cause much danger to health and are the norm. Manifested as a result of:

Незначительного (имплантационного) кровотечения, как признак беременности, с коричневой мазней вместо месячных. 1) Minor (implantation) bleeding, as a sign of pregnancy, with brown patches instead of menstruation. The origin of a new life - the introduction of a fertilized cell into the uterine wall can be accompanied for a week with scanty, smearing, slightly colored secretions, without pain symptoms.

Овуляционных меж менструальных кровотечений в момент овуляционного процесса – выхода зрелой клетки из половой железы (яичника) в фаллопиеву трубу для продвижения в матку. 2) Ovulation inter-menstrual bleeding at the time of the ovulation process - the release of a mature cell from the reproductive gland (ovary) into the fallopian tube to move into the uterus.

A ruptured follicle causes microtraumas with bleeding. More often, this contributes to the special multifollicular structure of the gonads. A minor daub causes discomfort for about three days and is accompanied by painful symptoms in the lower abdomen.

Вследствие действия гормональной контрацепции и гормональных препаратов. 3) Due to the action of hormonal contraception and hormonal drugs. The process of getting used to a new functional mode can sometimes provoke an unusual dark daub. With prolonged pathology, contraceptive components and dosage should be changed.

Действия внутриматочных спиралей, плотно прилегающих к стенкам матки и препятствующих нормальной отслойки эндометрия. 4) The actions of intrauterine devices, tightly adjacent to the walls of the uterus and preventing normal endometrial detachment. Irritation of the tissues of the uterus with a foreign object provokes its active reduction and the release of dark smears.

A few days may manifest pain symptoms of different severity.

Синдрома преждевременного истощения фолликулярного запаса (климакс), обусловленного прекращением функциональной деятельности яичников. 5) Syndrome of premature depletion of follicular reserve (menopause), due to the termination of the functional activity of the ovaries. During this period, and during menopause, daub is noted instead of menstruation, which is considered a normal process.

What can cause anxiety?

The mere fact of the appearance of brown whites should cause concern, especially if they are accompanied by alarming symptoms:

  1. Itching or tingling sensation in the vaginal area;
  2. Daubs, lasting more than 2 weeks;
  3. The manifestation of a specific smell;
  4. Pain symptoms;
  5. Swelling of the vaginal area.

Particularly alarming should be spotting instead of menstruation, when the test is negative. Cherished two strips will not appear if the gestation period is small.

In such a situation, sparing discharge in early pregnancy may indicate a threatened miscarriage (spontaneous miscarriage) or fixation of the ovum in the uterine (fallopian) tube ( ectopic pregnancy ).

Diagnosis and treatment tactics

Brown spotting instead of menstruation

Negative pathologies in the body do not pass by themselves. In some cases, take the form of a chronic course. Exact methods of modern diagnostic examinations allow you to quickly identify the cause.

1) A blood test for pregnancy hormone (hCG) levels - with a negative test.
2) Ultrasound of the genitourinary system - detection of latent infections.
3) MRI or CT scan - exclusion or confirmation of malignant tumors.
4) Ultrasound of the uterus and dopplerometry - identification of abnormalities in the uterus.

The basis of therapy is the identification and complex treatment of background diseases. Treatment includes:

  • hormonal therapy;
  • antibacterial drugs;
  • sedatives;
  • vitamin therapy and diet correction;
  • antibiotic drugs;
  • chemotherapy and radioactive treatment;
  • scraping.

The problem of ectopic fetal development is solved solely by surgery.

A dangerous manifestation of brown whites during pregnancy may be abnormalities of the placenta or uterus. Diagnostic examination reveals placenta previa or detachment.

Conservative methods of treatment are aimed at prolonging (extending) a pregnancy to a safe 38 week period. It includes:

  1. Sparing, calm mode.
  2. Tocolytic and antispasmodic drugs that can coordinate contractile uterine function and create the conditions for a smooth gradual stretching of its lower segment.
  3. Drugs that eliminate anemia and increase the level of red blood cells.
  4. Individual scheme of FPN therapy aimed at eliminating disorders of the vascular tone and microcirculation, strengthening the antioxidant defense system.

A successful outcome of delivery is possible with urgent treatment.


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