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Climax in women: symptoms, age, treatment, folk remedies

Climax - this is what inevitably happens with every woman at a certain age. Some people perceive this genetic process as a disease and do their best to delay or cure it.

Other women relate to him philosophically, realizing that arguing with nature is almost useless. Consider what this phenomenon is and what means will help alleviate its painful symptoms.


What is menopause in women?

menopause in women symptoms age treatment

Climax (the second name of menopause) is the physiological period of the involution of the reproductive system, which occurs due to age-related changes in the woman's body.

At birth, the woman in the ovaries lays a certain number of eggs. When the girl reaches puberty (12-13 years), these eggs acquire the ability to mature and leave the follicles to meet with the sperm. If such a meeting occurs, the girl may become pregnant. If not, then in 10-14 days her menstrual bleeding begins.

All these processes are under the complex influence of various hormones. This process takes place almost every month until the end, the stock of eggs laid at birth.

This occurs at about 50 years of age and, accordingly, the woman loses the ability to become a mother. Since the egg does not mature anymore, the entire hormonal system begins to rebuild, which can cause a number of unpleasant manifestations and disrupt the woman's usual state of health.

Interesting! The man retains his ability to conceive throughout his life, starting from puberty. His spermatozoa can be updated every 3-4 months and at any age he can impregnate his partner.

Of course, this does not happen immediately. First, menstruation becomes shorter, then they can come not once a month, but less often, and then stop altogether. When a woman after 45–50 years didn’t have menstruation for a year, they say that menopause has come.

At what age does menopause in women begin?

The time of menopause individual for each woman. This process is long and can develop over several years. How is the development of menopause:

  1. Premenopausal period (premenopause). After 45 years, a woman has a natural decrease in sexual function. She can conceive and give birth to a child during this period, but with less probability. Menses become less abundant and short. On well-being, this period may not have any effect.
  2. Menopause . Ovarian function is reduced so that menstruation does not occur. This period includes a one-year period after the onset of the last menstruation.
  3. Postmenopause . The entire remaining period of a woman's life after the last menstruation.

Thus, the average time of menopause 50-55 years, but the preparation for it begins after 45 years of age.

Important! Adverse living conditions, comorbidities and environmental conditions lead to the fact that menopause in women 40-45 years is no longer surprising. This process is getting younger, despite the fact that the level and duration of life increases.

Causes of menopause in women

Causes of menopause in women

The cause of menopause are changes in the hormonal system that control the work of the reproductive organs. At a certain age stage, the production of hormones responsible for the reproductive system of a woman decreases and then stops altogether.

Sometimes patients have a question, why does nature need it at all so that the process of reproduction stops. According to one of the theories over the years, a woman accumulates genetically deficient eggs. The older the woman, the more of them. And they can not be updated, unlike male sperm.

In this way, nature saves from the birth of weak and unviable offspring. This mechanism has been formed for centuries as one of the methods of natural selection.

In addition to the usual menopause, distinguish its kind of "surgical or artificial menopause." This is a process that is associated with the cessation of ovarian activity under the influence of external factors (surgical resection of the ovaries, chemotherapy, radiation exposure, etc.).

Causes of early menopause

There are situations when menopause comes before the prescribed time. So, menopause in women 40 years and younger are classified as early. The cause of it is a genetic predisposition. In these situations, several cases of early cessation of menstruation are recorded along the female line.

Accelerate the time of menopause can chronic stress, alcohol and other bad habits. But the day of the onset of the first menstruation or the number of children and pregnancies does not affect this parameter. In addition, the onset of early menopause can have an impact:

  • heavy exercise and professional sports;
  • comorbidities, such as diabetes ;
  • chronic sexually transmitted infections;
  • severe infectious diseases, etc.

Symptoms of menopause in women, the first signs

Symptoms of menopause in women

The most common question for patients at the gynecologist's appointment is how does the menopause in women begin and how to understand that the unpleasant symptoms are associated with it? Early manifestations of menopause may occur several years before the final cessation of menstruation.

5 first signs of menopause:

  1. Change the nature of the menstrual cycle. Allocation during menopause in women become scarce, and then disappear altogether for several months. Rarely periods can become more abundant and last longer than usual terms.
  2. Changes in the cardiovascular system: rapid heartbeat, high blood pressure, fever, alternating with chills (the so-called "tides").
  3. Psycho-emotional disorders: irritability, moodiness, tearfulness, depression, sleep problems, apathy, etc.
  4. Problems in the sexual sphere: decreased sexual desire, lack of orgasm, vaginal dryness, etc.
  5. Others: excessive sweating, migraine-type headaches, skin problems.

Based on these signs, it can be assumed that after a year or two, menstruation will finally stop and a period of menopause will occur.

Important! To reliably establish the onset of menopause can be measured by the level of hormones using laboratory tests or home tests.

Menopause is characterized by several other symptoms, some of which will disturb a woman throughout her life:

  • Reduced sexual desire. Climax and orgasm of women are closely interrelated: it either disappears altogether or becomes less pronounced. In a small number of lucky women everything remains at the same level, while others have to take special preparations in order to return the old sensations.
  • Periodic bleeding from the uterus . Observed over several years, especially in women whose history has fibroids and other diseases of the endometrium.
  • Diseases of the genitourinary system: cystitis, urinary incontinence, pyelonephritis, etc.
  • Osteoporosis (softening of the bones). This problem is associated with impaired calcium metabolism.
  • The increase in body weight with the usual diet.
  • Atrophic changes of the skin and mucous membranes (wrinkles, dry lips, vagina and other parts of the body).
  • Diseases of the heart and blood vessels (atherosclerosis, coronary heart disease, arterial hypertension, etc.).

Menopause treatment - medicines and folk remedies

Menopause treatment

Although menopause is not considered a disease, its manifestations significantly worsen the quality of life of a woman. To alleviate the symptoms of this period and feel like a full-fledged person, a whole list of medicines was developed.

What drugs for menopause in women can be used:

  1. Hormone replacement therapy (Divina, Kliogest, Ledibon, etc.). Aims to fill the shortage of ovarian hormones. It has a number of contraindications, so only the attending doctor selects the dosage and the specific drug, taking into account all the data of the anamnesis. Produced in the form of tablets, patches, vaginal suppositories and other forms.
  2. Non-hormonal drugs (Chi-Klim, Estrovel, Klimadinon). If, for some reason, hormonal therapy is contraindicated in a patient, then preparations based on natural plant phytoestrogens are used. These are biologically active food supplements. Their activity is much lower than that of hormones, but safety is higher and there are almost no side effects.
  3. Antidepressants and tranquilizers. For serious neuropsychiatric disorders, this group of remedies is used.
  4. Calcium preparations to reduce the risk of fractures and slow the progression of osteoporosis.
  5. Medicines that reduce pressure and improve the functioning of the heart and blood vessels.
  6. Vitamins and minerals. To maintain the body's natural defenses.

Physiotherapy is also used to relieve symptoms. Such procedures as massage, electrosleep, balneotherapy and others, have a positive effect on the nervous system and soften the manifestations of this period.

Folk remedies for menopause

Some patients are interested in how to facilitate the menopause in women folk methods. Such therapy can be used as an addition to classical medical treatment or as an independent option.

Reviews of women indicate good tolerance of folk therapy, but in some cases it is not enough. Treatment of folk remedies for menopause in women is based on the admission of plants that possess natural phytoestrogens. These include: oregano, sage, valerian, shepherd's purse, etc.

Important! While self-medicating with herbal remedies, it is worth remembering that their safety and efficacy are not verified by scientific research and clinical trials. The vegetable origin of phytohormones does not make them completely safe to receive.

Carefully read the instructions and consult a doctor.

How to delay the onset of menopause?

How to delay the onset of menopause

It is impossible to delay the onset of menopause, because it is a genetically programmed mechanism. You can reduce the appearance of unpleasant symptoms using the drugs and remedies listed above.

The stories that a healthy lifestyle and sport helps to slow down menopause are not quite true. Planned physical activity, the absence of bad habits and good nutrition help the female body to survive this period more easily, but not to avoid or slow it down.

Thus, to avoid climax is impossible. But healthy habits, balanced food, sports and medicines (if necessary) will help to endure the unpleasant symptoms of this period, and feel the joy of the usual life.

2017-01-02 17:15:57
I had these symptoms then I was thrown into a fever, I froze and could not sleep !! I want to share with my joy. I got rid of my problem with the help of Nikolai Gorkov. Now I constantly appeal only to him who takes no expensive. And I have never refused, do not regret it !!!
2017-01-10 11:59:57
My climax came at the age of 42, when I went to a gynecologist and she wanted to prescribe me hormones for the resumption of the menstrual period. cycle, I refused. I'm 48 now, like this.
Lena A
2016-11-10 12:01:39
And I had neither tides nor drips. I can not say why this is all worn with this menopause. It just became easier to live without menstruation and that's it.
2017-01-26 12:00:12
I also did not accept hormones, but I did not want him to resume the cycle, but to remove the symptoms they wanted to prescribe. As a result, phytoestrogens were prescribed. Saw Estrovel helped. Especially life was hampered by tides, which is why she went to the doctor. Almost completely disappeared. And when not drinking, the symptoms did not show up again. I drink them now 2 times a year for two months. And in general, not very expensive and goes.
2017-02-19 13:23:21
It is said that homeopathy helps well. Still choose while, tides are very tormented. But there are many good recipes.
2017-02-19 15:30:50
What homeopathy exactly helps is getting rid of money. She has no normal, confirmed result ...
2017-03-17 13:02:27
Symptoms are different. But often - dry mucous membranes, hot flashes, pressure, poor sleep and irritability. Based on the complaints of my colleagues, we have 20 bangs and all women over the age of 40. Estrovel personally helped me a lot, although many of us accept it and are also pleased. Someone stronger he acts, someone does not quite removes the tides. But I associate it more with the way of life. This complex approached me very well, I don’t know how I used to live! But suffered not one year. Now there are no tides at all, I began to look better, I am not irritated as before, and I feel good. It contains not only phytoestrogens, but also vitamins with minerals.
2017-04-21 09:13:38
And what awaits me further, scary even somehow! Now 50 knocks and everything, you can wait from month to month for the first symptoms.
2017-04-23 12:42:21
I went to the doctor so that she prescribed me vitamins according to my age. And they prescribed Estrovel for me. Just wanted it. And here I also see women writing about him. It contains all the necessary vitamins: K1, B6 and B9, W. And many more plant extracts that act on the hormonal balance and are able to improve the condition during menopause. I have been tormenting the tides for several years already, and there are phytoestrogens and broccoli extract in it that should reduce them. I will try.
2017-04-30 15:08:02
I do not agree with you, there are very good results, but these are not pills, you may need long-term treatment - several months, maybe more.
2017-05-04 06:50:33
Inadvertently stumbled upon my comment again. Not vitamin U, but E. Rightly wrote) I don’t like it when it’s inaccurate, so I apologize.
Nina Gurskaya
2017-05-22 15:55:02
Some luck. But not everyone has such happiness!

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