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Cyst of the yellow body of the right / left ovary: symptoms, treatment, complications

After each ovulation in one of the ovaries a yellow body is formed. The main function of this temporary gland is the synthesis of the hormone progesterone, which prepares the walls of the uterus to attach the fetal egg and supports the initial stage of pregnancy.

If conception does not occur, it decreases, turning into scar tissue, and menstruation occurs. Some factors contribute to the appearance of a cyst of the ovarian yellow body, the treatment, symptoms and complications of which read in this article.


Yellow ovary cyst - what is it?

Yellow Ovarian Cyst

If blood circulation in the yellow body is disturbed, then liquid accumulates in it - so a cyst appears. It is rare, and its contents sometimes have blood.

This is a benign single-leaf swelling of the ovary (left or right), similar in structure to the tissue with a normal yellow body and lined with fibrous tissue from the inside.

Its other name is an ovarian luteal cyst. It is detected in women of reproductive age, because it is associated with cyclic changes in the body. Its dimensions reach 2-8 cm, and most often it disappears independently for 1-3 menstrual cycles.

Do not confuse it with a functional formation in the ovary, like a follicular cyst. The latter develops from a follicle with a maturing egg that does not burst as it should be, but continues to grow.

Causes that affect the onset of cysts:

  • hormonal disorders in the body;
  • disturbed lymph and blood circulation in the tissues of the ovaries;
  • preparation for IVF (artificial insemination);
  • stimulation of ovulation infertility;
  • emergency contraception;
  • inflammatory process in the ovaries;
  • abortion.

The risk of developing neoplasms also increases rigid diets, nervous overstrain, high physical exertion, chronic fatigue.

Despite the alternating maturation of eggs from each side, the cyst of the yellow body in the right ovary is revealed somewhat more often. This is due to a more intense blood supply from an artery that runs straight from the aorta.

Symptomatic of the cyst of the yellow body

Symptomatic of the cyst of the yellow body

Clinically, this benign formation manifests itself only in the case of a significant increase in size. The signs of the cyst of the yellow body of the right ovary (as well as the left one) are as follows:

  1. Failure in the menstrual cycle, which consists of two phases: the first - the estrogen and the second - the progesterone. The development of progesterone is responsible for the yellow body, so the duration of the stages of the cycle with the growth of the cyst significantly changes. Most often there is a delay in menstrual periods, accompanied by swelling of the mammary glands.
  2. Aching pain in lower abdomen.
  3. Less common irritability, fatigue, nausea and vomiting - in such cases differential diagnosis is required to exclude or determine an ectopic pregnancy.

If the formation is small, it does not cause ischemia in closely located tissues, that is, it does not interfere with normal blood flow, and therefore no symptoms of the ovarian yellow body cysts are observed in this case, and the tumor can be detected accidentally during a medical examination.

Diagnostic Methods

The cyst of the yellow body of the ovary, left or right, is revealed only after a comprehensive examination. It includes several diagnostic methods:

  • Gynecological examination and bimanual palpation of the ovaries.
  • Ultrasound (for obese women, a transvaginal transducer is used).
  • Dopplerography - an analysis of the blood filling of the vessels of the cyst - is needed to exclude a malignant tumor. The cyst of the yellow body is characterized by active peripheral circulation.

If the diagnosis remains in doubt, laparoscopy is performed - a minimally invasive method of investigation conducted under general anesthesia. Through miniature incisions in the abdominal wall, special equipment is introduced, which transmits the image to the monitor. The accuracy of diagnosis using laparoscopy is 100%.

Tactics of curing the yellow body of the ovary

treatment of the cyst of the yellow ovary

Often the cyst regresses itself, disappearing during 1-3 menstrual cycles. During this period, regular monitoring of the gynecologist, control ultrasound examinations is required.

Conservative treatment for cysts of the ovarian yellow body include:

  1. Admission of anti-inflammatory drugs: Tsivilin, Livitsin, Medvitsin or others at the discretion of the doctor.
  2. Individual selection of hormonal contraceptives.
  3. Physiotherapy: vaginal irrigation, therapeutic baths, electrophoresis, magnetotherapy.

Therapy should be backed up by the exclusion of physical exertion and sexual contact, which prevents the rupture or twisting of the cyst.

If the neoplasm does not respond to treatment, then they resort to prompt removal. It consists in laparoscopic vyluschivanii, and in more complex cases - in resection of the ovary (removal of its part).

Yellow body cyst in pregnant women

The physiological role of cells of the yellow body is the production of progesterone. This hormone ensures the survival of a fertilized egg and the bearing of pregnancy, does not allow the uterus to contract and stimulate its growth as the size of the fetus increases.

That is why the cause of spontaneous abortion is often the inadequate production of progesterone.

The cyst of the yellow body on the ovary during pregnancy is revealed in the early stages, its dimensions are insignificant - 0,4-0,9 cm. For the health of a woman and a child, she does not represent a danger, but on the contrary, is considered as a functional necessity of the organism.

At the 14-16th week of the development of the fetus, the hormonal function begins to be performed by the placenta, and the cystic formation gradually dissolves.


Cysts endanger life and health in such cases:

  • If there is a twisting of the legs of the yellow body, the cyst tissues die, inflammation develops, leading to the state of the "acute abdomen" (sudden severe pains). Treatment is urgent surgical.
  • Sexual contact or physical activity, such as weight lifting, can lead to rupture of blood vessels and a hemorrhage into the cyst cavity.

Serious complication in this case is the rupture of the cyst of the yellow body of the ovary and as a consequence of hemorrhagic shock. His symptoms - pallor of the skin, a sharp decrease in pressure, cyanotic lips, confusion - require urgent resuscitation.

The cyst that emerges from the yellow body does not degenerate into cancer, and with its spontaneous resolution, timeliness of conservative therapy, or prompt removal, the prognosis is favorable.


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