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Catarrhal angina: symptoms and treatment, complications, photo

Sore throat and inability to swallow are the most common signs of sore throat. At the initial stage of the development of the disease, these symptoms are typical for all types of angina.

The term "angina" refers to the inflammation of the tonsils. The classification of pathology is very extensive, as it is distinguished by many factors causing the disease, as well as the diversity of forms and species.

Catarrhal angina is one of the easiest forms of inflammation of the tonsils, the inflammatory reaction affects only the mucous layer, not penetrating deeper. This may be the first stage of more severe forms of sore throat, for example, lacunar or follicular.

Therefore, ignore the disease is not worth it. At the first signs of inflammation in the tonsils should consult a doctor for the appointment of treatment.

In the international classification of diseases (ICD-10), the diagnosis of "catarrhal sinus" can not be met, since all forms of angina experts have been combined. Any acute inflammation of the tonsils in ICD-10 is combined into one code J03.0, which has a common name - acute tonsillitis.

The causes of catarrhal angina

The first signs of catarrhal angina - a sore throat

The first signs are perspiration and sore throat, photo

Angina is a disease of an infectious nature with an allergic component. Most often caused by streptococci and staphylococci. It is possible that inflammation develops in the tonsils of the tonsils and fungi and viruses.

The catarrhal form of angina is more often observed in the off-season, when immunity is weakened, and changeable weather promotes hypothermia.

The disease can be transmitted from a sick person to a healthy person, so there are outbreaks in places where a large number of people daily contact (kindergartens, schools, offices, etc.).


Symptoms of catarrhal sinus, photo of throat

The appearance of the first symptoms occurs 2-3 days after infection, sometimes it can take only a few hours. Everything depends on the state of immunity and reactivity of the organism.

Symptoms are divided into general and local. Common features include the following:

  1. Increased body temperature. Values ​​can range from 37.5 to 39 degrees. The disease can also occur without temperature.
  2. Symptoms that indicate the intoxication of the body with microbial toxins: weakness, headache and muscle pain, lack of appetite, a sharp decline in performance.
Photo of the throat with catarrhal angina

Photo of the throat with catarrhal angina

Signs of angina of a local nature:

  1. Pershing and sore throat.
  2. Inability to swallow food, liquids and saliva.
  3. When examining the throat, the doctor ascertains an increase in tonsils in size, their redness. The tonsils are covered with a cloudy coating, in a white tongue of plaque. There is no pus on the tonsils.
  4. When probing nearby lymph nodes (submandibular), pain is noted, the nodes themselves are enlarged in size.

Methods of treatment of catarrhal angina

Treatment of catarrhal angina

Although catarrhal sinus is considered the lightest form and the disease affects only the surface layer of the tonsils, treatment should not be neglected.

Infectious agent should be rendered harmless and withdrawn from the body, otherwise it may develop complications and transition to a chronic stage.

Principles of treatment of the disease are based on the use of antibacterial drugs, as the disease is contagious, compliance with special treatment and symptomatic therapy.

Назначение антибиотиков должен делать только врач. 1. The appointment of antibiotics should be done only by a doctor. You should not take antimicrobials yourself.

Incorrect selection of the drug, its dosage and the duration of therapy will lead to the fact that there will be no recovery, and microbes will become resistant to the antibiotic.

Заболевание является инфекционно-аллергическим, поэтому целесообразно назначить антигистаминные препараты. 2. The disease is infectious-allergic, so it is advisable to prescribe antihistamines. They will eliminate swelling and related unpleasant sensations.

Весь период болезни важно соблюдать постельный режим. 3. The entire period of the disease is important to comply with bed rest. This will help to avoid complications and promote a speedy recovery. The patient needs to drink a large amount of fluid to relieve the symptoms of intoxication and prevent dehydration.

A full-fledged diet will help to quickly restore strength and cope with the pathogen. Since eating is difficult due to enlarged tonsils and pain, food should be thoroughly crushed and made liquid.

Excellent soup-mashed potatoes, meat broths, vegetables and fruits, crushed in a blender.

It is necessary to abandon the irritating components in food: salt, pepper, spices. Try not to smoke during illness.

Помимо назначения антибиотиков, лечение катаральной ангины у взрослых проводится симптоматически. 4. In addition to prescribing antibiotics, treatment of catarrhal sinus in adults is symptomatic. The doctor prescribes drugs aimed at arresting a specific symptom that worries the patient.

It can be antipyretic agents at a temperature, rinses and sprays, relieving pain in the throat, physiotherapy procedures for early recovery, etc.

Rinse throat with sore throat

Без назначения врача можно применять полоскание горла отварами трав или антисептическими растворами. 5. Without prescribing a doctor, gargling with herbal tea or antiseptic solutions can be used. Such procedures have no contraindications, help remove the pathogen from the surface of the tonsils, relieve inflammation, pain and intensify regeneration.

Of medicinal herbs, give preference to flowers of chamomile, oak bark, sage, calendula.

Antiseptic solutions can be prepared independently from furacillin, manganese and hydrogen peroxide. It will be useful to rinse the throat with soda or saline solution.

With timely diagnosis and the appointment of adequate antibiotic therapy, catarrhal sinus disappears without a trace in a few days. In the absence of pathogenetic therapy, complications develop.

Complications of catarrhal angina

With this banal ailment serious complications can develop. Let's consider each of them in detail, stopping at the mechanism of occurrence to understand the seriousness of the situation.

1. Paratonzillar abscess. This formation of abscess in soft tissues near the tonsils. Occurs when the infection spreads outside the palatine tonsils.

A parathonsillar abscess may occur if there is no treatment for the sore throat or an incorrect treatment approach. The use of compresses and warming increases the risk of an abscess, as heat increases the flow of blood to the throat, strengthening the inflammation and reproduction of microorganisms.

The use of such drugs in angina is strictly prohibited! The parathonsillar abscess requires the surgeon's intervention.

2. Rheumatic damage to the heart, joints, vessels. This is due to the fact that these diseases have a single pathogen - group A streptococcus.

When there is streptococcus in the body, the immune system produces special antibodies directed to the destruction of bacterial cells. The paradox is that the specific antigens on the streptococcus shell are similar to the connective tissue antigens.

In the case of failures in immunity, the body begins to produce antibodies to its own tissues, considering them to be dangerous.

3. Glomerulonephritis. It is provoked by streptococcal infection. Occurs after untreated angina.

To prevent the development of complications, you must stay in bed and follow the prescribing doctor's instructions.


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