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Calories of green: causes in adults and children

Nature has endowed the human body with an amazing feature - to independently control the work of all systems and organs, visually report any problems, manifested by skin rashes, or through natural waste. It's not for nothing, for any disease, the diagnosis begins with a study of urinalysis and stool.

Color, consistency and smell of feces are one of the main indicators of pathological changes in the body.

A kind of indicator that displays the work of the digestive tract, liver and gall bladder is green feces in humans. It is the inflammatory processes in the digestive system that are characterized by such manifestation.


The causes of the appearance of green feces in adults

The main role in changing the usual color of feces is played by bilirubin fat-soluble compounds that enter the main structure of bile and penetrate into the digestive tract along with it.

The causes of the appearance of green feces in adults

Green feces in an adult

At the usual rate of food movement through the intestinal tract, oxidation of bilirubin takes place, it pigments and betrays feces brown.

If the process of digestion is disturbed or the processed food moves too fast through the intestinal tract, the bilirubin that does not have time to oxidize is released in a natural, not oxidized form, giving the feces a green color.

To provoke the cause of manifestation of feces of green color in an adult, several factors are capable. Among the main reasons - iron-containing foods and medicines containing an inorganic iron compound.

  • green vegetable crops, leaf salads, fruits and juices from them;
  • red varieties of fish and meat;
  • red bean varieties;
  • products and beverages containing food colorings;
  • sweetness based on liquorice syrup;
  • iron-containing food supplements;
  • medicines based on seaweed;
  • multivitamin complexes;
  • preparations from iodine deficiency, sugar substitutes.

Pathogenic factors

In addition to products and preparations, the manifestation of green feces in an adult is also affected by pathological abnormalities in the GIT system due to:

  1. Food poisoning.
  2. Functional impairment of absorption of cholenic acids in the jejunal zone.
  3. The defeat of all departments of the gastrointestinal tract with granulomatous chronic inflammation.
  4. Hypolactosia - the inability to digest and digest milk sugar.
  5. Hereditary pathology of malabsorption (a violation of the functions of absorption and digestion) of fructose.
  6. Intestinal flu and giardias (intestinal parasite).
  7. NNC is a chronic recurrent intestinal pathology of an immunogenic nature.
  8. Food allergy or intestinal infection.
  9. Excess concentration of thyroid-stimulating hormones in the blood.
  10. Inflammatory processes in the jejunum.

The development of inflammatory processes in the gastrointestinal system causes a massive death of leukocytes, which give green stain to feces. This process is accompanied by:

  • a sharp pain symptom in the peritoneum;
  • diarrhea;
  • green mucus in feces with purulent inclusions;

Green feces with mucus

Green feces with mucus Green mucus in faeces provokes a lot of factors, let's pay attention to the main of them:

Различные кишечные инфекции во многих случаях сопровождаются слизью с оттенком зелени. 1) Various intestinal infections in many cases are accompanied by mucus with a shade of greenery. The fermenting bacterial flora, which feeds on carbohydrates, develops fermentative and putrefactive processes in the intestine. This disrupts the function of the intestinal mucosa and causes an increased secretion of intestinal mucus.

СРК – характеризуется симптом-комплексом функциональных расстройств отделов ЖКТ. 2) IBS - is characterized by a symptom-complex of functional disorders of the digestive tract. Over the course of a month, many of the pathological symptoms and mucus in the stool can be noted. Heat and fever provoke a change in the color of the feces.

В медицине отмечают три типа геморроя с образованием уникальной слизи с оттенком зелени, скапливающейся вокруг анального отверстия. 3) In medicine, there are three types of hemorrhoids with the formation of a unique mucus with a shade of green that accumulates around the anus.

Опухолевые новообразования в кишечнике первой степени и скопление полипов , способны проявляться желтыми, либо зеленоватыми выделениями из заднего прохода со сгустками слизи. 4) Tumor neoplasms in the intestines of the first degree and a cluster of polyps , can manifest themselves in yellow, or greenish discharge from the anus with clots of mucus.

Способствуют образованию данной патологии – врожденная кишечная ферментопатия или наследственные патологии строения верхней внутренней оболочки тощего кишечника. 5) Contribute to the formation of this pathology - congenital intestinal fermentopathy or hereditary pathologies of the structure of the upper inner shell of the lean intestine.

Врожденная непереносимость белковых компонентов клейковины (целиакия) и молочного сахара. 6) Congenital intolerance of the protein components of gluten (celiac) and lactose.

Грыжевые выпячивания кишечных стенок, провоцирующие застой пищи. 7) Hernial protrusions of intestinal walls, which cause stagnation of food.

Генная мутация. 8) Gene mutation. It manifests itself by the development of atrophy of the glandular layer of intestinal walls and the development of progressive fibrosis (cystic fibrosis). Due to the allocation of thick viscous mucus, greenish feces are formed, sometimes gray-green feces.

Causes of dark green feces and symptoms of diseases

Such a symptom is a harbinger of problems in the body, a true evidence of infectious processes in the intestine. It is often a symptom of the initial form of dysentery.

It is manifested by a loose stool, abdominal pain, fever, and a violation of thermoregulation (temperature), followed by the attachment of clinical infectious symptoms.

Causes of dark green feces Darkening of green feces is preceded by small, chronic forms, bleeding, provoked by malignant lesions in the digestive tract or ulcerative pathologies. They contribute to incomplete oxidation in the intestines of iron compounds, which gives feces a shade of dark green color.

The dark green chair of the usual structure is capable of manifesting itself as a result of the development of various pathological changes in the liver that reduce its functionality (fibrosis, hepatosis, etc.). This is due to the lack of formation of red blood cells due to the decay of their main component - iron-containing proteins (hemoglobin).

If the liver fails to timely dispose of the decomposed proteins, it releases them into the duodenum, where the iron compounds can be oxidized completely or partially, forming feces of dark green color.

Such a pathology is also observed with a combination of bleeding in the upper gastrointestinal tract with an acute form of dysbiosis, provoking an incomplete volume of food processing, accompanied by its fermentation and the purulent decomposition of food elements in the intestine.

Yellow-green feces: the processes of formation

Insolvency of the processes of regulation of absorption and digestion of carbohydrates from fibers and connective tissue tissue of plant foods, leads to functional disorders in the jejunum and pancreas.

Their enzymes do not cope with their duties, resulting in a syndrome of fermentation dyspepsia with the formation of feces of a yellow-green color.

Such staining of feces in breast-fed infants is considered the norm. In older children, yellow-green color acquire feces when the child's diet is not appropriate for his age.

Or if you consume too much food with which an untenable system of the digestive tract can not cope, with the structure of the stool changing, it becomes watery, foamy or mushy, covered with mucus.

Green feces in the baby

Green feces in the child

Green feces in the child

Green feces in a child has its own characteristics of manifestation. In many cases, it is not considered a sign of pathology. In infants of the first, adaptive, month of life, this color feces are the physiological norm caused by the addiction of the baby to breast milk.

In another case, when a child is an artificial person, violations in the color range of children's bowel movements can be caused by milk mixtures. In this case, the consistency and smell of stool changes.

During the period of complementary feeding, careful control is needed on what the child eats, in what quantity, and what medications are attributed to him.

A greenish shade of feces is very common when a child begins to erupt teeth.

During this period, intense salivation causes in response a large release of bile in the stomach, affecting the shade and color of the stool. It can be accompanied by colic and painful spasms of the baby's tummy. With the growth of the child, the number of provocative factors that cause a green stain of feces also increases.

In their majority, they are similar to those peculiar to adults. Green stools and severe deterioration of the child's condition, require immediate diagnosis, to find out the cause and appropriate treatment.

The reaction of the body in children can manifest itself as a serious problem - dehydration of the body, since such changes are almost always accompanied by frequent diarrhea. It can be anything:

  • salmonellosis or dysentery;
  • escherichosis, lactase insufficiency;
  • or intestinal dysbiosis.

It is possible to suspect such pathologies when mucous formations are found in the stool. It is necessary to pay special attention to this in order to identify the disease in time.

What if there was a green feces?

With a similar symptom, the first thing to do is to identify the cause. If the state of health is normal, there are no negative changes in the body, it is necessary to correct the diet and exclude possible provocative medicines.

If it concerns infants, the diet should be reviewed by the mother. Over time, the chair should be adjusted.

If there are any symptoms that cause discomfort and worsen overall health, manifested by: severe pain, weakness, fever and fever, gas clots in the intestine or mucus in the feces, an urgent visit to the doctor is needed.

Only after careful diagnosis, the doctor will be able to determine the cause of the disease and make an effective treatment plan.


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