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How to make a shot in the buttock? Rules and video

An injection with a syringe into the buttock (intramuscular injection) is the most convenient and safe method of parenteral administration of the medicinal solution.

The gluteal muscle is a massive layer of tissue in which the drug depot is created, and abundant blood supply allows you to quickly distribute the drug throughout the body.

Anatomical feature of this area is the minimum number of nerve endings, which contributes to the smooth penetration of the solution into the tissue.


Preparation for an injection

Choice of injection site, photo

Choice of injection site, photo

Before an intramuscular injection, hands (or medical gloves) must be disinfected and the injection site must be treated.

For these purposes, use antiseptic agents: ethyl alcohol, manorm or alcohol wipes. In the home is allowed to use vodka or cologne.

Place a disposable syringe with a needle in the package, a vial of medicine, a nail file, cotton wool or alcohol wipes on a clean surface.

For intramuscular injections use syringes with a volume of 5 ml, young children - 2 ml. Adults need to administer the drug as deeply as possible so as not to cause severe pain and inflammation after administration.

How to make a shot in the buttock?

How to make a shot in the buttock?

The main condition for manipulation is the observance of the rules of asepsis and the choice of the injection site. To properly make an intramuscular injection in the buttock, you must follow the sequence of the following actions:

  1. The syringe must be removed from the packaging and the needle securely fastened so that it does not come off when the medicine is injected. With the leakage of medication, the required dose of the drug will not enter the body.
  2. Check the name of the drug on the ampoule, the concentration of the solution. Open the ampoule.
  3. Dial in the syringe the required amount of the drug, the needle should not touch the walls. Raise the top of the syringe and release air bubbles.
  4. The patient is better to take a supine position in order to achieve maximum relaxation of the gluteus muscle.
  5. Wipe the injection site with an antiseptic.
  6. At an angle of 90 degrees to make a puncture in the central part of the upper-outer quadrant.
  7. Slow, smooth motion injected solution.
  8. After removing the syringe, wipe the injection site with a cotton swab with an antiseptic or alcohol wipe.

The next drug is injected into another buttock or retreating 1-2 cm from the previous injection site.

How to open the ampoule?

To open the ampoule in two ways.

  • First, with the help of a nail file - it is necessary to cut the upper, narrow part of the ampoule and break it.
  • The second - for ampoules with a break point (applied to the ampoule by the manufacturer) - you only need to break the upper part of the ampoule with your hands, while the point should be turned to the person performing the manipulation.

How to make a shot in the buttock itself?

How to make a shot in the buttock itself? Injection is a manipulation that must be performed by a medical professional, but there are situations when it is not possible to visit the clinic or invite the nurse to the house.

In this case, the drug can be administered intramuscularly independently, but you must first familiarize yourself with the rules in order to understand how to make an injection into the buttock itself.

  1. With cleaned hands, pour the contents of the ampoule into a sterile syringe so that air does not get inside. If this happens, shake the contents and squeeze the bubbles from the syringe, lifting it up.
  2. Treat the injection site with an antiseptic.
  3. In a standing or lying position on one side, inject a well-chosen point, the skin fold can be held with your free hand.
  4. Squeeze the contents and pull out the needle.
  5. Process the injection site with a cotton swab moistened with alcohol or an alcohol wipe.

The choice of injection site

There are several areas on the body suitable for the procedure:

  • Injection into the deltoid muscle of the shoulder;
  • Prick in the front of the thigh;
  • Injection into the upper outer quadrant of the buttock.

Injections into the shoulder alone are uncomfortable and painful. The thigh muscles can be done, but it is a very sensitive place where large nerves pass. Therefore, possible complications and severe pain.

The choice of injection site

The choice of injection site

The buttock is the safest site of administration. You can choose a place as follows: visually divide the gluteal region into four equal parts.

Select the upper, outer area. Put a point in the center - the injection site.

Possible unpleasant situations when self-pricking

Independent injections are forced measures, therefore making an injection to yourself is not only inconvenient, but also scary, and the following errors are possible:

  • Insufficiently treated injection field;
  • The introduction of the needle is not at full length;
  • It is difficult to exclude entry into the vessel;
  • Needle breakage due to muscular tension.

Often the patient can not overcome the psychological barrier, which is caused by the application of pain to himself.

Video - Prick to buttock

Complications after intramuscular injections

Medical manipulations, even such simple ones as intramuscular injections, require adherence to certain rules.

Otherwise, the following complications are possible:

  • The release of a drug intended only for intramuscular injection in the blood. It is possible to prevent this by checking the needle hitting the vessel: pull the piston towards you, if there is blood in the syringe, then you need to slightly pull the needle towards you.
  • Painful seals (infiltrates) - are formed with repeated injection at one point or after poor treatment of the injection site or hands. Especially often such a complication occurs after the injection of oil solutions, magnesium sulphate.
  • An abscess - an infected infiltrate can turn into an abscess: a painful, hyperemic area. Surgical treatment.
  • Allergic reactions. The occurrence of allergic reactions requires the categorical withdrawal of the drug. Before the first introduction of antibiotics, an intradermal allergy test must be performed.

After correctly executed manipulation there is no complication. Therefore, intramuscular injections can be performed independently at home, if you carefully read the rules of administration.

2017-01-12 19:46:45
after removing the needle, blood is bleeding why and how dangerous it is
2017-01-12 20:54:03
just pinch and hold for a couple of minutes, no big deal
2017-04-24 19:15:32
Not completely removed the air from the syringe - how dangerous is it?
Medical Consultant
2017-04-25 12:35:12
Hello, Tamara! We all know that air bubbles are dangerous when they enter the bloodstream. If an air bubble of a sufficiently large size falls into a vein, then it can quite easily break into smaller ones and dissolve in the blood. But, in the event that this does not happen, the air bubble, having passed the right parts of the heart, will enter the pulmonary artery, and, having reached its branching of the corresponding caliber, will simply turn off the "part of the breathing apparatus." This is manifested by <a href="/tromboemboliya-legochnoj-arterii/"> thromboembolism of the pulmonary artery </a>, which can even lead to death in the event of a total blockage of the vessel, or its major branch. In the event that you do an intramuscular injection, in the upper outer quadrant of the buttock, the situation is quite different. This place is specially chosen because there are no large vessels in it, but only fiber and muscle tissue. Therefore, if an air bubble accidentally gets into the thickness of the muscle, then nothing terrible will happen: it will simply disintegrate into smaller bubbles, and will gradually be sucked into the tissue fluid. But, of course, you should try to carefully remove all air bubbles. How to achieve this? Thus: 1) Do not be afraid to flip your finger around the syringe body to do this so that all the bubbles will gather into one large one, while keeping the syringe with the needle on it should be held vertically; 2) Press the plunger lightly, “filling” the vial into the needle. Do not be afraid to “splash” medicine: it will be spent a little, but there will be a guarantee that all the bubbles will leave the syringe; 3) For convenience, purchase syringes in which the needle tip is located in the middle of the cylinder, and not at the edge. So it is easier to send a vial there; 4) Get high-quality syringes with easy piston stroke. This is the only way you can fully control the pressure. In cheap syringes the piston walks tightly, and often "jerks"; 5) Finally, use an appropriately sized syringe. That is, do not use a syringe 10, and especially 20 ml for the injection of a medicinal product from a 1 - 2 ml ampoule.

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