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How to pump up the buttocks to a girl at home

Beautiful trimmed buttocks - an ornament of a female figure, which every girl wants to "wear". But not everyone has the opportunity to regularly visit expensive fitness clubs to maintain shape and shape. There is a way out - there are certain exercises for the buttocks for girls at home, helping to solve this problem in a fairly short time.


How to pull up and pump up the buttocks?

Giving the muscles the right shape is a gradual and consistent process that does not take place this minute. To begin with, adjust your diet, without this it is impossible in principle to have a beautiful figure, not only in the buttocks. This refers to limiting the refusal of:

  • Fast food;
  • Muffins and confectionery;
  • Any sausage and canned products;
  • Chips and crackers;
  • Carbonated sweet water.

How to pump up the buttocks to a girl at home

And switch to fresh vegetables with fruits, stews and boiled dishes, low-fat meat, fish, sour-milk products and drink at least 2.5 liters of liquid per day.

It is advisable to observe the diet regime 4 - 5 times a day, in small portions, without overeating. Diet at the beginning of classes will help to lose weight, reducing the volume of the buttocks.

The last meal is 2 hours before the workout. The same time needs to be sustained and after. During the lessons, it is necessary to drink clean water in small sips.

Pumping buttocks at home - effective exercises

The first paragraph was fulfilled, now how to quickly pump the girl's buttocks? In fact, there are few exercises for these purposes, but they are sufficient to achieve the necessary results:

  1. Squats (classic and plie).
  2. Back and forth with a bench.
  3. The bridge for the buttocks.

The most effective and all recognized exercise is considered Squats, they can be performed, both with their weight and weighting (barbells, dumbbells or bottles filled with water).

How to squat correctly to pump up the buttocks to a girl?

Pump up the buttocks at home

To begin with, you have to stretch your body before your main job in the form of jumping, fast walking, swinging your arms and legs, do not forget stretching. After this, you can start to work on the gluteal muscles with the help of squats:

  • Legs are wider than shoulders at a comfortable distance from each other with slightly unfolded toes;
  • Hands are in front of you;
  • Crouching should be done as if you need to sit on a chair that is far behind;
  • Knees are located at the level of the socks, without going beyond their limits, and the hips on the parallels with the floor.

And be sure to follow the breath - at the bottom to breathe in with your nose, at the top breathe out with your mouth. In order to quickly pump up the buttocks in such an exercise at home, the girl needs to perform up to 4 approaches for training 20 times.

Over time, to increase the load, it is recommended to do the same with the weighting agents and at a slow pace.

A set of exercises for the buttocks at home

Give a beautiful shape and accentuate the lines of the buttocks will help Drop back. Their correct execution is concluded in the following - from I.P. Stand on the floor with legs across the width of the shoulders to make a long step back. In this case, the knee of the front support leg should not go out visually in front of the foot. Then return the leg located behind in I.P. Do the same with the other. You need 4 sets of 20 repetitions.

Beginners are advised to do the first two or three weeks for 2 sets of 12-16 repetitions, gradually bringing the load to maximum. When this is done easily, add weighting agents.

In the complex of exercises for the buttocks at home, you can add, besides the classic squats described above, Plie. It is performed as follows:

  • Wide setting of feet on the floor with maximum dilution of feet to the sides.
  • When squatting, the lower extremity of the thighs is located on the parallel with the floor.

The number of approaches and repetitions is the same as in previous exercises. For beginners, the recommendations are the same.

Another excellent "home" movement wishing to tidy up the buttocks, this squat with the use of support:

  • Become a back to a chair or a bench by placing a sock of one foot on it.
  • The knee of the supporting leg is at the level of the sock.
  • Squat to parallel the thigh with the floor.

Recommendations regarding the load remain the same.

The bridge for the buttocks is carried by the shoulder blades on any support in the form of an armchair, sofa or chair. This exercise should be final in the complex, loading the muscles:

  • Legs are bent on the floor on the width of the shoulders, hands freely lie on the stomach.
  • The pelvis goes down and comes back.

The fulfillment of the proposed load, will provide beautiful and tight buttocks. For how long can you pump up the buttocks to a girl? - you will eagerly inquire. In a month or two, the result will be noticeable, I'm sure.

Terms and results

pump up the buttocks at home

The time for which it is possible to achieve visible results is not unambiguous. Many factors play a role here - the initial weight, genetic predisposition, sex and age.

But with the observance, at least, of rational nutrition and regular training, the effect of working on the gluteal muscles will be noticeable after 1.5-2 months.

And if once a week to visit the bath, take a course of sports massage and wraps, add aerobic load in the form of easy running in the morning or various types of walking, swimming and cycling, the results will not disappoint.


Maximum efficiency is ensured by following the following rules:

  1. Regularity - train at least three times a week, or better 5;
  2. Exhalation is made on effort, and on the contrary - relaxation is accompanied by inspiration;
  3. Graduality - do not immediately force events, applying weighting and carrying out the maximum load. First you need to master the technique, accustom the muscles to the load and only then increase it;
  4. At the beginning of the class, you must jump, run around the room or on the site with a high hip and so on. That is, add aerobic load.

All my recommendations will help not only to tighten and pump up the buttocks, but to put in order the whole body, including getting rid of cellulite. Plus, this guarantees a great mood, a healthy complexion and cleansing the entire body of harmful substances.


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