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How to pump up the girl's legs at home

All girls want to be the owners of beautiful and slim legs, attracting admiring male looks. Some nature has endowed with those from birth, and the rest have to achieve this with their work and limitations. How to effectively and quickly pump up the girl's legs?

To begin with, let's define the very concept of “beautiful legs” - after all, it is different for everyone. In the representation of some, these are strongly pumped legs with “playing” muscles, and for others - the absence of excess fat and cellulite. In the first case, you will have to do it in the gym with big weights, in the second case you have enough regular exercises at home.

There is a sufficient amount of exercise for girls' legs at home, able to bring their appearance in order in a relatively short time.

How to pump up the girl's legs at home

But this will require compliance with the following conditions:

  • In the approach of at least 16 repetitions;
  • It is necessary to include in the complex aerobic exercise, it is better at the very beginning - running, jumping, exercise bike;
  • The beginning of training should be aimed at preparing the muscles for the upcoming load in the form of a 10-15 minute workout and stretching.

Another point - it is unlikely to achieve the desired results if you do not adjust the diet and diet, which will be discussed later.


6 exercises for girls at home

Now we will pass to practical recommendations about how beautifully to pump up legs to the girl. The complex includes the following exercises:

Обычными приседаниями можно в короткие сроки накачать бедра девушке – ноги стоят на полу (чуть шире плеч), руки перед собой или на поясе. 1) Ordinary squats can in a short time pump up the hips of the girl - the legs are on the floor (slightly wider than the shoulders), arms in front of you or on the belt. Squatting, you must imagine standing behind the chair on which to sit.

The extreme point on the parallel of the hips with the floor, and then return to IP, holding the buttocks. Perform 3 approaches, starting from 20 times each with a gradual increase.

С помощью выпадов также отлично прорабатываются мышцы ног – постановка ног на ширине плеч, одной ногой сделать выпад вперед до прямого угла в коленном суставе. 2) With the help of attacks, the muscles of the legs are also well worked out - setting the legs shoulder-width apart; with one foot, lunging forward to the right angle at the knee joint. The support leg does not touch the floor. And return push in I.P.

Do the same with the other leg. At the same time, the knee of the working foot does not extend beyond the foot. Repeat 12-16 times on each leg in 3 approaches.

6 exercises for girls at home

Запрыгивая на твердую поверхность, девушки проработают все мышцы ног, включая икроножные. 3) Jumping on a hard surface, the girls will work out all the leg muscles, including the calf. You will need a stool or any other device with a straight platform in height slightly below the knee.

Perform 12 jumps in each of 3-4 approaches.

Поднятиями на носки эффективно накачиваются икры ног девушек в домашних условиях. 4) Lifts of girls' legs at home are effectively pumped on socks. To do this, take a low surface, stand on it with your toes and, without putting your heels on the floor, make up to 20 lifts on your toes.

Such an exercise perfectly outlines the calf muscles, making them more prominent.

Махи ногами вперед-назад помогут проработать заднюю и переднюю поверхность бедра с ягодицами. 5) Swing your feet back and forth to help work out the back and front of the thigh with the buttocks. And by means of strides, the external and internal side are involved.

Repeats should be at least 20 in each of the 3 approaches.

С помощью эспандера заметно прорабатываются мышцы, расположенные на внутренней стороне бедра. 6) With the help of the expander, the muscles located on the inner side of the thigh are noticeably worked through. Sitting on the surface, clamp the simulator with your knees and with effort to reduce and spread your legs - 3 sets of 16-20 times.

Jogging the girl’s legs at home will also be helped by jogging, alternating with fast walking - this will make them slim and fit. Running it is desirable to start training, with them you will additionally warm up your muscles before strength work.

Another simple and very effective tool for the home is a jump rope. Jumping with her will help in addition to working out the muscles of the legs, also get rid of excess weight throughout the body.

Terms and results

How quickly and qualitatively the appearance of the legs improves depends on several factors:

  • Do they regularly train in sufficient quantities?
  • Is the power adjusted?
  • Is drinking regime observed?
  • Is it a good rest?

During exercise, be sure to drink plain water in small sips. And during the day, drink up to 2.5 liters of liquid, including soups, juices and fruits.

These are the main points that affect the rate of burning excess fat in the foot area. If we consider that all this is adjusted, then in a couple of weeks the results will already be visible. But in order to change drastically, it will take half a year, depending on the initial weight, gender and genetics.

And one more point - you must follow the chosen path for the rest of your life. This should not be a temporary change, otherwise everything will return “to normal”, and even with an increase.

Fresh air and fitness

to pump up the girl's legs at home An incomparable pleasure is experienced by a person practicing in the open air, away from major motorways and crowded places. Lose weight in general and pump up the legs can be rides on a bicycle, jogging, sports (recreational) walking or even Scandinavian.

You can do at a convenient time, but it should be borne in mind - active workouts in the morning on an empty stomach actively burn off excess body buildup. If the choice fell on the evening, then you should not do this after 19 hours, so as not to spoil your night rest.

Nutrition Information

What to eat, how much and how, it is very important for the process of working out the muscles of the legs and losing weight in general. Excluded from the diet:

  1. Any sausages, smoked meats and preservation.
  2. Muffin and pastry.
  3. Chips and crackers.
  4. Sweet carbonated drinks.

And to focus on fresh vegetables with fruits, whole grain bread and pasta made from durum wheat, cereals (buckwheat, oats, rice, millet), sour milk products and lean meat.

You should eat 4 to 6 times a day in small portions. Before a workout, it is permissible to eat for 2 hours, and not heavy meals, but quickly digestible. If the task is set to lose weight, then after class, too, is maintained before the meal.

Girls, adhering to these recommendations, you will improve your appearance in a relatively short time and quickly pump up your legs! And continuing to follow the chosen lifestyle, six months later, no trace will remain of the excess weight.


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