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How to pump a girl press at home

Many people, especially at a young age, want to have a smart and beautiful belly. This dream can be realized by working on the muscles of the abdomen at home or by enrolling in the gym. In the article we will talk about the rapid inflation of the press girls at home.


There are several rules for successful work with the abdominal muscles - to remove excess fat first, then press hard, the results are tracked and adjustments are made with increasing or changing the load.

How to pump a girl press at home

Many representatives of the fair sex fat accumulates in the abdominal area, under the layer of which are the relief muscles. The whole secret is that only one exercise can not get rid of excesses on the body - you need a comprehensive approach, including nutrition, day regimen and training.

The amount of incoming energy from food should not be more than the calories burned per day - overeating leads to excess weight, even regular training from savings will not save.

This leads to two options for solving the problem:

  1. Leave the old diet, but practice daily with one weekend per week for 2-3 hours.
  2. Compliance with an easy diet with 3 weekly workouts per hour.

In the first case, it is not known how the body reacts to an inadequate load for it - this can lead to a breakdown. The second option is the most acceptable and safe for health.


Tips and tricks before starting workouts

Let's start with food, as this is the basis. Beautifully to pump up the press the girl will turn out at observance of recommendations:

  • It will be necessary to cut down the usual portions and eat less food without missing receptions. With a long absence of food intake into the body, the processes of fat accumulation begin;
  • Reduce caloric content, preferring a fat piece of fried pork, lean boiled chicken with vegetables;
  • Stop consuming confectionery and sweet fizzy drinks, including alcoholic beverages. Replace them with honey and fruits (dried fruits), it is not forbidden to eat a little dark chocolate (30 grams per day);
  • There are more protein products in the form of low-fat meat, fish, turkey, eggs, yogurts and kefir with low fat content;
  • In the diet should be present in large quantities of vegetables and fresh herbs. Excellent burns fat garlic, chili and ginger.

Drinking is also very important - for women a sufficient number of 9 glasses, drunk during the day.

How does a girl pump up a press to the dice?

How to pump a girl press at home

Before training, the last meal - at least 2 hours, consisting of light and quickly digestible dishes. Sitting at the table after class is also recommended after the same period of time - for those who lose weight. If the goal is to correct the figure, then you can eat in an hour.

The complex begins with a warm-up, and aerobic is better - easy running, jumping with a skipping rope or brisk walking, dancing or an exercise bike, then stretching.

This will help prepare the body for the main load and burn extra calories.

  • Correctly to pump up a girl press at home

To pump the girl press cubes, you need to work out all the abdominal muscles - the upper, lower and on the sides (oblique).

Exercises for home

Pumping the bottom press at home to the girl is recommended the following exercises:

  1. Lie on your back with your legs at right angles, hands along the body. First, lower your legs to the floor and return them to I.P. one leg, then the other. Without stopping, perform at least 12 times on each leg - 3 approaches.
  2. I.P. - Also, as in the previous time, the legs together at the top - to lower and raise, without touching the floor at the bottom point. At least 3 approaches 12-16 times each.

Methodical recommendation - the loin is completely pressed to the floor and is in a stationary state.

To study the upper abdomen , the following exercises are offered:

  1. Lying on the back, hands behind the head, legs are bent by feet on the floor - lifting the upper part of the body upwards with the return to the IP. The view is directed to the ceiling, the waist is pressed to the floor with the blades removed from the surface. Do 3-4 approaches 16-20 times.
  2. From the previous IP, but with legs bent cross, and detached from the floor - simultaneous pulling the upper part of the body to the knees, tearing off the pelvis and the shoulder blades. Do 16-20 repetitions in each of the 3 approaches.

Remove the sides by working oblique abdominal muscles, it is recommended as follows:

  1. Stand on the floor with feet on the width of the shoulders, in the hands you can take the weighting - the inclination of the body first to one side, then to the other. Without stopping, perform 20 repetitions on each side of the 3 approaches.
  2. Lying on his back with his hands behind his head and bent legs torn from the floor - pull up his right elbow to his left knee, return to I.P. and do the same in the other direction. In each of 3 approaches for 16-20 repetitions.

Pump down the bottom press at home

Complete the complex can be a "bar", acting on virtually all groups of muscles in the body - resting on the elbows and toe socks, keeping the body on the weight in an ideally straight position.

Standing so you need the maximum possible time, but not less than 10 seconds, weekly increasing the time.

Terms and results

How quickly and effectively it will be possible to achieve the desired results depends on the initial weight, sex, age, genetics, the implementation of all recommendations and the regularity of training. On average, this is the time from one month to six months.

You can monitor the effectiveness by keeping a diary, recording the food, loads, measured waist measurements and weight. And it's even better to take weekly photos.

A few tips and precautions

  • To get rid of fat on the abdomen, you need to focus on aerobic exercise and nutrition adjustment.
  • Every two months, you need to change the set of exercises for progress and the lack of addiction to the body's workload.
  • It is necessary to work as much as possible, not leading yourself to overtraining - there must be a burning sensation, but not pain.
  • In order not to overload the neck, you need to put your head on your hands.
  • Before the start of training, it will not hurt to go to the doctor and get his advice and permission for this kind of training, especially if there are any diseases.

If all of the above recommendations are followed and the exercises are performed correctly, the results will not be long in coming.


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