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How to pump a pussy muscle in a home

Beautiful breasts are the dream of many girls who are deprived of such a nature. You can correct the situation by special exercises for pectoral muscles, which will be discussed in this article.


The mammary gland and fatty tissue are the components of the female breast. Accordingly, it can be raised by pumping a number of located muscles. Thus, it will not be possible to enlarge the breast itself, but it is quite possible to fill it with elasticity and tighten it.

How to pump pectoral muscle to a girl

There are sports, which constantly keep the chest in tone - it is volleyball, tennis and swimming. The rest, far from sports, will need to be patient, enthusiastic and begin to train.

The muscles of the breast in its composition have:

  • Fan shaped large thoracic, located in front;
  • The triangular shape belongs to a small muscle, the location of which is the upper chest;
  • And a jagged muscle in the front of the chest.

The first two muscles allow the shoulder to bend, while at the same time bringing a hand. Conventionally, the breast is divided into departments such as upper, middle and lower. There is also an internal one, which requires a separate study.

Exercises aimed at inflating the chest, require a lot of effort - this contributes to overall weight loss (another plus sign).


Working with pectoral muscles correctly

It is impossible to work out pectoral muscles every day - this will only hurt the figure.

The explanation is simple - during the training in the muscles appear microtrauma, which requires a recovery period. Therefore, the optimal regime - 3 times a week every other day. The number of exercises is enough 4 -8 in the complex, and for beginners 2-3.

Effectively and quickly to pump the pectoral muscles of the girl can be using a dumbbell, an expander and a bench. All this is not expensive and is available in any sports shop.

Tips and tricks before starting workouts

The first thing to notice is the power adjustment. The emphasis is on protein food for muscle building and carbohydrate for energy. A large amount of protein is found in meat, fish, eggs, as well as dairy and fermented milk products. But all of them should be low-fat.

Of products containing carbohydrates, you need to focus on cereals, cooked on water, pasta from durum wheat and fruits. Do not forget about vegetables in fresh form and greens.

Before training, the last meal is at least 2 hours in advance. In the process of drinking simple water in small sips, and during the day to drink at least 2 - 2.5 liters.

Before the main load, it is mandatory to perform a 10-15-minute warm-up and it is better to consist of aerobic exercises (jumping with a skipping rope, light jogging on the street or a treadmill, riding an exercise bike or a bicycle, wellness walking) and stretching.

Exercises for girls for home

How to pump a pussy muscle in a home

Now we go directly to practice - how to pump the girl's chest at home. The easiest way to do this without any adaptations is to reduce the palms of your chest and connect them with force, keeping this position for several minutes. Do this exercise 3 times. The effectiveness of such a load will be noticeable during a week of regular classes.

You can pump pectoral muscles to a girl without dumbbells in several other ways:

  1. Push-ups from the floor from the knees - stand on the palms (located at shoulder level), body and hips on one line (strain the buttocks and press). Run 12 to 20 push-ups, depending on the level of preparation in each of the 2-3 approaches.
  2. The same push-ups, but with a stop in the middle point, delayed for a couple of seconds. Having lowered below, again to make a 2-second stop and return to I.P.
  3. With the help of an expander, the muscles of the chest are perfectly worked out, the replacement of which is simple rubber (thick) - stretching your hands in different directions, changing the position to 4 minutes without stopping. Take a short break and repeat the exercise again.

The following exercises will be available with dumbbells :

  1. Lie down on the floor, taking dumbbells in their hands, spread them to the sides, not touching the surface (arms slightly bent at the elbows). From this position, keep your hands at the breast level. Execute the exercise from 12 to 16 times 2-3 approaches.
  2. From the same IP, but the arms with dumbbells are raised at the level of the chest (elbows are also slightly bent) - rotation by hand with a return to the IP. Perform 3 approaches 12-16 times.

Pumping pectoral muscles to a girl with dumbbells

In conclusion of the main work, it is necessary to carry out a hitch - to stretch out your arms in front of you and very quickly do cross-motions (up to half a minute) and stretch the worked muscles.


In the gym to pump pectoral muscles girl will be easier, because there is enough for this device and training is under the supervision of the coach.

A common and effective exercise for these purposes is the bar press on the bench with tilt, push-ups from the beams and the pectoral muscles on the special simulator.

Weight is chosen such that it was possible to perform at least 12 times in each of the three approaches with a break of not more than a minute. This will help not only to tighten the chest, but also lose weight.

Terms and results

Terms and results The timing for which the breasts will be tightened, one can not say unequivocally, but on average this is from a month to six months. The speed of the results depends on the initial weight, the speed of metabolic processes and the regularity of training with a change in diet and diet.

It is important to understand that having chosen the path of a healthy lifestyle, it will be necessary to follow it all life, so as not to lose what has been achieved. Moreover, with age, existing problems in appearance will not pass by themselves, but only worsen. Therefore, work on yourself will have to constantly, which in fact brings a sense of satisfaction and self-confidence.


In addition to power load, there are a number of tools and methods that help to tighten the breasts in girls:

  • Products such as cabbage, honey, red fish and nuts with legumes help improve the appearance of the breasts;
  • An excellent effect can be achieved with a contrast shower, as well as special masks that give the breast elasticity;
  • Meditation with yoga is an excellent means of toning the pectoral muscles.

And no less important is the mood and desire. You can not practice from under the stick, otherwise the effect can be the opposite.

It will be hard for the first couple of weeks, and then the body itself will begin to "demand" the load. The main thing is not to stop, even if the results do not appear as quickly as we would like. Persistence and work are the key to success.


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