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Indapamide - instructions for use, analogues, indications

The drug Indapamide (Indapamide) is a diuretic used in primary and secondary hypertension. The drug begins to act 30 minutes after administration (bioavailability ~ 93%), the therapeutic effect is observed during the day.

The maximum concentration of the active substance indapamide in the blood - after 12 hours. The half-life is approximately 18 hours (from 14 to 24 hours). Equilibrium concentration is established after 7 days of regular intake.

In therapeutic doses, tablets have virtually no effect on lipid (triglycerides, high and low density lipoproteins) and carbohydrate metabolism. In patients with renal insufficiency, the pharmacokinetic parameters of elimination do not change.


Indapamide Indications

Indapamide photo

Indapamide 1.5 mg photo

Indications for use of indapamide is due to the pharmacological action - it is diuretic, hypotensive. The antihypertensive effect appears only at the initial elevated blood pressure, develops by the end of the first week and lasts for 24 hours against the background of a single dose of indapamide.

  • The maximum result is noticeable after 3 months of systematic use.

What does indapamide help?

  • Arterial hypertension;
  • Sodium and water retention in chronic heart failure.
  • Effective use of Indapamide as a diuretic in edema syndrome against the background of chronic heart failure.

Indapamide - instructions for use

Indapamid tablets are taken orally, preferably in the morning. Washing it down with enough liquid (water).

In case of arterial hypertension, 1 tablet is shown once a day, depending on the form of drug release:

  • Indapamide - 1.25-2.5 mg once a day
  • Indapamide retard - 1.5 mg 1 time per day

With insufficient effectiveness of the action of indapamide after 4-8 weeks, it is advisable to add to the therapy drugs with a different mechanism of action. Increasing the dosage of indapamide does not cause an increase in the hypotensive effect, but significantly increases the risks of complications and the diuretic effect.

Indapamide from pressure - as indicated above, 2.5 - the maximum recommended dosage of the drug per day. The therapeutic effect is cumulative, and is achieved with time, rather than increasing the dose. This also applies to the use of indapamide tablets against pressure and edematous syndrome in the context of CHF.

  • It is recommended to use 1 tablet of indapamide 1.5 mg retard 1 time per day.


According to the instructions for use of indapamide, the drug is contraindicated in case of hypersensitivity to the active substance (Indapamide), other sulfonamides or auxiliary components of the drug.

  • Diseases - severe renal failure, hepatic encephalopathy and severe liver dysfunction, hypokalemia.
    Since indapamide is diuretic, it should be taken with caution in case of kidney pathologies, additional consultation with a physician is required.
  • The use of indapamide is contraindicated in patients under the age of 18 years, as well as with the simultaneous use of drugs, the action of which is aimed at lengthening the intervals of electrical heart systole.
  • Self-administration of indapamide during pregnancy and lactation is contraindicated. Acute or recently occurred violation of cerebral circulation.

Special instructions:

In patients taking cardiac glycosides, laxatives of drugs, on the background of hyper aldosteronism, as well as in elderly patients, careful monitoring of the content of K + and creatinine is shown. The first measurement of potassium concentration in the blood should be carried out within 1 week of treatment.

Increases the concentration of Li + in plasma (reduction in urine excretion), lithium has a nephrotoxic effect.

Indapamide tablets must be carefully prescribed to people suffering from diabetes. In this case, the glucose level should be monitored.

While taking the medication, an exacerbation of the symptoms of SLE ( systemic lupus erythematosus ) may be observed.

When used by athletes, the action of indapamide may cause a false-positive reaction during the doping test.

All contraindications and precautions apply to the drug indapamide 1.5 retard.

Analogs Indapamide (list)

Indapamide tablets have structural analogues of the active substance. These are drugs for the treatment of persistent high blood pressure:

  • Acripamide,
  • Acripamide Retard,
  • Arindud, Arifon,
  • Arifon-retard (French equivalent),
  • Vero-Indapamide,
  • Indapamide MV-Stada (Russian equivalent),
  • Indapamide retard (Russian equivalent),
  • Indapamide Stada,
  • Indapres,
  • Indapsan,
  • Indipam
  • Ionik,
  • Ionik retard,
  • Ipres long
  • Lorvas Wed,
  • Ravel CP,
  • Retapres,
  • CP Indamed.

Please note that the instructions for use of indapamide, the price and reviews of analogues do not apply, before use, be sure to consult with your doctor about the possibility of replacement. First of all, it is connected with possibly another dosage of the active substance in tablets of indapamide analogues.


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