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Ichthyol ointment, from what helps? Instructions for use, contraindications

Ichthyol ointment is made from combustible shale resins with a high sulfur content. Its composition is simple - the active substance ichthammol and medical petrolatum. The smell of this black-brown ointment is specific, and few people like it, but against the background of the therapeutic properties of the remedy, it ceases to be a disadvantage.


pharmachologic effect

The drug is well absorbed into the skin, penetrates deep into the epidermis, which is due to its effectiveness in the treatment of skin lesions. Pharmacological action of ichthyol ointment:

  • It improves blood circulation - more oxygen enters the tissues, and the infiltration is brought to the surface.
  • Influencing capillary permeability, the ointment eliminates inflammation, pain and swelling.
  • The pronounced antibacterial effect is due to exposure to sulfur, which destroys proteins in the pathogen cells.
  • It inhibits the process of decay and promotes the formation of new layers of the epidermis (keratoplastic effect).

Combined remedy with ichthammol content - zinc-ichthyol ointment, and more correctly paste, - by its action it is similar to ichthyol, it treats eczema, dermatitis, burns and ulcers of the skin.

What helps Ichthyol ointment?

What helps Ichthyol ointment

The spectrum of dermatological diseases for which the use of ichthyol ointment is indicated is broad:

  • streptoderma;
  • burns;
  • erysipelas ;
  • eczema;
  • hydradenitis;
  • sycosis;
  • boils;
  • prostatitis;
  • neuralgia and manifestations of arthritis;
  • trichophytosis and infiltrate microsporia;
  • rosacea;
  • lupus erythematosus;
  • light pox;
  • ostiofollikulit.

The treatment with ichthyol ointment of female inflammatory pathologies ( oophoritis , salpingitis, parametritis) is effective.

Instructions for use Ichthyol ointment

Instructions for use Ichthyol ointment

The tool should be applied to the affected areas and gently rub in without pressure, until it starts to feel warm. In this case, 10% ointment is used in pure form, and 20% is mixed with glycerin in a 1: 1 ratio. The instructions for ichthyol ointment indicate how it is used for different types of lesions:

Burns, eczema, neuralgia, arthritis - lubricate the skin with the preparation, cover it with gauze and fix it with a plaster or bandage with a bandage, changing the dressing with the ointment every day until improvement.

Streptoderma and Staphyloderma - an application of glycerin-ichthyol mixture is used, over which is placed parchment and several layers of bandage. The lotion is updated 3-4 times a day.

Hydradenitis and boils (limited form of staphyloderma) - with an interval of 7-10 hours, a clean ointment is applied in the form of thick applications, covered with a cotton pad or swab and fixed with a plaster. To use ichthyol ointment for boils on the face, it is better to take its mixture with glycerin.

Gynecological inflammations - in 10% of the glycerin mixture moisten the swab and inject it into the rectum twice a day. First you need to do a cleansing enema, or at least release the intestines in a natural way.

Many people compare this remedy with other drugs and are interested in what is better - Ichthyol ointment or Vishnevsky ? Both are effective for healing wounds, but Ichthyol pulls pus to the surface of the skin faster.

Ichthyol acne ointment

Ichthyol acne ointment

Treatment of small pimples acne - ointment is applied to them with a cotton swab for 3-4 hours. It is more convenient to do this if you do not need to go anywhere, so that there is enough time for the action of the remedy.

When using ichthyol ointment for acne of a large size, it is better to apply cotton wool with ointment and fix it with a plaster criss-cross all night. By morning, Ichthyol will extend pus from deep layers to the surface, and it can be gently removed by puncturing a thin needle dipped in medical alcohol.

After that, it is important to treat the skin with antiseptic. If the infiltration did not come out overnight, then do not touch the pimple and apply the remedy again.

Ichthyol ointment is effective against comedones. To remove them, 5-6 or more procedures are required - the preparation is applied over the night to the face areas with black dots, in the morning they are removed and the skin is rubbed with salicylic lotion.

Ichthyol ointment for hemorrhoids

Ichthyol ointment for hemorrhoids

Ichthyol due to its anti-inflammatory properties is used for the local treatment of hemorrhoids. The ointment reduces pain, regenerates damaged rectal tissue, relieves swelling, normalizes blood flow and disinfects.

It is used in the internal and external form of this disease of any stage, for tissue repair after surgery to remove nodes. Ichthyol ointment for hemorrhoids is especially effective in the presence of purulent lesions of hemorrhoidal cones.

Application: 2-3 times a day, without rubbing, gently lubricate previously washed and dry affected areas, atop fix a gauze bandage or a napkin and a plaster. In case of internal hemorrhoids, a tampon dipped in a glycerin ointment solution (1: 1) should be inserted into the anus every day for 2-3 hours. The duration of treatment depends on the state of hemorrhoids and is carried out before the result.

Ichthyol ointment against hemorrhoids should not be used during lactation and during pregnancy without prior permission from the doctor.

Combine the tool can not be with other local drugs and can be with drugs for internal use - venotonikami and angioprotectors, painkillers.

Side effects

Ichthyol ointment is well tolerated by the body due to its minimal absorption into the general bloodstream, and allergic reactions occur only with individual intolerance and rarely with prolonged use.

Symptoms of allergies - itchy skin, rash, urticaria - require immediate discontinuation of the drug.

Contraindications Ichthyol ointment

The tool is not used in case of intolerance to the active substance and for children up to 12 years. These are the main contraindications for ichthyol ointment. There are a number of additional indications:

  • pregnant and lactating women use after consulting a doctor;
  • when applying ichthyol ointment to the wound, do not combine with other local medicines;
  • Do not apply on postacne, as this will slow down the natural healing of deep tissues in the place of the former abscess.

Storage and release form

The drug is available in dark glass jars or aluminum tubes of 25 g and is sold without a prescription. The ointment has a thick resinous consistency, a dark brown color and two options for the concentration of ichthammol - 10 and 20% (90 and 80% vaseline, respectively).

Storage requirements for Ichthyol ointment - dry, cool place (up to 15 ° C), inaccessible to children. Shelf life is three years.


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