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Nail fungus: treatment with inexpensive but effective drugs

Fungal lesions of the hands and feet are perceived by people only as a cosmetic defect. However, few people know that a long-term fungal infection adversely affects immunity and the body as a whole.

Particular attention should be paid to the nail fungus: the disease is initially unobtrusive, and the lack of timely treatment is fraught with protracted antifungal therapy. Here you will learn: how is the treatment of nail fungus and what drugs are inexpensive, but effective. This information will allow you to save money and as quickly as possible to achieve full recovery.


What is a nail fungus and how to recognize it?

Nail fungus

Nail fungus, in medicine called onychomycosis, is a contagious fungal disease. Often, the defeat of nails occurs against the background of the fungus of the skin of the feet, hands. Initially, almost unnoticeable lesion of the nail plate seems harmless.

However, the further development of infection leads to an unattractive appearance of the nail and causes psychological discomfort in society. Frequent questions "What do you have on your arm / leg?", "And is it contagious?" And the fastidious attitude of surrounding people makes a person go to extremes.

The patient uses "instant and effective" ways of treating the fungus, tested by friends and Internet users, often simply burns tissues and exacerbates the already complex condition. That's why everyone should know:

  1. Recognition of the nail fungus at home: when the feet / hands are immersed in a solution of potassium permanganate for several minutes, the healthy nails are colored brown, and the foci affected by the fungus remain white.
  2. Even barely noticeable nail fungus is not cured on its own.
  3. Quick ways to treat onychomycosis does not exist: you will have to be patient.
  4. Only regular repetition of procedures (application of varnish, treatment with solutions) will give a therapeutic result.
  5. A long-lasting fungal infection threatens not only aesthetic discomfort and threatens to spread, but also has a toxic effect on internal organs.


Like the fungal lesions of the skin, nail fungal infection is a contagious infection. Onychomycosis is caused by several types of fungus.

You can get infected:

  • in the baths, swimming pools, locker rooms of gyms (the fungus very fond of a moist warm environment);
  • when wearing someone else's shoes (even short-term wearing slippers at a party is not so harmless ritual) and gloves;
  • through a towel, which was used by a person with a fungal lesion of the skin, nails.

The risk of infection increases manifold if a person:

  • does not observe hygiene (dirty hands and feet);
  • has increased sweating;
  • Do not change your socks every day;
  • without gloves, uses household chemical products (many of them cause microdamaging of the skin).

Decreased immunity, old age, thyroid pathology, intestinal, liver and stomach diseases also increase the risk of developing onychomycosis.

It is worth noting that children with strong immunity rarely suffer from a fungus of nails: baby sweat reliably protects the skin from the introduction of pathogens.

Symptoms of fungal infection of nails, stage of development

stages of development b symptoms of fungal nail injury

Mycosis of the nails develops gradually.

  • initial stage

On one or several nails appears barely discernible whitish spots - strips, often located in the corner of the nail along the edge of the cut.

There is no thickening of the nail, and the rest of the nail plate remains absolutely normal. At this stage, antifungal agents are used in the form of solutions, varnishes. Effective and popular means.

  • Development of fungus

The spot gradually increases in size, reaching the base of the nail. This changes its color: from white and yellowish to brown, with a green tinge and even black. The lesion is less than half the nail plate.

Gradually the fungus attacks the nail bed: the nail in the lesion focuses thicker, a loose structure forms under it. The layering of the nail plate becomes more pronounced.

Treatment is longer, but at this stage it is still possible to do without systemic antifungal drugs in tablets.

  • Severe onychomycosis

The lack of treatment or the use of ineffective means leads to the defeat of the entire nail. The dirty-gray or yellow nail plate is noticeably thickened, the nail leaving the base can cling to the socks, causing painful sensations.

The nail becomes brittle and easily crumbles, the skin around it itches. For the treatment of nail fungus in neglected form , on the legs and hands, fungicidal action drugs in tablets and local antifungal agents are used. Often there is a need to remove the sick nail.

Treatment of nail fungus, effective drugs

Effective and inexpensive treatment of nail fungus

Antifungal ointments are not suitable for the treatment of nail fungus. Their fatty base does not allow deep penetration into the dense tissue of the nail. Therefore, ointments and creams with an antifungal component are used in onychomycosis combined with a skin fungus.

The therapeutic tactic involves regular nail cutting with a nail file and a neat (without trauma!) Scraping of a loose structure.

Local antimycotic drugs

The pharmaceutical market is saturated with various fungicidal solutions and varnishes. However, the optimal ratio of price and effectiveness is important for the patient. The treatment of nail fungus with medical preparations lasts from several months to a year, depending on the extent of the infection and the prevalence of fungal infection.

Fungicidal varnishes and solutions (the main advantage is imperceptible):

  • Mikozan - in the complete set with a solution there are nail files.
  • Batrafen is not a very convenient tool, as it is used according to a certain scheme and there is a possibility of getting lost with prolonged use of the solution.
  • Lotseril - it is necessary to apply only twice a week, the course - 6-12 months.
  • — недорогой, но по эффективности сопоставим с импортными лаками. Onyhoplast - inexpensive, but comparable in efficiency to imported varnishes.
  • Exoderil - on the bottle there is a convenient dispensing spout. It is applied daily in the morning / evening to washed and dried feet, quickly absorbed. The bottle lasts for 2 months.
  • Candide (Clotrimazole) - the solution is not highly effective.

Inexpensive and effective cream from Exoderyl fungus

Keratolytic means - inexpensive painless alternative to a nail removal

  • Nogtevit;
  • Nogtimycin.

Keratolytic agents are used for significant (more than 40%) damage to the nail. However, they must be used carefully, observing all the rules specified in the instructions.

For a deeper penetration, a preliminary steaming is necessary, and the nail plate is scratched with a nail file. Treatment of the affected nail with subsequent gluing of the patch is performed every 3-4 days.

Antifungal tablets

Antifungal tablets - value for money Ideal option for common defeat of nails, - an appeal to a dermatologist.

Antifungal tablets have a lot of contraindications and are quite toxic, their independent reception is fraught with negative consequences, especially for the liver. The doctor includes in the complex treatment of nail fungus on the legs the following preparations in tableted form:

  1. Fluconazole - identical, but more expensive drugs Flucostat, Diflucan, Mycosyst.
  2. Terbinafine - the advertised brand Lamisil, an expensive analogue of Terbizil. Terbinafine tablets are the best ratio of effectiveness, safety and price.
  3. Ketoconazole is an expensive analogue of Nizoral. Highly effective, but toxic enough.

Folk remedies

  • Lubrication of the nail with iodine, Castellani fluid is effective only in the initial form of onychomycosis. It is possible to burn surrounding tissues.
  • The recipe for dissolving eggs in acetic essences has a lot of positive feedback. Treatment is long.
  • Chistel oil (chemist's) can be used to treat children.

Practical all antifungal folk remedies are based on cauterizing action of active substances, therefore their application is fraught with burns of a surrounding skin. At the same time, there is no loss of effect, so it is more appropriate to treat onychomycosis with medical preparations.

Prevention of infection with fungus

  • Wearing only your shoes, even your slippers.
  • Do not walk barefoot in the swimming pools, locker rooms of the gym, sauna.
  • Hand hygiene, feet.
  • Daily change of socks.
  • Treatment of sweating with decoction of oak bark, Teymurov paste, etc.
  • Elimination of the greenhouse effect when wearing boots, shoes - buying quality shoes from genuine leather, sprinkled in baby socks powder, periodic washing of the inside of shoes with laundry soap or processing with ammonia, followed by ventilation on the balcony.
  • During the treatment of the fungus - shoe processing 1% formalin 20 min. or chloramine to 40 minutes.
2017-03-25 06:37:52
I've heard that Mikosprey is good for prevention. And why can not it be used for treatment? What is the difference?
2017-03-30 11:57:18
Who told you that you can not? I treated them after loceril, the doctor advised. He said that there should be no relapse.
2017-04-03 18:28:31
Zdravtsvuyte! Mikosprey is sometimes positioned as a spray for treatment. But this is nothing more than an advertising move. In order to cure the nail fungus, which is even in the initial stage, and moreover, on one nail, special means are needed that diffuse through the nail plate, and are able to "get" the fungus under the nail. To such preparation carry "Exoderilum" (naftifin), and, for example, such varnish from a fungus, as "Batrafen". But the treatment of onychomycosis is not limited to applying lacquer. It is necessary to process shoes: winter wear on the balcony, if you have frost, or fry with special ultraviolet dryers for shoes, and do it regularly. Insoles and socks should be washed with soap and ironed daily under steam. Refuse to closed slippers, wear only plastic slippers. If you treat footwear with an antifungal spray, then the task is simple: to suppress its ability to start reproduction. But to cure onychomycosis with a single spray is very difficult: the concentration may be insufficient.

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