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Buckwheat diet for weight loss: menu, pros and cons, reviews, contraindications

Slimness is the desired dream of most men and women. It is very easy to gain excess weight, especially in winter, when metabolism slows down and physical activity decreases, but it becomes more difficult to say goodbye to the hated centimeters and accumulated fat reserves. One of the effective ways of losing weight is strict express diets designed for quick weight loss.

Immediately I would like to note that we should not pin special hopes on tight restrictions in the diet without a fundamental change in the principles of nutrition and sports after the end of the diet.

Despite the result obtained in the exposure of all the strictest menu, return to the old diet threatens to gain a pound with a record speed, and in a company with new portions of fat. So consider the buckwheat diet, described in detail in this article, as an effective impetus to slimness or "magic pendel for the body."


How does the buckwheat diet for weight loss?

Buckwheat diet for weight loss for 7 days menu for every day

According to reviews of nutritionists, the number of kilograms dropped during the diet period depends on the initial body weight. The more weight, the faster the process starts losing weight. Patients with obesity stage II and III can lose up to 10 kg.

Buckwheat has a diuretic, cleansing and fat burning effect on the body. Due to the rejection of salt and compliance with the drinking regime, there is a rapid elimination of excess fluid from the tissues by abundant diuresis.

An organism that does not receive the usual dose of fat begins to consume previously accumulated lipids.

The results of the buckwheat diet for weight loss

Is buckwheat diet effective? Reviews lost weight and their photos clearly demonstrate the impressive result from adherence to the weekly buckwheat diet. According to the advice of nutritionists, to consolidate the effect, in the future it is desirable to spend 1-2 times a week unloading kefir-buckwheat, kefir or buckwheat days.

Benefits of the buckwheat diet

Benefits of the buckwheat diet

Buckwheat groats are rich in fiber, proteins, vitamins, especially B, mineral salts, trace elements, antioxidants. Due to this composition, the body during the diet receives most of the required bio-nutrients.

The lack of salt and sugar in the diet leads to the rapid elimination of edema by removing excess fluid from the tissues. As a result - a decrease in body volume by several cm.

The main plus of the buckwheat diet is not only the loss of fat deposits, but also a natural cleansing of the body from accumulated metabolites, toxic substances, slags and carcinogens.

By sticking to this nutritional system, you will be able to qualitatively improve your well-being, the condition of the skin and its appendages (nails, hair) in a short period of time.

The weight on buckwheat leaves quickly, and the result does not keep you waiting. Losing weight indicate in their reviews the following figures - the loss per day ranges from ½ to 1 kg. However, doctors do not advise to stick to the buckwheat diet for more than one week in order to prevent metabolic breakdown and digestive problems.

Cons of buckwheat diet

Without a correct exit from the diet, returning the kilograms will not keep you waiting, which does not always take into account slimming persons.

The disadvantages include the rather complex transfer of mono-ration, because for 7 days you have to eat only unsalted buckwheat porridge, and in a lighter version with the addition of kefir.

Naturally, the feeling of hunger does not torment a person because of the high caloric content of cereals, vegetable protein and a large amount of dietary fiber, however, the monotony is depressing, especially if you have to cook regular food for the family or go to places of public catering.

The absence of the usual portions of glucose leads to a deterioration of the brain, which may manifest a certain inhibition, irritability, and sometimes migraines. In their reviews, nutritionists advise in such cases, dissolve a teaspoon of honey under the tongue (no more than 2-3 times a day).

Menu buckwheat diet for weight loss for 7 days

The buckwheat diet for 7 days has a simple menu for each day - during the diet only boiled buckwheat is used. Its amount is from 6 to 8 tablespoons of dry cereals per day. Porridge is boiled without salt, spices, oil, sugar.

To save more useful phytonutrients, a portion of the cereal is steamed in the evening with boiling water in a thermos or saucepan with a tight-fitting lid and a double bottom.

To enhance the effect of weight loss, compliance with the drinking regime is required (at least 8-10 glasses of drinking spring water per day). It is useful to drink an infusion of sea buckthorn berries, wild rose and ginger root, as well as Paraguayan mate tea, classic green tea and non-carbonated mineral water. In order to prevent failure in metabolic processes and vitamin deficiency, take a suitable vitamin and mineral complex during the diet period.

Kefir-buckwheat diet

One of the most popular diet options is combining buckwheat with kefir.

Kefir-buckwheat diet If you combine porridge with defatted dairy products, enriched with lacto and bifidobacteria, the benefits for the gastrointestinal tract and the whole body increases significantly. Used as a weekly power system or for fasting days.

In the evening, 6 tablespoons of cereal are steamed in a thermos with boiling water. The finished porridge is divided into 4-5 receptions. Additionally, during the day at any convenient time (with porridge or in the intervals between its use), drink 3-4 glasses of kefir with a low fat content, preferably enriched with probiotics.

Caloric content of such a diet is about 800 kcal.

Contraindications to receive buckwheat diet

The presence of any pathologies of the gastrointestinal tract in an acute and chronic form, hypovitaminosis, neurological diseases is the basis for refusing to lose weight on buckwheat.

In order not to harm your health, for any chronic diseases, you should first consult with a specialist observing you.

How to get out of the buckwheat diet?

For a harmonious way out of a strict diet, you must follow certain rules:

  • during the first five days, fats of animal origin are excluded (a day is allowed for a teaspoon of butter and vegetable oil), confectionery and flour products, smoked meats, sausages, pickled foods, pickles, fried foods;
  • food intake mode - 5-6 single;
  • the total weight of the portion should not exceed 300 grams;
  • the last meal is not later than 19-00, not counting the glass of kefir an hour before going to bed;
  • The basis of the diet consists of cereals, legumes, boiled dietary meat and fish, cottage cheese and lactic acid products, eggs, fruits, herbs and vegetables, fresh juices.

In the future, to prevent the return of discarded kilograms, nutritionists recommend adhering to the principles of good nutrition, as well as increase physical activity. According to reviews and photos of kefir-buckwheat diet for weight loss, we can conclude about the effectiveness of this method.


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