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Herpes tonsillitis in children and adults: symptoms and treatment, photo

It is not always possible to protect yourself from infectious diseases, as there are many viruses and bacteria in the environment. And if a person’s immune system is weakened, microbes will definitely take advantage of this.

The mucous membranes of the throat and nose, on which unwanted guests settle and begin their pathogenic activity, provoke a sore throat, flu, sinusitis and many other disorders, are at high risk of damage.

Doctors call herpes sore throat one of the most dangerous varieties of tonsillitis, but the disease has nothing to do with the herpes virus.


Herpes sore throat - what is it?

What is herpes sore throat

What is herpes sore throat

Many people come across herpes, especially during hypothermia. Manifests a disease in the form of bubbles with liquid, located on the lips or other parts of the body.

Actually, this is the only similar feature between herpes and herpes sore throat. But it is enough for the disease to get the appropriate name.

Herpes sore throat is an inflammation of the tonsils with the formation of vesicles with exudate on them. Over time, they burst, and in their place there are purulent ulcers, which are not so easy to open because of the dense fibrous tissue.

This is significantly different from other sore throats with purulent plaque - follicular or catarrhal.


Photo throat with herpes sore throat

Photo throat with herpes sore throat

The causes of herpes sore throat are infection of the human body with the Coxsackie virus. This is a whole group of microorganisms that is transmitted by airborne droplets and affects various organs.

Type A Coxsackie virus is the causative agent of herpangina. People exposed directly to a sick person are most at risk.

The incubation period of the Coxsackie virus is 3-6 days, so the patient may simply not be aware of his illness, acting as a source of infection.

Microbes daily attack the human body, but the disease does not always appear. Immune protection neutralizes pathogenic viruses and bacteria time after time, leaving them no chance. The development of a respiratory infection requires the simultaneous coincidence of two factors:

  1. Low immunity.
  2. Close contact with the patient.

Supercooling plays a significant role in this process. Oddly enough, outbreaks of herpes sore throat occur in the summer, in contrast to other types of the disease. This is due to local hypothermia: excess ice cream or cold water creates favorable conditions for the inflammatory process.

Symptoms of herpes sore throat, photo

symptoms of herpes sore throat, photo 2

blisters - symptoms of herpes sore throat, photo 2

The characteristic difference of herpes sore throat - all the same bubbles with liquid on the tonsils. It is for him that doctors diagnose pathology and prescribe appropriate treatment.

In general, signs of herpes sore throat are similar to other types of tonsillitis:

  • temperature up to 40 ° C;
  • fever and chills;
  • tonsillitis;
  • sore throat;
  • difficulty swallowing;
  • swollen lymph nodes;
  • runny nose;
  • weakness;
  • irritability, tearfulness, and capriciousness in children;
  • lack of appetite;
  • gastrointestinal disorders (nausea, diarrhea).

As can be seen from this list, the symptoms of herpes sore throat are many. Therefore, the disease can be confused with other diseases, especially at an early stage, when tonsil inflammation is observed, and there are no characteristic bubbles.

Diagnosis of herpes sore throat

A sharp rise in temperature to 40 ° C, inflammation of the tonsils and redness of the throat - all this gives medics suspicion of tonsillitis. The matter remains small: to reveal its specific type. . If this is not done, the viral infection may begin to be treated with antibacterial drugs, which in this case are useless .


Diagnosis in children, photo 3

Experienced doctors pay attention to how much the temperature keeps at herpes sore throat. And this is an important diagnostic feature! Other types of tonsillitis usually have 1 bright peak of temperature increase, which is gradually established within acceptable limits.

But it is herpes sore throat that has 2 peaks - the first and third day of the active manifestation of the disease.

Often this disorder is confused with angioedema - a kind of allergic reaction. Before the appearance of vesicles on the tonsils, it is impossible to say for sure that a person fell ill with herpes sore throat.

As a result, there may be difficulties in treatment, because the drugs in each case require specific ones.

The most reliable way to clarify the pathology is a blood test for antibodies: if characteristic immune cells are present, then the doctor does not doubt at all. Such a study is sometimes carried out with long-term treatment, which did not give a positive result. In this case, the analysis takes liquid from the bubbles.

Treatment of herpes sore throats in children and adults

An important feature of herpes sore throat is the ability of the body to produce lifelong immunity to the Coxsackie virus . It is enough to help a person with the first illness, so that the defense system can become a strong defense the next time.

This disease usually affects the child’s body as races due to its low level of immunity. And although rarely occurs herpes tonsillitis in adults, the treatment is carried out according to one scheme:

  1. Bed rest
  2. Drink plenty of water.
  3. Antihistamines to relieve swelling (diazolin).
  4. Anti-inflammatory and painkillers for the throat (Hexoral).
  5. Antipyretic drugs based on paracetamol.
  6. Preparations of finished interferon (Viferon).
  7. Antiviral drugs (Arbidol).

In some cases, antibiotic treatment may be required. Herpes sore throat in this case should be complicated by a bacterial infection, otherwise these drugs will not benefit the patient, but only violate his microflora. Therefore, the use of antibiotics requires accurate diagnosis.

Some people believe that will help with herpes sore throat Acyclovir. But do not be mistaken! Acyclovir is active against the herpes virus, which is very different from the Coxsackie virus, the causative agent of this type of tonsillitis.

Arbidol and strengthening preparations with ready-made interferon should be used, but the final prescription of drugs remains under the supervision of a physician.

Herpes sore throat in children

Herpes sore throat in children

Herpes sore throat in children

At the stage of the formation of a protective system, children are often subjected to various diseases. Of course, after immunity is strengthened, the situation changes for the better, but at an early age, special attention must be paid to the health of the child.

Children usually do not control their contacts with other people, they can safely approach the patient and accidentally catch any infection. Moreover, in educational institutions the probability of such an event increases several times.

With the development of herpes sore throat in children, the treatment will hardly differ from that in adults. However, there is still a small feature: not all medicines are allowed to be used at an early age. Yes, and oral use is also difficult.

Therefore, physicians recommend immunomodulating drugs in the form of rectal suppositories, such as Viferon, to small children. And although such funds have a very poor evidence base of effectiveness, sometimes parents simply have no choice, because herpes sore throat is fraught with serious complications.

Infants are at greatest risk of illness. But still there is a way to protect the baby - mother's milk. When breastfeeding, antibodies from the mother are transmitted to the baby, which provides him with immunity. If the child receives such nutrition up to 1 year, many diseases will bypass.

Disease complications

Coxsackie virus can infect nerve tissue, and this is the main danger. Spreading with the bloodstream, the microorganism penetrates the brain and causes inflammation - meningitis. And even after the disappearance of the symptoms of herpes sore throat viruses can still remain in the human body, developing at first completely unnoticed.

From the appearance of mental abnormalities as a result of meningitis, no one is immune. Moreover, in clinical practice, deaths due to this disease are known.

If a person has herpes sore throat, complications due to poor quality or late treatment sometimes affect other organs:

1. Heart:

  • ECG demonstrates pathological activity;
  • possible development of myocarditis;
  • lack of treatment leads to the chronic form of the disease.

2. Liver:

  • Coxsackie virus is deposited in the liver cells;
  • over time, the body undergoes changes that lead to diseases.

3. Muscles:

  • multiplication of the virus in muscle cells is activated when exacerbation of herpes sore throat;
  • often develop necrosis of the muscles.

Herpes sore throat prevention

There are no special prophylactic agents for herpes sore throat. Anyone can become infected with a virus, but the severity of the disease depends on the strength of its immunity.

In some cases, herpes sore throat has almost no symptoms, except for mild inflammation of the tonsils and low temperature. That's why you should pay attention to the strengthening of natural protection.

Very often, immunity undermines treatment with drugs of other diseases. As a result, the body largely loses its ability to resist pathogens, who are just waiting for the right occasion. In this situation, you should limit visits to public places and take care of your own health.

Violation of the rules of personal hygiene in the treatment of herpes sore throat often becomes the cause of the spread of the disease and the surrounding people. To avoid this, the patient must be provided with separate dishes, towels, etc. In addition, the patient's room must be aired and disinfected at least 1-2 times a day.


Herpes sore throat develops quickly, accompanied by temperatures up to 40 ° C, inflammation of the tonsils and the formation of bubbles with liquid on them. But the disease may have symptoms and less power - it all depends on the level of immune protection.

Coxaci virus infection at an early age is especially dangerous. And if parents suspect herpes sore throat in children, Komarovsky and other well-known doctors recommend immediately go to the hospital.


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