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Gainer: what is it and what is it for?

Gainer - the pros and cons of using in building muscle mass

You are determined and want to build muscle mass in a short period - consider the issue of taking a geyner. Often a person spends several hours a day in the gym, but muscular mass can not be achieved, or the result is insignificant.

In some people, this is due to high metabolism, others are experiencing elementary problems with weight gain, due to the nature of the organism or the lack of "nutrients".


What is a geener and what is it for?


Gainer is a high-calorie supplement that helps to quickly build muscle. Gainers include, depending on the brand, a different amount of carbohydrates, proteins and fats. The mixture is additionally introduced vitamins, minerals, some amino acids and creatine. The portion of the geyner contains from 320 calories to 1 thousand, protein from 16 to 60 grams. For reception, the powder is mixed with water, milk and drunk before or after exercise.

Accept geyner recommend people who are difficult to gain muscle mass, despite the amount of time spent on training. Men and women who do not have the opportunity to consume the right amount of calories due to lack of time.

Gainer is designed to add the necessary energy and nutrition to the muscles before and after tension, and help in a short time to increase their volume.

Gainer and protein: what's the difference?

To find out what is better for a weight gainer or protein for mass gain, one must understand the action and purpose of the mixtures:

  • In the composition of the weight gainer, more calories than in the protein, although both products are used for muscle recovery and growth. If you are a hardgainer or an ectomorph who has difficulty with mass recruitment, then your choice is the geener. In the absence of problems with the increase in muscle mass, when its slow increase is necessary, the intake of only whey protein will be enough. The combination of two products helps to avoid the accumulation of large amounts of fat with insufficient intensity of training.
  • When the desired result is achieved and the muscles have taken the right amount, you can switch to whey protein. This will help reduce fat in the body, provide muscles with "building" material, thereby preventing muscle catabolism during cardio workouts.
  • The purpose of the protein in the body (protein) is to help the recovery and growth of muscles. If training is not available, there is no need to restore and drink protein, since the human body does not store protein. If you take a weight gainer in the absence of exercise, the daily intake of calories exceeds the body's requirements, calories are absorbed and fat accumulated.

What is in the composition and how to take it?

The composition of the geyner includes two main ingredients - carbohydrates and proteins. This is the most nutritious mixture for a full "loading" of the body and rapid recovery after exercise.

Carbohydrates are used in two types, with a high and low glycemic index. The balance of two types ensures a uniform supply of glucose into the bloodstream in order to continuously replenish glycogen deficiency, and restore the body after a load.

Proteins gradually release into the blood amino acids, which are needed for the reconstruction of muscle fibers. Additional components: vitamins, minerals and minerals enhance the action of the geyner.

It is recommended to take a liquid mixture before training, not less than 1 hour or after it, so that the body can recover. During the day, the geyner is accepted by those who need a set of muscle mass - athletes, people with irregular meals. The dry mixture is mixed with water, milk or any suitable liquid. Some species are suitable for making smoothies with fruits.

The Benefits of the Gainer

  • The product promotes the rapid buildup of muscles in a short period;
  • In the portion of the geyner, a large amount of carbohydrates and proteins, which are easy to use in liquid form;
  • The product contains the amino acids necessary to build muscle;
  • Arginine in the mixture improves blood circulation, facilitates the delivery of oxygen and nutrients to the growing muscles;
  • Gainer provides additional energy, which is enough for a full-time long training without early fatigue.

Harm and side effects of the geyner

The range of nutritional value of food per day for weight gain ranges from 2,200 to 3,200 calories a day, depending on the age and sex of the person. Gainer is designed to meet the additional calorie needs. However, to drink a geyner without exercise does not follow, an excess of calories from any source leads to an increase in fat in the human body.

Some geyners have more than 1 thousand calories per serving. Instead of increasing muscle mass, a person accumulates fat, especially if such techniques are performed several times a day and the intensity of training is incorrectly calculated. Therefore, when choosing a mixture, pay attention to the number of calories in a single serving. Optimum 600 calories, more than 1 thousand calories suitable for strength training.

Before taking a geyner, you should be convinced that there is no allergy to soy and milk. Although the probability is small, it is possible that reactions to other components of the product may occur. If there is a urticaria , itching, redness, indigestion, stop taking the mixture.

Creatine in the composition of the geyner is designed to increase the nutritional value of the product and accelerate the process of building muscle mass. Although it is considered safe, there is a potential health hazard. High doses of creatine can damage the kidneys.

If you take medication (cyclosporine, ibuprofen, naproxen, tobramycin), the consequences can be more serious because of the interaction of the substances. Creatine causes dehydration - so you have to drink water to maintain the normal operation of all body systems.

Cons: reception of the geyner:

  • People with intolerance to lactose can experience a feeling of nausea, as the geyner contains whey;
  • The appearance of insomnia;
  • The mixture often contains caffeine, which causes excitation of the nervous system;
  • Creatine and caffeine increase the likelihood of dehydration if the fluid is insufficiently replenished;
  • The taste of the geyner is not always pleasant.

Weight gainer

The goal is to build muscle, then the best geyner for muscle mass selection should be chosen with the content of a large amount of protein. The higher its value in one portion, the more "valuable" the composition of the gainer for building muscles.

Gainer for weight gain is recommended to thin, lean people who have a desire to improve their body with regular training.

Do I need to take a geyner girl?

geyner girl The question can be put also in another way - whether it is necessary to accept the geyner to girls and for what it is necessary? There are no contraindications for use. Sexual and age restrictions too.

Gainer is selected for lean girls, taking into account the intensity of training and the expected result. In a short period, the desired effect can be achieved, provided proper application and quantity of training. If the exercises are developed in conjunction with the coach, then the probability increases many times.

Without the lack of training, taking a geyner will only bring harm, because there will be an accumulation of fat in the body - you just banally grow fat.

Gainer helps a person increase muscle mass and strength of their muscles. The product is effective, but you should be careful to avoid side effects. The consumption of the geyner is much greater than that of the protein.

The stock for a month can be several kilograms, so try to cook a home-cooker, there are plenty of recipes on the Internet. The main ingredients of banana, peanut butter, eggs, soy milk, etc. Perhaps the home geyner will serve as a substitute for the ready-made, if there are problems or allergies in its reception.

Before taking a geyner, be sure to talk with your doctor to make sure that your body is healthy enough. In addition, read reviews on various brands of geynerov, evaluate the composition and contained substances. Do not forget that high-protein gainers are necessary for muscle building.

Gainers are effective, but they should be taken with caution, like any other food additives.


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