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Folic acid: why women need during pregnancy planning and gestation

The body of a woman is a complex system, where the work of all organs is clearly planned. However, in order to function properly, vitamins and minerals must be regularly released into the blood. Folic acid or B9 is considered one of the main female elements. It is also called the pregnancy vitamin. Modern doctors insist that the presence of this useful component in the body of the future mother should be in sufficient quantities before conception. And during gestation, it plays an important role in the formation and development of the organs and systems of the future baby.


The role of folic acid in humans

Human health depends on many factors. First of all, people care about their immunity. No wonder doctors insist on a complete and balanced nutrition for children and adults, because it is with food that all the vitamins and minerals necessary for vital activity come into the blood. However, scientists have proven that a large amount of nutrients is lost during the process of cooking, so the doctor may recommend taking B9 in pill form to some people (not only adults but also children).

It is worth knowing that long-term storage of foods rich in vitamin B9, especially in sunlight, loses about 50% of folic acid. And during cooking, almost 90% of the vitamin is destroyed from its initial content in the raw food product.

Folic acid capsule

To compensate for the lack of folic acid, it is necessary to take special preparations containing vitamin in its composition.

Folic acid is considered a water-soluble vitamin and was first isolated from spinach leaves in the distant 1941, and after five years in 1945, scientists were able to synthesize this important element by chemical means. That is what we get by taking pills. More recently, it was believed that B9 is an exclusively female vitamin, but today, modern medicine draws attention to the fact that folic acid should be present in sufficient quantities in the male body. Doctors explain that folic acid affects many processes in the body, therefore it is a necessary substance for both women and men:

  • Vitamin B9 is important for full-fledged work of the immune forces of the body, as well as the central nervous system (central nervous system);
  • responsible for the absorption of amino acids and proteins;
  • contributes to the proper functioning of the circulatory system: participates in the processes of blood formation;
  • improves the functioning of the digestive tract: helps protect the body from poisoning, and also improves appetite;
  • serves as an intermediary: helps to absorb other vitamins and minerals in the body;

    Very often, folic acid is prescribed simultaneously with vitamin E, B12, C and iron.

  • plays a major role in the formation of DNA and RNA cells that carry hereditary information;
  • helps prevent the development of atherosclerosis;
  • important for brain function;
  • as part of complex therapy, B9 is prescribed for the treatment of diseases of the heart muscle and blood vessels.

Lack of this vitamin is characterized by the following symptoms:

  • poor sleep: restless or frequent nights without sleep;
  • lack of appetite, which entails a sharp weight loss;
  • fatigue: even in the morning, having slept all night, the person does not feel rested;
  • headache: in some cases, there is a migraine;
  • irritability, depression;
  • development of iron deficiency anemia.
Foods rich in folic acid

Doctors recommend eating more fresh vegetables and fruits, it is in them a large supply of folic acid

For a complete supply of folic acid, doctors recommend eating foods and foods that are rich in this vitamin.

In the cold season, when there is an acute shortage of fresh fruits and vegetables, many experts advise taking course preparations containing vitamin B9. An excellent option is a complex of vitamins and minerals, specially designed depending on the needs of adults and children under 12 years of age.

Table: products rich in vitamin B9

Product group Product name
Animal origin
  • meat: it is best to cook beef or pork;
  • liver: beef, lamb and pork will work great;
  • milk;
  • products made from milk: cheese, cottage cheese, cream;
  • fish: salmon, herring;
  • shrimp;
  • chicken egg yolks.
Plant origin
  • greens: lettuce, spinach, dill, parsley;
  • carrot;
  • legumes: peas, beans, beans;
  • cereals: wheat and rye bran;
  • nuts;
  • bananas;
  • citrus: lemon, orange.

Video: doctor about the benefits of vitamin B9

Why doctors prescribe women for her

Modern medicine recommends families to responsibly address the issue of childbirth. That is why today there are special family planning centers, where a couple can go if necessary. Even if the woman and the man have no health problems, consultation with the doctor is obligatory. Not everyone knows that the lack of certain vitamins and minerals, in particular, folic acid, often leads to abnormalities in the development of the fetus.

Do not make your own decision about taking pills. After all, only the doctor will conduct a survey, evaluate the history, and based on the results obtained, prescribe the necessary drug, dosage and maximum time of use.

Vitamin B9 when planning pregnancy

Today, doctors are of the opinion that it is necessary to start taking medicines with vitamin B9 at least three months before the start of pregnancy planning, and it is better to increase this figure to six months. Do not be afraid that during this time there may be an excessive accumulation of a substance in the body. This will not happen, because B9 is absorbed only in the amount that is necessary at this stage, the remnants are removed from the body immediately. That is why by the time of fertilization in the blood there should not be a deficiency of this element, so as not to provoke various problems not only with pregnancy, but also with the health of the future son or daughter.

As soon as the couple decides to give birth to the infant, doctors prescribe B9 to the women in order to avoid the following consequences:

  • B9 participates in the processes of synthesizing acids, which play a major role in the formation of an egg cell without defects. If the egg cell is formed with the presence of pathologies, its fertilization will either not occur at all or is fraught with an unhealthy embryo;
  • with a lack of this vitamin, partial or complete detachment of the placenta is possible in the first weeks after conception;
  • to reduce the risk of anemia in women. With anemia of varying degrees, fetal hypoxia develops (lack of oxygen to the baby). As a result, a delay in the development of a future baby or fetal death is possible.
  • loss of appetite in a woman. This means that the expectant mother will eat poorly, and therefore receive less of the necessary useful elements with food;
  • excessive irritability and nervous disorders. Emotional state can affect the process of conception. In some cases, women who are depressed, can not get pregnant, but it is necessary to establish an emotional background, everything turns out by itself.

Studies have been conducted that reveal that folic acid contributes to the conception of a child. Scientists have found that women who have been drinking vitamin B9 tablets for a long time have increased fertility - a woman’s ability to become pregnant.

The couple at the reception at the doctor

Before planning a pregnancy, it is recommended to visit a doctor with your husband.

Do not think that only a woman needs to prepare for the birth of the crumbs. Both the mother and the father are responsible for the health of the offspring. Therefore, the future father just needs folate intake, because:

  • the chances of giving birth to a healthy boy or girl are several times increased;
  • increases the motility of male cells, and also increases the ability of the sperm to fertilize an egg;
  • the number of spermatozoa carrying the wrong chromosome set decreases several times.

It is worth noting that vitamin B9 is much worse absorbed in smoking men, as well as those who abuse alcohol. That is why physicians recommend to give up bad habits for at least several months of the planning period and up to conception.

The importance of folate during pregnancy

Obstetricians and gynecologists do not cease to pay attention that taking folic acid is also required while waiting for the crumbs to avoid defects and pathologies of the fetus. A deficiency in the body of a pregnant woman of vitamin B9 can lead to serious abnormalities in the fetus:

  • problems with mental development: babies after birth are often diagnosed with mental and speech retardation;
  • brain hernia - bulging of the cranial cavity due to a defect formed during the formation of the fetal organs;
  • malformations of the heart muscle;
  • defects in the development of the fetal neural tube, as a result of which pathologies of the spine, spinal cord, and others are diagnosed;

    A serious defect that can occur in the fetus due to folic acid deficiency is anencephaly - the absence of fully or partially hemispheres of the brain. This is a direct indication for abortion.

  • early fetal death (usually in the first twelve weeks), miscarriage;
  • cleft lip is an anomaly in which the baby’s upper lip is divided into two parts.
Pregnant woman with fruits and vegetables

Even with a balanced and nutritious diet, a sufficient amount of folic acid will not be administered to a woman’s body: you must take special preparations with vitamin B9

Some women completely refuse to take medication, including vitamin complexes, during gestation, causing it to not harm the crumbs. However, such a decision puts at risk the health of the unborn baby. According to the study, up to 80% of the developmental pathologies of the nervous system occur due to a lack of folic acid in the first twelve weeks of pregnancy.

Rules for taking vitamin B9

The required amount of vitamin B9 in each case is determined individually. Before planning conception, a sufficient dosage of vitamin B9 is 400 mcg, but since its inception in the body of new life, this figure rises to 600-800 mcg per day. With the beginning of the second trimester, the doctor may reduce the dose again to 400 micrograms depending on the individual needs of the expectant mother.

It is interesting to know that folic acid is a vitamin that is not produced by the body. Those. a woman can replenish his reserves only by eating foods rich in B9 and taking special medication.

The pill is taken regardless of the meal, drinking plenty of water. Folic acid monopreparations are produced by different companies and are small yellow tablets that are easy to swallow.

Father at the planning stage of conceiving a baby is enough to take 400 micrograms of vitamin B9 daily.

However, if in the family of the future father or mother there were previously cases of neural tube pathology, the dose may be increased to 2 mg per day. There are situations when a married couple already has a child with such a pathology. Then, to prevent the situation from reoccurring, the doctor recommends that a woman take up to 4 mg of B9 daily, and the father also increases the dose of folic acid individually.

Video: folic acid during pregnancy

When in other cases you may need to take vitamin B9.

However, not only those planning pregnancy and women in the position need to take folic acid. Both men and ladies should take a prophylactic or therapeutic dose of the drug (depending on the cause, the doctor individually selects the dosage and time of use of the drug) in the following cases:

  • diseases of the intestine and gastrointestinal organs: irritable bowel syndrome, Crohn's disease, ulcerative colitis;

    Experts have found that with a long-term deficiency of folic acid may develop rectal cancer.

  • women who take oral contraceptives;
  • people who smoke and often abuse alcohol;
  • during treatment while taking diuretic drugs.

Children are also prescribed folic acid intake: infants at a dosage of 40–60 mcg, older children, depending on their age, 100–200 mcg. Vitamin is recommended to take to strengthen the immune system during the cold season, normal hematopoiesis, brain and nervous system. Usually kids physicians prescribe the drug as part of a multivitamin complex.


Vitamishki Multi contain folic acid

The most famous drugs for women containing substance

On the pharmacological market there is a huge variety of medicines containing folic acid. This monopreparations, and multivitamin complexes:

  • Folio - small white tablets of 150 pieces per pack, containing in addition to vitamin B9 also iodine - also a very important element during pregnancy planning and during gestation. Very often, Folio is prescribed by doctors 3 months before conception and in the first twelve weeks;
  • Folic acid - is of high quality and very low cost;
  • Folacin - contains an increased dose of folic acid and is used only as prescribed by a doctor in the case when the couple have a high risk of having a baby with neural tube defects;
  • multivitamin complexes: Elevit Pronatal, Vitrum prenatal, Multi-tabs perinatal - special preparations for the prevention and replenishment of vitamin and mineral deficiencies during pregnancy.

Table: Comparative characteristics of vitamin B9 preparations.

The name of the drug Number B9 price, rub.
Folio 400 mcg 545
Folic acid 1 mg 25
Folacin 5 mg 80
Elevit Pronatal 800 mcg 445
Vitrum Prenatal 460
Multi-tabs Perinatal 400 mcg 645

Photo gallery: drugs that contain folic acid

What you need to drink it: reviews of moms and pregnant

All appoint and benefit from it is great! It participates in the formation of the neural tube in the embryo and is the prevention of congenital malformations of the brain.



And I drank, although my gynecologist prescribed the drug Foliber is folic acid + vitamin B12, drank weeks from 4–5 to 16. The doctor said for the development of the central nervous system of the fetus.



The doctor advised me to drink folic acid at the planning stage. And somewhere before 4 months of pregnancy, I saw it.



And we drank the course with my husband before the pregnancy, then how it all happened before 19 weeks I drank without interruption. Very good vitamin, and most importantly the most affordable and useful.



Hi everyone! Folic acid was prescribed to me when I was pregnant, came to register, and I was immediately prescribed folic acid and vitamin E. They told me to take it right up to the sixteenth week, after which I immediately told the gynecologist to start taking vitamins later Elevit.

Folk is sold in different packages. There are in small plastic jars, but there are in such small plates. I bought both such and such. Here I have the folic acid pills of the Vitamins trademark. The plate is normal in structure, but small in size.

To swallow this vitamin is not difficult, because it is quite small. I even did not have time to feel the taste. These vitamins cost is not very expensive, but I can not tell you anything about today's price. They did not cause me any side effects, no ailments or allergies. The baby is also okay now, and during the pregnancy I was not told that something was wrong with him. That is, we can conclude that, of course, it is necessary for pregnant women and not only. And I advise you to her.



Folic acid is an essential vitamin that is recommended to be taken at the planning stage of pregnancy, as well as while waiting for the baby. Doctors advise drugs with B9 not only to expectant mothers, but also fathers, in order to prevent possible risks of pathologies in the fetus. Experts warn that during pregnancy an insufficient amount of useful elements comes with food, so it is impossible to do without the use of medicinal drugs. Do not neglect the doctor's advice: if you are prescribed to take folic acid - be sure to follow the scheme suggested by the doctor. On this depends the health and life of your future baby.

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